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Dreams To Die For

Dreams To Die For

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Colourful or colourless,

That taste of your life seems butterless,

Yet somehow we poured our hearts in,

With vivid visions and fire of dreams within.

No one living on the street,

Or digging for a bite to eat,

Pain and hunger being,

Nothing but a memory.

No abandoned women struggling hard Trying to make ends meet,

No more missing fathers,

For their sons to be left alone crying.

No one falling through the cracks,

Of government bureaucracy,

Are the dreams to die for,

The dreams we die for.

No rockets or bombs shining in the sky,

Like drops of rain in the sun's light,

No more taking away anyone dear to a heart,

Or destroying a dream in a blink of an eye.

Human rights, sanctity of life,

Shall no more be lies!

Are the dreams to die for,

The dreams we die for.

Alone our hands can feel helpless, weak,

But Surely together they'll be strong,

Our problems, fears shall soon disappear,

If we try hard enough,

They'll all be gone.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It takes each of us,

Together we shall build,

Together shall we fall.

These are the dreams worth dying for,

The dreams we all strive for!

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