Hasmukh Amathalal 

Poem writing

From Darkness


The spring is at door, And you acting as good neighbour   Just two feet away from being close As no distance is chosen...  

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Live Heaven

Drama Inspirational

It was destiny Set by an almighty As you grew older You were blessed with later.

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My Feelings And


I shall remember Your offer Not to come near But acting sans fear

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Never Visited


He departs for another land that is totally unknown. Never visited and never shown.

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Old Shall Meet


Celebrating and welcoming the rain...

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Each yearIt appearsTo purifyAnd for us to apply ..

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Rising Star


You are known for this quality As you are doing it with ability You might have not shined so far   But certainly you are rising star 

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With Thumbs Up


Life we shape Sources we tap Ideals we set up So always be cheerful with thumbs up.

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