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The Wise Man
© Ekta Loungani

Children Stories Classics +1

The story reminds us that worrying won't solve your problems it will just waste your read more

1     166    6    8949

Raghu And Chinti
© Gunjan M

Children Stories Classics

Once upon a time, there was a parrot named Raghu. He sat on a tree near the river read more

2     226    4    6251

The Mystifying Tombs Of Egypt

Children Stories Drama +1

I am Egypt. I exist between the banks of the Nile and the far-reaching Sahara. I do read more

12     237    35    2887

The Charioteer Of Love
© Bikash Swain

Children Stories Drama +1

An epic love story where a girlfriend kidnaps her boyfriend who came with the same read more

2     186    36    6831

New Indra
© Prity Jha

Children Stories Classics +1

When Lord Brahma came to know of this destruction caused by Indra's anger, He read more

2     338    10    5699

Sita Ramayana - Kids Version
© Venkatesh R

Children Stories Classics

The story is the Modified version of Ramayana as a bedtime story for read more

5     230    5    188

Thank You For Your Friendship
© Kanusha Kumari

Children Stories Classics +1

The writer shares his experiences of having a beautiful friendship and is grateful read more

5     474    10    7655

Nothing is more powerful than the name of the Lord, not even the Lord read more

3     215    34    3272

King Of Author
© Ishan Shah

Children Stories Classics

In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway. He then hid and watched read more

1     191    26    5646

The Truth of A Challenge!
© Naila Hina

Children Stories Classics +1

Once upon a time, there was a peasant who always used to complain to God that God read more

2     292    23    6863

© Naila Hina

Children Stories Classics +1

A man died and was given a chance to choose between heaven and read more

1     226    5    6919


Children Stories Drama +1

One of history’s heroes whose, trials and tribulations, and determination to avenge read more

9     229    25    3807

© sushil kumar gochhayat

Children Stories Classics

It's not a successful person, it's a successful team that wins the read more

2     212    11    5090

The Lion And The Mouse
© Patamata Komali

Children Stories Classics

Small acts of kindness will be rewarded read more

1     221    29    10125

When I Remember Kunti
© Trupti Paikaray

Children Stories Classics +1

It's either I am too sad, in a gloomy mood, or I am going through some rough and read more

3     298    38    2344

Be Honest
© Sai Kumari

Children Stories Classics +1

Only honest dealings ensure peace and read more

2     320    46    6811

What Gives Happiness?
© Sai Kumari

Children Stories Drama +1

Once there was a king who wanted to know what would make every one of his subjects read more

1     225    33    2358

Unfold Divinity
© Sai Kumari

Children Stories Drama +1

A Gopika in the Dwapara age went to a well with two read more

1     234    11    3836

The Night Before
© Protima Sharma

Children Stories Drama +1

A small group of men huddles around the radio trying to catch every read more

4     147    44    3780

The Ahilya Saga
© Lalitha Balasubramanian

Children Stories Classics

Ahilya, a stone, regained her form on the touch of Lord Rama's foot and left for read more

3     317    34    2354

Attitude is Everything
© Nidhi Hallikeri

Children Stories Classics +1

Once upon a time, two princes were studying in a read more

2     282    17    2406

Duty, not for the sake of Duty
© Nidhi Hallikeri

Children Stories Classics +1

A lesson from the Mahabharata involving Krishna, Karna, Yudhishthira and read more

3     247    36    2349

© Jisha Rajesh

Children Stories Drama +1

The Goddess was pleased with his devotion and rewarded him with the pious read more

5     141    14    795

Success Needs Struggle
© john saida

Children Stories Classics +1

If you want to succeed in your life, be ready to go through read more

2     308    24    2383

Humano Angels
© Annapurna Anand

Children Stories Drama +1

The story of a king who won the war without giving read more

1     195    33    10380

The Ugly Duck

Children Stories Classics

The story of the ugly duckling who finds itself a home - among beautiful read more

7     308    38    3263

Hen With Silver Eggs
© Ananya Katiyar 💕💕

Children Stories Drama +1

A hen lays silver read more

1     126    26    8920

She wanted a makeover of the place as a mark of tribute to the memories of read more

10     645    25    27

© Sam K

Classics Inspirational

Doug – "Your honour, I would like to start by asking, who is a VIP? A man in an read more

19     770    57    59

Zacharia went back to his seat with a contended smile on his face. I was afraid of read more

6     609    34    46