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Oh! Mighty Magic Mirror on the wall,

Show me the one, the most beautiful of all.

Whenever I ask you this, my most favourite question,

I see many new faces, but never my own reflection.

I know I am beautiful, my skin is soft and light,

My big eyes are expressive and so is my beautiful smile.

I have red luscious lips and a pretty, upright nose,

My long wavy hair clings to my waist, if not pretty close.

The nails on my soft hands are polished and neatly groomed,

My dress is chosen carefully, to accentuate every mood.

I can cause a standstill or a commotion when I walk by,

The look of admiration and wonder, I see in each and every eye.

Today when I stand before you, asking you my favourite question,

I know that I would see a familiar sight, it would be my own reflection.

But once again you did it, you showed me some other maiden,

She is so staid and simple, with me absolutely no comparison.

I know of your magic powers and that you are accurate,

What I fail to understand is why am I unworthy of your gaze?

Having failed in my many attempts, I am at the verge of despair,

A tear slides down my cheek, and finally you speak, in a voice so clear.

"Listen, my dear, physical beauty is transient, slowly but surely it fades,

It's the act of kindness which is eternal and will always stay."

"Whenever I look for someone beautiful, I surely see you,

But with an act of kindness, the others overshadow you".

"If you want to be remembered as a beautiful soul, long after you are gone,

Do a selfless act of kindness and in many hearts a place, you will forever adorn".

That's when I learnt that beautiful features are god gifted but temporary,

But with a simple act of kindness, forever beautiful one shall be.

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