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Lady Leaders

Lady Leaders

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O men!

You have been ruling the world

For long

Ruining it more

Showed your strength

Used power at length

For all the wrong reasons.

O men! Sorry

If it sounds unfair

But ladies didn’t have the right to vote

As late as twentieth century

To say the least

Their education is still at the mercy

Of muscular men

Some decades ago

You’d burn them alive, like beasts

Let them die and go

With their dead husbands


O men! O dear!

You scratched the world into pieces

Like a scrapbook delinquents would tear

But now no more

You cannot keep the so-called

Weaker gender

In the confines of your home

So tender

To build your family

And always surrender to her master?


Let women rule the world now

You will see how,

More than ruling they will serve,

Care for the world to be a better place;

It will get back its grace.

Let men step back

For the world to be moving

Without a trace of hatred and fear

Under the guidance of lady leaders.

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