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The Wise Man
© Ekta Loungani

Children Stories Classics +1

The story reminds us that worrying won't solve your problems it will just waste your read more

1     7    0    6933

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

Raghu And Chinti
© Gunjan M

Children Stories Classics

Once upon a time, there was a parrot named Raghu. He sat on a tree near the river read more

2     133    1    4080

She wanted a makeover of the place as a mark of tribute to the memories of read more

10     391    20    14

A night spent rehashing the past, as we held onto our individual memories, our read more

11     149    3    38

Zacharia went back to his seat with a contended smile on his face. I was afraid of read more

6     368    26    28

© Sam K

Classics Inspirational

Doug – "Your honour, I would like to start by asking, who is a VIP? A man in an read more

19     643    55    54

The Power Within Me
© nandita A Singh

Classics Inspirational +1

I heard my dad running towards the dog with a stick and I just screamed STOP. And my read more

14     217    13    93

I am certainly awaiting your next birth to fulfill your incomplete desires and read more

16     1.3K    115    125

As I drifted into my sleep, I was wondering why Bhupenda was by himself, all read more

7     317    49    140

Just Half
© Divanshu Maheshwari

Classics Drama +1

Moreover, parenting is not done occasionally; it's woven in a person's character read more

9     257    29    142

The Unfinished Game
© Avishi Singh

Abstract Action +1

The best king this kingdom has ever had the pleasure of having. Make sure that you read more

5     1.4K    117    77

She was the first candidate to publicly submit her campaign expense account read more

9     461    15    145

The giant punisher gripped my leg and drilled the rod into my thigh bone. I read more

10     563    54    177

“Do I need to stoop so low to become a father?” Jason passed a sarcastic read more

8     305    46    178

"Sorry, but we cannot let second-degree criminals have a child. Especially read more

5     422    34    180

A Trip Alone
© Mansi Mehta Jain

Classics Drama +1

At the age of 50, she goes for that trip with her girls that she always dreamt read more

4     429    54    191

An Eternal Flame
© Ananya Ananth

Abstract Classics +1

Maybe now her soul was ready to begin its journey. Maybe this unrest was a tug from read more

10     228    8    182

Beauty Beyond Those Scars
© Dhanya Sunil

Classics Inspirational

The scars had left her bruised, but deep within Shreya was still beautiful changing read more

4     920    41    193

In his infinite malevolence and rage, he diverted the weapon towards the womb of read more

10     335    31    224

It’s so easy to write-off something or someone. But that does not change the fact read more

4     331    9    226

She has lost someone whom she thought was her life and now she is read more

5     418    35    250

Failure never matters, but participation is very read more

38     267    29    288

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

Jai Jawan
© Navitha Reddy

Classics Inspirational

Respect our Jawans. They are sacrificing their lives at the borders, so that you, I read more

5     313    52    284

But I live each day with whatever may come my way, and I am happy, and for me that read more

9     190    5    292

That day I was inhuman. My teammates were so frustrated that one of them asked read more

4     175    2    294

Mission Red Planet
© Mangesh Shirke

Classics Inspirational

She was then awarded the Young Scientist Award by the President of India for her read more

15     639    32    373

Long Long ago there was a great kingdom called INDRANI. The king of INDRANI was a read more

2     2.7K    200    439

The Ugly Husband
© Harry Pomy

Classics Inspirational

By their third anniversary, Varsha was a wreck and a shadow of her former read more

6     8    0    502

A male can just throw away his infertile wife and marry again. But a female has to read more

3     253    20    530

She would smile and hold me and whisper her legends in my ear, and I would listen read more

3     141    2    185