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Halwa Memories
© Srishti Gaba

Children Stories Drama

Every year in our school before Gurupurabh we were given halwa as parshad and we all read more

1     248    28    6683

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Chintu’s Question
© Sonali Basu

Children Stories Drama

This story gives a message that family members should be together through the read more

5     164    3    5514

A Letter To Death
© Namrata Gowda

Children Stories Drama +1

But destiny had different plans for me as read more

1     102    4    4554

Eternal Grandpa
© Disha Mangal

Children Stories Drama +1

A few months back my grandfather died due to a road accident or maybe some other read more

3     173    17    1404

© Shouvik Das

Children Stories Drama +1

First they visited the Pandals were they took blessings of Goddesses read more

8     638    47    261

New Brand Ice-cream
© Anusha Sridharan

Children Stories Drama

This story is about the new brand of ice-creams had a great start and summer just read more

1     60    1    2166

His worried father could not sleep the whole night and reached the site very early read more

4     219    3    5515

Running Away
© Avishi Singh

Children Stories Drama

Surrounded with his mothers arms, he realized that maybe life was hard but maybe he read more

2     1.2K    120    1439

My Guru, Cobbler
© Raju Ganapathy

Children Stories Drama +1

I got a bit distracted by a message in the smart phone and then the cobbler called read more

2     334    31    5423

Saving The World
© Avishi Singh

Children Stories Drama

This time when she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by light. She cradled the read more

2     1.3K    133    63

Jack And I
© Jasveer Singh

Children Stories Drama

'Jack & I' is about the memories I share with an angel named read more

7     317    32    3852

I love you so much Dadi!
© Aparna Nandan

Children Stories Drama

I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts. Tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday. Party is read more

4     260    5    3880

Purpose of life
© Gautam Prakash

Children Stories Drama

Professor Albus finished reading the last sentence in one of the chapters in the read more

3     428    35    2802

© Kaalnari Kaal Nari

Children Stories Drama +1

There is nobody to wipe away her tears though she is very clear on one point that if read more

4     200    2    5519

The Nightmare Before Time
© Ankita Masih

Children Stories Drama +1

He stood there and watched her get suffocated even with a torn throat. He was still read more

10     67    1    1354

The elixir of Life
© Chitra Roy

Children Stories Drama +1

The Sahara desert, with its vast expanse of undulating dunes and a scorching Sun read more

3     352    0    3818

Summer Holidays
© Venu Pulibandla

Children Stories Drama

After twelve years he become the POLICE officer and he served in read more

3     114    3    7455

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Jay was feeling frustrated at not being able to see any sign of wildlife, as had read more

2     267    6    2869

Love of a mother...

Children Stories Drama

A love of a mother is priceless. It can't be replaced with read more

2     92    1    5527

The Demon's Existence

Children Stories Drama

The boys had just arrived at the hostel a month ago and they were already habitual read more

3     329    48    2779

One day as they were playing in the waters, ripples appeared and a faint shadow was read more

2     89    1    5528

Nakul Learns The basic
© Shouvik Das

Children Stories Drama

The story signifies a happy read more

4     191    1    5525

The Selfish Rich Man
© Shilpa Navare

Children Stories Drama

Once upon a time in a big city, lived a rich man named 'Mahendra'. He was the read more

2     518    4    8866

© Gurpreet Kaur

Children Stories Drama +1

I was happy because I was free, but this time I was unable to fly, my wings were read more

6     522    6    2870

Raam On My Right Palm
© Jyoti Sabita Yadav

Children Stories Drama +1

All that, time, what kept me going on was, I knew, I didn’t have an option to be a read more

4     442    0    5529

It was the unproclaimed center of our family home. Some days, it lit proudly, but read more

3     274    0    1975

The Dog Next Door
© Joe Jagodensky

Children Stories Drama

My little golden tail is swinging away as I sway around the closed back door read more

2     205    1    1154

The Precious Gift
© Shashi Sarma

Children Stories Drama

He became quite charming, caring, sympathetic towards animals and friendly. He read more

4     274    8    2927

Treasure Hunt
© Yuvashre S.N.

Children Stories Drama

On a bright, warm morning of summer vacations, Annie was in her native playing with read more

2     226    1    9012

A 'Desi' Gift For Shikha
© Shweta Agarwal

Children Stories Drama

"Wish you a healthy and long life darling!", she wished doling a spoonful of fresh read more

1     417    3    5517