Doggy Conversation

Doggy Conversation

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Dogs have been very familiar to human habitats and in many instances dogs are treated as one of the family members. There are some stray dogs whom no one claims ownership of and hence they are seen mostly on streets wandering in search of food and shelter. We can even see different groups of street dogs belonging to a particular locality and they claim ownership of their own localities to such an extent that when a dog from one locality trespasses into another locality both the groups may end up in a battle just like the human beings quarrel. One thing we very often notice among the dogs and that is inherent of their nature is sniffing all over and peeing on any object lying on the street if they notice some attractive odour. I am not really sure which odour may attract the dogs so that they are compelled to pee on but it is very interesting to know that they go on peeing little by little wherever they notice the odour unlike human beings who normally drain out their urinary bladder in one shot when they happen to pee either at home or outside. This article is a small story teller where it tries to bring out a comedy from a fictitious conversation that once happened between a couple of stray dogs. After reading this piece of comedy one can relate it to how human beings also behave with respect to some aspects of their feelings or emotions.

The story goes like this. I had established friendship with two of the many dogs who used to wander on the streets and also meet together on some occasions near my house. I had named them as Thimma and Bomma and both of them used to recognize me and gesture to my call by exhibiting their typical body language such as swaying the tails, half folding their ears, moving gently here and there and so on. One fine day in the afternoon I noticed both of them sitting under a tree relaxed. From a distance I was able to notice both doing some strange gesture at each other bringing their face close to each other, turning away at times and also opening their mouth strangely. Getting amused at this I wanted to go near and watch a bit to understand what they might be doing actually. When I went close to them but at some distance they didn’t seem to be disturbed by my presence since I was familiar to them. So I felt happy so that I could listen to what they were discussing. When I became more attentive I started hearing a conversation.

Doggy Conversation

Thimma: Looking at Bomma, “Now-a-days our streets have become very noisy due to many cars, lorries, etc.”

Bomma: Seeming to agree with Thimma, “ Yes, you are right, I am also fed up of the noise and dust. “

Thimma: “ You know one more thing?, some beautiful cars are being parked in front of those big houses.”

Bomma: Looking somewhat irritated at Thimma, “ So what?, how is that connected with you?”

Thimma: Showing some pride in his face, “ Haa, that is where the catch is, you know what I did one day?”

Bomma: Looking somewhat curious now, “ Hey, tell me da, what is that?”

Thimma: With some spark in his eyes, “ I somehow managed to pee on one of the tyres of a BMW car that was parked in front of a house one day.”

Bomma: Not in a position to believe Thimma’s words, “ Come on, don’t lie so stupidly. Okay, tell me how do you know it was a BMW car?”

Thimma: Looking anxious to narrate his dare devil achievement, “ You know what happened that day, I saw a person, may be its driver, standing in front of the car and talking to someone over the phone. I was standing at some distance from it and waiting for the opportunity to go and sniff the tires. He was asking the other party was it the BMW show room and a little later he again asked where was the BMW service center.”

Bomma: Overcome by anxiety, “ Wow, proceed next, what happened then?”

Thimma: “ So, I thought that he was planning to take the car for some servicing. That is how I came to know that it was a BMW car, you know.”

Bomma: Now confirming that Thimma would have really peed on BMW car’s tire he wanted to narrate his own story and prove that what he achieved was much bigger one than Thimma’s, “Okay, but leave it, that is not really a big car in my opinion.”

Thimma: Feeling disappointed a bit, “ You don’t know anything, tell me if you had gone at least close to BMW car any time, if not peeing on its tire.”

Bomma: “Yes, yes, I remember now, I once managed to pee on tire of a military truck.”

Thimma: Unable to control his laughter, “ What?, military truck?, how, where, come on don’t simply lie, how were you allowed to do so?, where did you find a military car?”

Bomma: Feeling relaxed at being given a chance to prove his point, “ You know what happened one day?, I was chasing a car as it smelled very nice and after a while it stood near the gate of a military quarters and when the gate keeper opened the gates the car went in and I also somehow escaped into the quarters without being noticed by the gate keeper.”

Thimma: Now feeling the possible danger of getting into a military quarter, “ You really went inside the quarters?, then what happened, tell me, tell me, quick.”

Bomma: Being thrilled by the sight that he was able to recall, “ Yah, that was a terrible experience for me as the roads inside were very clean, ordinary people were not to be seen at all and some men in some kind of a dress, all looking alike and wearing big shoes that used to make sound like a horse.”

Thimma: “Then, come on, proceed next..”

Bomma: “ I was a bit frightened that day but managed to sneak into an area beneath a big truck parked nearby, for a while no one came near that truck. I just hid myself and stood watching for some time, not knowing what to do next”

Thimma: “Hey, quick, tell me next what happened, nothing happened to you over there, right?”

Bomma: “ While watching two men in the similar dresses walked up to the truck, one of them started telling the other that he returned by the same truck the previous day from the battle field in Kashmir, etc., etc.,”. “ I became more thrilled that day after knowing that it was a military truck”

Thimma: “Yes, yes, I too think so, must be a military truck only, then what happened?”

Bomma: “The moment I thought it must have been a military truck the fear that had gripped me for quite some time changed to a thrilling experience”

Thimma: “Oh, is it so, how, how?”

Bomma: “Making sure that none of them was in a position to notice me I profusely peed on two rear tires as the odour of the tires was somewhat different but excellent, it was a totally new experience for me, you know.”

Thimma: Feeling proud of his friend’s achievement, “Wow, that was really great, you peed on the tire of a military truck?, really great yaar”

At this point of time, I suddenly got back to my senses as I was totally taken aback at the conversation that was going on between those dogs. Though I felt amused at it I suddenly started thinking about the possible significance of dogs peeing and feeling great about it. I returned home that day and I was a bit looking absorbed the whole day, being caught in that matter of dogs’ peeing. By the time I woke up next day morning some fresh idea had entered into my head. I then realized that some incidents of similar nature, not necessarily the peeing itself, do happen in our life also. For example, those two dogs were so proud of being able to pee on the tires of big, very costly vehicles though they may not be really proud of the act of peeing itself. In our general senses, peeing is a very common, not so respected and not so talked about action we all do daily. However, there could be some other actions that are not so respected and silly looking and we may feel proud of indulging in them. One might ask how?. But it is true in some cases. Some unwise people indulge in all kinds of unethical, immoral, anti-social actions and then they take the example of some celebrities such as the cinema actors, big politicians, big business men and so on to prove that they have not done anything wrong in life or what they have done may not be a big crime at all. Some other unwise people may try to blindly follow others who would have been very popular in their own way and take pride in indulging in similar acts.

Whether we are a common man or a big hunter, whether we kill people or animals, one or many, we will be called as the “Killers” only. But it is unfortunate that in the present situation in our society, the objective meaning has been replaced by the subjective one. Hence, the act of killing as such may not be considered as a crime at all and the people may easily ignore it if one kills in small numbers. The people may become serious only when a mass murder or a large scale violence happens. This happens in every other act of violence. All kinds of heinous acts seem to have been accepted by the society as normal. This could be an example of how our individual consciousness may get degraded.

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