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The Time Machine

Children Stories Others

Once there was a poll among scientists regarding time machine and its proper read more

2     107    5    10989

The elixir of Life
© Chitrangada Roy

Children Stories Drama +1

The Sahara desert, with its vast expanse of undulating dunes and a scorching Sun read more

3     394    2    4745

The Missing Lake
© Aashwath Acharya

Children Stories Others +1

Rajiv was incredulous. The lake had dried up. He was looking at a patch of barren read more

1     235    7    4717

His friends in the audience could not contain their joy. They cheer and shake hands read more

4     559    9    7291

The Wise Man
© Ekta Loungani

Children Stories Classics +1

The story reminds us that worrying won't solve your problems it will just waste your read more

1     178    6    10057

© Harsha Chand

Children Stories Others

I was ten that time we were on a beach in Goa. My brother wanted to do parasailing, read more

2     370    5    9314

An Unhappy Future
© Fi Quin

Children Stories Others

Every one around me admires me, thinks I am smart, for one reason: my grades. These read more

4     269    1    7334

King Jonathan And His Tiger
© Ritayan Misra

Children Stories Others

Once there lived a king in the kingdom of Johannatown, presently situated in South read more

3     411    2    7325

Going Green On A Picnic
© Vyomi Malik

Children Stories Others

Dots the giraffe, Stripes the zebra, Trunky the elephant and Boo the monkey were read more

3     415    4    4737

The School In The Woods
© Soumya Mukherjee

Children Stories Others

I have been staying in one of the greener parts of Delhi, which has a densely wooded read more

6     150    4    4737

My Brother Cow
© Harikrishna Manigandan

Children Stories Others

A little boy prays to God for read more

1     260    4    11368

The Tree's Love
© Velsina Rodrigues

Children Stories Drama +1

Trees have been and will always be givers of life. They are rays of read more

1     277    25    10021

Durga Puja
© Nikita Bansal

Children Stories Others

DURGA PUJA!!! A festival which every Bengali waits for throughout the year be it the read more

2     355    23    10027

Knackered Of Urban Life?
© priya mani

Children Stories Others

A typical day in the life of a village boy surrounded by uncles, aunts, and cousins read more

5     364    7    6177

Cricket Fan For A Day
© Tushar Mandhan

Children Stories Others

A child's fascination with cricket and world cup for a read more

2     312    11    10634

© Khushi Mohunta

Children Stories Others

It was a scorching day, the sun was blazing heat. Haha! It will never have mercy on read more

3     244    7    7303

Fun With Robbie The Robot
© Vyomi Malik

Children Stories Fantasy +1

Mr. Tinker was a computer scientist and had invited friends at home for tea. When read more

4     108    5    9672

The Disappearing Menagerie
© Donald Roberts

Children Stories Others

Mr. Gaberlunzie Bindlestiff is nearly obsessed with "Puzzling Riddles" as he calls read more

18     240    3    4209

Thank You For Your Friendship
© Kanusha Kumari

Children Stories Classics +1

The writer shares his experiences of having a beautiful friendship and is grateful read more

5     496    11    8767

The Mind Game
© Rashmi Ranjan Nayak

Children Stories Inspirational +1

Don't worry about others, you are the one and the only one who can save you. So read more

1     467    41    8142

Becoming Sara
© ravi s

Children Stories Inspirational +1

Sara searches for the meaning and purpose behind his family traditions and becomes read more

11     317    50    3050

पैसे न खर्चं करता आपल्या जवळच असलेल्या सामानातुन कला शिकायची , कोणाला त्रासही न read more

7     59    4    1523

© Sonali Kar

Children Stories Others

So just as parents do everything for the happiness of their children, children read more

1     265    15    11288

Microfiction: Garden Of Eden
© Rohit Khare

Children Stories Others

They asked me who it was that was the first to realize the benefits to be obtained read more

1     309    17    6133

Happy Students Day
© aroon achalum

Children Stories Others

Life in school and colleges, learning, friends and read more

9     228    10    11145

My Hobbies
© Geeta Kanojiya

Children Stories Others

Whenever anyone talks about hobbies normally people expect singing, dancing, writing read more

1     284    19    11281

Happy Diwali
© Jhumur Ganguly

Children Stories Drama +1

As she slowly entered the building, she smiled at the old watchman, almost on auto read more

6     297    25    4673

Liege - The Town I Love
© Pranav Mistry

Children Stories Others

A travelogue - visit to read more

3     256    16    7276

Be Honest
© Sai Kumari

Children Stories Classics +1

Only honest dealings ensure peace and read more

2     320    46    6067

A way to Rajasthan.
© Ms. Nikita

Children Stories Others

I was in shock when I reached Rajasthan as I have seen a lot of greenery and water read more

1     328    18    11282