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The boards are nearing, it's time to take the plunge,

The next three months will fly like it never begun

The subjects are many and the portion gargantuan,

I knew I had to prepare for an academic marathon.

English and Art, I simply loved them both,

Physics and Maths were a complete bore.

Geography taught me about land forms and more,

History was interesting, civics was a chore.

Hindi, the national language I had no choice, but to master,

The lab equipment and chemical reactions made Chemistry a wonder.

Biology was interesting, but I knew I wasn't going to be a doctor,

Will it be Genetics for me, I sat down to ponder.

So many chapters in so many subjects,

Only regular practice could make me perfect.

So I set out to prepare for the examinations

It needed precise planning and proper application

I started and ended my day with the subjects I loved the most

In between, I added the ones which bored me the most

I made it a point to break after every hour or two,

To keep myself hydrated with sips of water cool.

And when I thought it was too much for me to bear,

I added half an hour of walk to get some fresh air.

I listened to music to calm my nerves and relax,

It charged me enough to get back to my task.

The trick was to read, understand and repeat,

The keywords and concepts were important in subjects many.

Maths and Physics I repeatedly practiced,

I rested only when all the formulae I had mastered.

Finally, it was the sample questions papers from previous years,

Which actually showed me how well I could write the required answer.

I was now prepared to face the board examinations,

I had to make sure that I was amply rested to avoid last-minute tensions

And finally, on the D-Day, the papers I solved with a breeze, at ease,

All because I had used the preparation time and wasted it the least.

And finally, I concluded that fear of examinations is just a hype,

All you need to do is manage time and your subjects alike.

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