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Aditi Mishra



Aditi Mishra


Somewhere I See Myself

Somewhere I See Myself

4 mins

There are some days that are far behind since they passed,

I might not want to live them again,

And some which await the occurrence among the ones with that hazy mist,

To feel what remains of this journey ahead,

There are some nights that just rolled on without making their presence get noticed,

I might be scared to mention how they affected me,

And some which never came when they were looked upon,

Which remain to be experienced some time,

There are some moments that did not go the way they were expected to be,

I might not remember them anymore,

And some which just appeared from nowhere unexpectedly,

Which I would want to see every day,

There are also some roads that were not even intended to be walked upon,

Which taught me what to remember and what not to do,

Yet some which are still chased to walk upon even after the footsteps being barred for that,

Which would be the everlasting ones to be traversed,

There are some stories which were never meant to be written,

And they gave memories that were inside,

And some which were the ones wished for 'always',

Which might be the ones awaited to chase oneself,

There are some pages which were not needed to be scanned,

Which might've left unnecessary pauses and impressions,

Yet some which are still waiting to be gone through,

Which would create a legend of who I am,

There are some lines which were written to create blunders,

Which will never be read again,

Yet some which are waiting to reveal all that should be,

Which would be written someday,

There are some doors which were not to be opened,

Which brought unseen fears and mysteries,

Which would never be understood by me,

And some which wait to be unlocked one day,

By all that remains for the bliss yet to come,

There are some mirrors that should've never seen this real self,

Which made an ugly impression of oneself,

And some which would see who I maybe one day,

To feel the beauty within, yet unseen,

There are some drops I felt touching me in days of depths,

Which might be the last ones to have seen me that way,

And some I would want to get me wet,

To see me immersed in them when I find the life in me,

There are some chilly winds that made me shiver secretly in fear,

Which might never be fearful again,

But some which I would dream to make me get numb with life,

Which would bring a protective warmth with them,

There are some places that I never wished to visit,

Which brought surprising turns for me,

Yet some waiting in my unseen fantasies to be visited for that bliss,

Which I might be blessed with,

There are some people I should've never met in life,

Who came and gave a lesson for the world,

But some whom I would always look forward to seeing,

And there would be many like them always,

There are some dreams that make me feel lost,

Which might never be seen by me,

Yet some I would always want to see coming to be true,

Each day when I breathe,

There are some wishes I had never intended to make,

Which brought all they could, to make me thus,

And some which I still wish to be lived one day,

After all my pages are over with the turmoil...

There are some victories yet to be experienced,

there are some blessings yet to be felt,

There are some prices yet to be paid by some,

There are some smiles yet to be seen,

There are some miracles yet to occur...

Among the white patches in that red shiny sky which brings the dusk,

I see myself getting ready to bask in another dawn,

Dawn awaited after I found myself from a lost world,

To walk for another battle that awaits a warrior.

Somewhere I see myself as that river that never came to a halt,

The one that kept flowing all through what it could give,

some crossed its path, some flowed along for some time,

Some changed their course of flow with it, wherever it went.

Somewhere I see myself as that cycle of nights and days,

The one that remained no matter what happened,

Walking alone or with admirers who left, it did not matter.

Somewhere I see myself as that steady rock,

Which stood there facing all the odds to wait for a pleasant morning.

Somewhere I see myself as that drop of rain,

Which fell to bring life to some even when it had that grief,

To some it brought life, to others it brought suffering.

Somewhere I see myself as that winter breeze,

Which always came with that frost,

When there was nobody who welcomed it.

Somewhere I see myself as that little path in the woods,

Which remained even when nobody liked to walk upon it.

Somewhere I see myself as that huge tree,

Which grew from a sapling when it was tried to be uprooted.

Somewhere I see myself as the warrior who never gave up,

Despite the battles lost in the journey.

Somewhere I see myself as this lady who found a life,

Growing up from the girl who learnt who she was,

With or without the world one day,

To shine when she departs from here..

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