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Everyday Thinking

Everyday Thinking

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There are some stories where we can connect with ourselves. Here I will narrate a story of a poverty-stricken boy, even don't know while entering this world and endeavour to live his life.

There are his parents - father is all lousy all time drinker and don't support his family and mother working as a maid in the houses full of rich people. As they can't support themselves in these conditions, one day as the sunrises and mother is ready for going to work, father sleeping with a strong hangover over previous night drinking.

Her eyes are full of sorrow while seeing her incompetent husband and decided to leave him for good for her own life.

She packs everything that belongs to her and told her last goodbye to her drunken husband and leave him a not to read after he wakes up. Soon she stepped out of her house she started feeling dizziness and fainted in front of the door. She was lying there while the drunken husband is waking up with dizziness from a hangover.

He was searching for his wife to cook something for him and he had seen his wife faint over the doorsteps he rushed to her with fear of what happened to her while he was in a hangover.

He called his neighbors for helping his wife with her condition as he was not in a condition to help her. Then some women come rushing to help her and sprinkled some water on her face while she was regaining her consciousness and thinking about what happened to her while she was leaving her husband for good.

As she regained her full consciousness she was told by a woman that she is pregnant. She was in staggering after listening to this news and imagining raising a child in these conditions where her husband is not useful for anything and she doesn't have enough money to raise a child. She told everyone to leave. Hold her husband's hand and went into her home and shut the door.

As soon as she entered the home she was crying out loud with a heart full of misery and hardship and fall down on the floor while her husband standing there staring at her with no feeling with a hangover. She cried for hours and her eyes were out of tears and she decided to raise the child with or without his support financially or emotionally.

Days went on like wind and months have passed she has reached her final month of delivery. She hadn't stopped working even she in the final month of her delivery and need rest while her lousy husband is doing what he does every day as she is working harder for hospital bills and to lead her home sideways. The rich people where she was working don't even support to a pregnant woman while laughing at her life where she can't even eat three times a day is pregnant.

The world has become so cruel by laughing at her when they have to support her in this critical condition.

Days passed the delivery date was near and one day while she was working pains has started and no one was there to care about her in this condition and she has passed out with full of pain after sometime when her owner is leaving outside she had seen her fainted unconsciously.she called an ambulance while her way to the hospital she was shouting with full of pains.

Where there is no one to support her not even her life partner who is useless and unworthy of having her. They reached the hospital and rushed her into ICU and put her on ventilator when she is unable to breathe on her own.

Time has passed while she has given birth to a beautiful boy and her eyes are full of joy and happiness while seeing that baby boy she has forgotten all the hurdles she has crossed and pain she has experienced.

The doctor has handed over the boy to her as she is in trance to see him properly and after some time she was in a condition to see him but she doesn't have dominion over her joy and her eyes were fully filled with tears.

Her husband was unfathomable of the situation where her hospital bills are growing day by day in this situation she was worried about how to pay these bills.she got discharged from the hospital said nurse she was in utter shock and asked

"What about the bill?"

The nurse informed her the owner where she was working has paid her bill. She was very happy to hear it and discharged from the hospital and went home.

Her husband was despair. She was feeble to do any work to earn money.

The remaining story will continue in the next post where the poor boy becomes a successful man in an exceptional way you can't even imagine.

Stay Tuned...

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