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She wanted a makeover of the place as a mark of tribute to the memories of read more

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Zacharia went back to his seat with a contended smile on his face. I was afraid of read more

6     768    41    39

I myself can never be seen, however my effects are, I always move forward, never read more

11     348    40    99

A night spent rehashing the past, as we held onto our individual memories, our read more

11     329    7    120

© Sam K

Classics Inspirational

Doug – "Your honour, I would like to start by asking, who is a VIP? A man in an read more

19     808    62    125

The Unfinished Game
© Avishi Singh

Abstract Action +1

The best king this kingdom has ever had the pleasure of having. Make sure that you read more

5     1.6K    122    143

The Golden Rose
© Pranjali Chauhan

Children Stories Classics

The bravery and generosity of king Vikram is depicted in the read more

5     278    28    156

"...She flashed an achieved look at him and walked with an aura of feminine energy read more

16     71    3    194

© anuradha nazeer

Classics Inspirational +1

Judge: How about if I mix them, and let them dry to become a brick, and then hit you read more

1     445    5    260

I am certainly awaiting your next birth to fulfill your incomplete desires and read more

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“Do I need to stoop so low to become a father?” Jason passed a sarcastic read more

8     505    49    316

Just Half
© Divanshu Maheshwari

Classics Drama +1

Moreover, parenting is not done occasionally; it's woven in a person's character read more

9     346    35    323

The Power Within Me
© nandita A Singh

Classics Inspirational +1

I heard my dad running towards the dog with a stick and I just screamed STOP. And my read more

14     342    16    337

Sita Ramayana - Kids Version
© Venkatesh R

Children Stories Classics

The story is the Modified version of Ramayana as a bedtime story for read more

5     397    6    348

The giant punisher gripped my leg and drilled the rod into my thigh bone. I read more

10     738    56    446

Mission Red Planet
© Mangesh Shirke

Classics Inspirational

She was then awarded the Young Scientist Award by the President of India for her read more

15     813    41    451

Summer Begins Here
© Priyanka Raj

Classics Drama +1

The story describes the inspiration of summer of a couple who lost their spark of read more

17     299    6    480

A Trip Alone
© Mansi Mehta Jain

Classics Drama +1

At the age of 50, she goes for that trip with her girls that she always dreamt read more

4     473    54    505

Beauty Beyond Those Scars
© Dhanya Sunil

Classics Inspirational

The scars had left her bruised, but deep within Shreya was still beautiful changing read more

4     1.1K    47    509

Jai Jawan
© Navitha Reddy

Classics Inspirational

Respect our Jawans. They are sacrificing their lives at the borders, so that you, I read more

5     529    55    582

As I drifted into my sleep, I was wondering why Bhupenda was by himself, all read more

7     490    53    583

In his infinite malevolence and rage, he diverted the weapon towards the womb of read more

10     426    33    589

She was the first candidate to publicly submit her campaign expense account read more

9     511    15    596

She has lost someone whom she thought was her life and now she is read more

5     623    39    671

A Conversation between Two read more

4     273    8    723

"Sorry, but we cannot let second-degree criminals have a child. Especially read more

5     489    36    770

Failure never matters, but participation is very read more

38     299    30    771

Jatre, The Village Fair
© Prasanna M S

Children Classics +1

Finally the wait comes to an End - it is the day of Village read more

7     380    51    825

The next morning, Supatrik woke up early, and he began to retrace the case with a read more

11     289    34    869

A Different Ekalavya
© Buddhiraj Sahu

Children Stories Drama +1

The classic story of Ekalavyaa and Guru Dronachrya in a different context and read more

4     409    1    941