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Nancy Gupta



Nancy Gupta


Just A Perspective!

Just A Perspective!

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Ever analyzed the lightening of clouds?

The rays of the sun coming from behind?

The shine which lightens the whole sky?

From the space somewhere within a cloud,

Have you ever witnessed the light similar to a stove lit bright?

As if the charcoal is burning in a fireplace,

As if the ashes are burning and flying

and chit-chatting in the whole sky,

The whiteness of the cloud intermingling

with the particles yellow,

The whole sky seemed to be busy planning something hard right,

Each particle interweaved with another,

The moment could just not be held in a breath!

The beauty serene transforms and cleanses one's soul,

The need sole is to just observe it right,

Well, the atmosphere of ours contains a whole myriad of lessons,

You just need an eye to aspire,

Each small creation has the ability to teach you,

Learn as much far as you can travel!

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