One Cannot Admire Beauty

One Cannot Admire Beauty

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Her charming, adorable face, which exposed always

Two bright eyes that seemed to be eager to speak to me

And a lovely smile that emanated from all over the face,

Was there unbelievably for a long time in my memory;

Whenever I happened to look at a beautiful face or thing

I used to compare it with what was there in my memory

And I undoubtedly felt the comparison was totally wrong

As the new faces were no match to the hidden divine artistry;

But, what can I say, I had to feel a sudden disappointment

When I met her one day unexpectedly after several years

For, my eyes had failed to notice the old charm for a moment

Nor there was the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on the face.

“Are you not beautiful anymore?”, I whispered to myself

Since, for me, her beauty meant just her external appearance,

Which had faded over the years tempting me to laugh at

And at that moment I had become blind with indifference;

My blindness was the effect of the conditioning of my brain,

Which had formed its own opinion about anything that is beautiful,

And surrounding that opinion there was a sense of ruthlessness,

Which forbid me from knowing the phenomenon that was natural;

“Am I really an admirer of beauty?”, I asked myself one day

And “for admiring have I understood what is beauty?”, I queried,

“Is beauty just a sensation or is there a way to know the beauty?”

With all the inquiries within myself I became awfully worried;

As I continued to enquire deeper I was able to understand

How I had become ruthless at something while being an admirer

Since I had miserably failed to understand the reason behind

The absence of the usual sparkle in her eyes and the smile;

It was not too long when I decided to understand everything

And I called her to ask why she was not in her usual mood;

Her reply shocked me so much that I suddenly realized the beauty,

Which was in her gentle smile that hid the agony she really had.

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