Dreams To Die For

Dreams To Die For

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My grandma tells,

She studied till fourth,

Married at age sixteen,

Fed first baby at twenty,

And hence had

no dreams at all.

My maa says ,

She lost them in woods,

The dreams were

shredded between

the thorns and bush.

Both ladies spent lifetime

Amidst the mountaineous maze,

Lost hope to dream,

But hoped for me

Not the way same.

I carry on their genes

One entertaining ,

The other shy,

One daring,

The other a little sly.

I lived differently

The life of plains,

Schools, TV's and mobiles,

And I loved to teach,

My imaginary students,

With a Chalk to scribble on

Every door nearby.

School life showed me

Makeup , stage and Mike

And Drama , poetry and limelight

Now that's what I felt

And called a life.

Jump forward to the college life

I joined theatre

Performing on streets

Where I play like a lioness

In the scorching heat.

From here to there,

Am following a path,

A journey towards,

The eternal art.

It's a treasure hunt I see,

For an artist to seek,

For there is no end to exploration,

One must not stop and cease.

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