The Desert Cactus Plant

The Desert Cactus Plant

2 mins

My true nature was perhaps hidden in the seed

And I was totally unaware of it;

When I was born on a rocky terrain 

That looked devoid of life,

I was very tender, colourful but vulnerable;

As I grew taller and bigger, 

Piercing myself through the rocky surface,

I started discovering my true nature;

When I attained a size that one can recognize

I was full of thorns all over my body;

All those who came near only felt I was wonderful

But they never dared to touch me;

The children were kept far away from me,

Fearing touching me accidentally and getting injured;

Hence I often felt lonely, feared and neglected

As the visitors just spent a few seconds looking at me;

With these saddened moments I spent many days

Expecting people to talk about me at least;

One fine day I started feeling something different

That I can never explain nor can I ignore;

I now started growing differently 

Without the thorns and the hard touch;

Within a few days I had a beautiful crown 

That was bright in colour and form;

For a moment I felt like wiping out all my sorrows

As there were plenty of visitors around me;

I heard people now talking about me from their heart

With joy, love and caring for me;

They brought the same joy to me

As they now spent more time and came closer;

I wondered whether I discovered my true nature

As there was a joy both inside and outside;

And now I can proudly tell the meaning of existence,

Which is not the appearance but about being joyful.

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