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aditi pant



aditi pant


Follow The Rainbow

Follow The Rainbow

11 mins

1.  Fireflies

Fireflies are just beetles

Who given the right



And time

Light up your life

And mine.

2.  What is so beautiful about a tree?

Is it the shade?

Is it the shelter?

Is it the bird that sings?

Is it the fragrant breeze?

What is so beautiful about a tree?

Is it the pain it steals?

Or the heart it heals?

Is it the flowers it gives?

Or how with such dignity it lives?

What is so beautiful about a tree?

Is it the strength of the roots?

Or the grip of the branches?

Is it the swings that it lifts?

Or the sanctuary it brings?

What is so beautiful about a tree?

The answer is simple;

When a tree lives for others

Without even knowing it

It becomes beautiful.

3.  Said the ocean to the traveler

Sometimes there are mighty waves

Sometimes there is no respite

Sometimes there are windy storms

Sometimes it seems the ship will sink

Sometimes the compass is lost

Sometimes the vessel is tossed

Sometimes the spirit is broken

Sometimes the direction is lost

Said the traveler to the ocean

There is always a lighthouse

That illuminates the path

No matter what darkness brings

It always clears the dark

Books are the lighthouse

That help navigate through the rough seas

What I’ve read has

Shaped my thoughts with ease

4.  Tall Tales

There was once a meeting

To understand a trend

Everyone wanted to find out why

The young giraffe had no friend

Every one spoke together

And no one really heard

Till out came the wise old owl

Tugging at his beard

Why does he have no friends?

He asked them all

Some went quiet while others murmured

“Because he is too tall”

I am unique said the giraffe

But please don’t leave me out

To help my friends

I will stick my long neck out

The owl said forgive and forget

Everyone wants a friend with a long neck!

5.  When I learned to tie my shoelaces

For a long time, it was Velcro

That kept my shoes together

It was easy and comfortable

And I didn’t really have to bother

Then I met a challenge

Shoes with laces!

My father smiled and said these shoes

Will take you places

The twists and turns of laces

Were now a part of my shoe

I was excited and nervous

To learn something new

It was hard but mum

Showed me the way

Meet challenges with grit

And you will find your way

Now, I can tie my shoelace

And meet changes with grace.

6.  Why I like butterflies

As I ran with mighty glee

After the colorful creatures around

I learned a valuable lesson

That cannot be easily found

My grandmother narrated with delight

How butterflies come to be

Their journey to and from a cocoon

Really mystified me

They show what patience

And bravery can do

And how beauty and style

Comes to the chosen few

I like butterflies because

They spread joy and leave a mark

But I also like them because

They fought for the light in the dark.

7.  Seasons

Spring tells me to start

Something fresh and new

It always helps me grow

And tells me I’ll pull through

Summer asks me to be

Passionate, sunny and bright

To seek, to find, to discover

And not get too dazzled by the light

Autumn tells me it is time

To let go and be wise

The yellow, orange and red leaves remind

There is sunset after every sunrise

Winter is silent and calm

It talks of peace and rebirth

And reminds us that in time

New shoots will spring from the earth.

8.  Where do we go when we sleep?

When my eyes droop

And the pillow calls it a day

I go to bed wondering

Where goes the day?

When the blanket covers me completely

And the warmth seeps into my toes

When the breeze whispers in my ear

I wonder where the day goes.

When the bedtime story

Has come to a wonderful end

I lie in the comfortable sheets

Wondering when did the day end?

I don’t know when the

Night and day meet

When I wake up in the morning I wonder

Where do we go when we sleep?

9.  A droplet from the sky

A droplet fell from the sky

Doubting her purpose and thinking why

As she journeyed towards the earth

She wondered if this was a rebirth

She was worried and she was scared

For the future, she felt completely unprepared

What will become of me, she initially cried?

Then she learned to take the change in her stride

The earth and the ocean

With awe watched her motion

She fell into a waiting oyster

And life couldn’t be any better

From a drop, a pearl she became

From her journey, we all can gain

10.    The Avengers

What I like about the Avengers

Is that each has its own special power

Which they combine

To use their collective strengths

For a common goal

What I like about the Avengers

Is that they decide to fight

For the things that don’t seem right

They improve after a storm

And no matter what, they still perform

What I like about the avengers

Is that they are like you and me

The only difference is

They believe in themselves

And do good for others happily

11.    Childhood

Like the ice-cream on a cone

Like the dew in the morning

Like the summer holidays

Like the snow in spring

Like the chocolate from the fridge

Like the rain in summer

Like the pages in a notebook

Like the dreams in the morning

Like the pain after a fall

Nothing forever lasts

Childhood slips away so fast

12.    Ripples

The pebble I throw in the water

Drowns as soon as it touches the liquid surface

But the ripples it creates

Seem to last forever

I wonder from where they come

And where they go

I’m swept away

By little waves and their flow

It seems like the entire pond is connected

By the tiny and big ripples

Of watching these currents

I’ve become quite fond

I wonder if the pond that holds the ripples

Or if the ripples hold the pond

13.    Written in Sand

I stand and stare

At my name written in the sand

The sun lights up

The crystals in the sand

As I stand there unaware

A wave has been rising

And building surf upon surf

No one knew what she was devising

As the sun dips in the horizon

It crashes upon the shore

And my name in the sand

Is no more

14.    One plant at a time

I live in a jungle

A jungle of concrete

Miles and miles of buildings

And there is no relief

The sun seems a little sad

The stars often forget to shine

The sky looks somber and grey

And the lakes are full of slime

I long for the green empty spaces

That is untouched by cement

To make this wish come true

A helping hand I must too lent

I bought some pretty plants

I knew I had to find a way

My little patch of green in grey

I hope you will too someday.

15.    Purple House

Riding on the back seat of a car

On a scenic route

I came across a huge house

That didn’t quite follow suite

The shape didn’t

Resemble anything I’d seen

And the color was a bright purple

It almost had a sheen

Just as I thought about

How ugly it looked

On one wall of the house

I saw something painted

That had me hooked

It said

I hate the color of your house too!

I smiled at the purple house with a sheen

Everyone deserves to live in the house of their dreams

16.    Who are you?

You are not the clothes you wear

You are not the color of your skin

You are not the games you lose

You are not the games you win

You are not the friends you make

You are not the gifts you give and take

You are not the money you can spend

You are not that garden you tend

You are the words that you speak

You are the clarity you seek

You are the result of an inquisitive seed

You are the books that you read.

17.    Before you let it go

When you read a book…

Let it transform you

Let it take you far far away

And then let it bring you right back home.

When you read a book…

Let it make you see the darkness

Let it make you see the light

Let it make you dizzy with delight

When you read a book …

Let it make you open a mind

Let it make you gladden a heart

Let it make you shelter a soul

When you read a book

Let it go deep inside

Let it hurt,

Let it leave a mark

Before you let it go.

18.    The power of thought

How much power in a thought

Depends on what words you put to it

How much love in a word

Depends on how deeply you read it

How much wealth in a sentence

Depends on how you design it

How much beauty in a story

Depends on if you let it change you

How much truth in a book

Depends on what you are willing to see

How much power in a thought

All the power of the earth, the sky, oceans, and seas.

19. Paper Boats

Monsoon is my favorite season

And I do have a particular reason

The rain clears the air around

And different shades of green are found

The little and big drains fill up with water

And the tiny frogs begin to totter

This is the time when I make paper boats

And watch the water as it bloats

Then my friends and I race to find

Whose boat is best aligned?

We run around in the rains

In the little puddles and drains

To see whose boat best lasts

Alas! They all drown so fast.

20. Hold on


Just the way you picked yourself up

Just the way you let it hurt and then let it go

Just the way for the right you fought

Hold on to your thoughts

Just the way you believed in miracles

Just the way you smiled in difficulty

Just the way you held back your tears

Hold on to your thoughts

Just the way you bravely said goodbye

Just the way you did not let an idea die

Just the way you learned from your failure

Hold on to your thoughts

Just like the deep roots

That hold a tree upright

Your thoughts are shaping

You on the inside

All that you are thinking and learning

Will blossom and grow in time

21. Great things take time.

It takes time to read

And understand a word.

It takes time to appreciate

And write a sentence.

It takes time to write

And create a story

It takes time to read

And learn from a book

Great things,

Deep things,

Wonderful things,

Take time.

22. Read a book

Do you want to

Travel to places unknown?

Read a book…

Do you want to

Meet people of every kind?

Read a book…

Do you want to

Have a superpower?

Read a book

Do you want to be

Alone without being lonely?

Read a book

Do you want to be

Touched and moved and inspired?

Read a book

Do you want to be

The best that you can be?

Read a book

23. A little bird once said…

While playing we found a nest

Hidden behind the brambles

We pulled it out from its hiding place

And sat around it in a babble

Looking at the tiny eggs

Till the sunset

The next day we ran again

To the same place

The nest was still there

But no eggs in that tiny space

We knew then our folly

But it was too late

By disturbing the nest

We had put the eggs in danger

We had treated nature with disregard

And instead of a friend, it became a stranger

We learned then, nature moves at its own

Pace, rhythm, and grace

24. It’s the little things

It’s the tiny drop of dew

Struggling on the tip of a leaf

That teaches me to hold on

And fight for what I must keep

It is the morning sunrise

That brightens the world

And shows how the light will overcome darkness

At every turn and fold

It’s the dry leaf of winter

Hanging on a tree

That talks of changing seasons

And of letting go with ease

It’s the little things that matter

And little things that teach

To be better and do more than

What is within our reach

25. Lessons I learned from my Dog

My dog taught me that

I must always face the sun

I must run behind a challenge

And chase laughter and fun

My dog taught me

To always be ready for harmless wrestling

Not to give or take advice

Just provide a good ear for listening

My Dog taught me to

Mind my own business

To be happy with the things I have

And shower people with love and kisses

My Dog taught me

To be faithful and kind

And to forgive and forget

And never ever mind

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