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Small Things, Make Difference
© Nipun Shaw

Children Stories Inspirational

One day, my friend, Tam, got a broken provided stringed guitar from read more

1     306    21    8684

He Is Better Than Me
© Sara Garg

Children Stories Inspirational

The singer smiled and said, “Thank you sir, But I’m not a good singer. read more

1     262    30    4424

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Discovering The Undiscovered
© Anuva Maheshwari

Children Stories Tragedy +1

Life is unexpected and you never know what will happen to read more

11     1.0K    39    66

© Shouvik Das

Children Stories Drama +1

First they visited the Pandals were they took blessings of Goddesses read more

8     617    46    249

My Guru, Cobbler
© Raju Ganapathy

Children Stories Drama +1

I got a bit distracted by a message in the smart phone and then the cobbler called read more

2     334    31    5337

Live within your means
© Pradnya Surve

Children Stories Inspirational

Karan was academically not brilliant but his excellence in sports had brought read more

2     299    50    5295

The Turning Point Of My Life
© Pradanya Mordia

Children Stories Inspirational

That letter to me at that time was a victory of self-discovery where I found another read more

5     242    16    397

A Family Supported A Child
© Zishan Ahmad

Children Stories Inspirational

3     176    3    3862

Me And My Untold Story

Children Stories Inspirational

In the end, I came to know that life is full of struggles and problems but we need read more

2     144    1    4510

The Wings Of Terrorism

Children Stories Tragedy +1

This poem is about a guy who invented the bomb read more

2     156    3    2874

© Kaalnari Kaal Nari

Children Stories Drama +1

There is nobody to wipe away her tears though she is very clear on one point that if read more

4     199    2    5431

The Guy With 4 Arms - Part 1/3
© harsh jain

Children Stories Inspirational

The story is about a child with 4 arms looking to participate for swimming in the read more

5     101    1    2885

Cheeku's Race With Tintu
© Anusha Sridharan

Children Stories Inspirational

Cheeku and Tintu were the bright kids of class VIII. They both were always competing read more

2     222    2    7936

Inside Me
© Monika Kandala

Children Stories Inspirational

Either we cry on our fate or create our own read more

1     38    0    6558

© Gurpreet Kaur

Children Stories Drama +1

I was happy because I was free, but this time I was unable to fly, my wings were read more

6     517    6    2858

Raam On My Right Palm
© Jyoti Sabita Yadav

Children Stories Drama +1

All that, time, what kept me going on was, I knew, I didn’t have an option to be a read more

4     442    0    4861

The Turning Point
© Bhavpreet Kaur

Children Stories Inspirational

The manager was worried about the satisfaction of customers, he asked someone to read more

2     342    8    7925

Schools And Old Age Homes
© The Pen Wielders

Children Stories Drama +1

I was dreaming of elephants and lions having a huge party in the jungle. The peacock read more

4     427    9    720

A Chipko Is Born
© Soumya Mukherjee

Children Stories Drama +1

She is now busy devising ways to keep off the birds and the harsh sun from the young read more

3     135    1    4859

Fat Girl On The See-Saw
© Sharanya Shyamdas

Children Stories Drama +1

Tears started rolling down from her little chubby cheeks. She was only 5 years old, read more

3     265    0    6559

The Honest Seeds
© Rachna Sethi

Children Stories Drama +1

Despite living away from the city, our complex was good as it had all the amenities read more

4     179    1    2886

The Treasure Of A Banyan Tree
© Avishi Agarwal

Children Stories Inspirational

Ruchi realized that the treasure was the banyan tree itself and promised to cherish read more

2     154    4    4844

Father And Mother
© Ekta Loungani

Children Stories Inspirational

The story shows how young children treat read more

1     44    0    7907

Soul For Soul
© Sandeep Sengupta

Children Stories Inspirational

The story shows the soul of a working man getting exchanged with a boy playing read more

2     68    1    2885

Happy Rajo
© Shalini Mahapatra

Children Stories Drama +1

She wished every woman could celebrate herself as a creator of read more

4     429    6    1726

© Sonal Singh

Children Stories Inspirational

Sitting by the window, 12-year-old Meera looked at the sky. It was overcast, almost read more

4     403    3    533

© Gunjan M

Children Stories Inspirational

The story is about a money lender to helped Raghav for his read more

2     109    2    2521

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Selfless Help
© Ekta Loungani

Children Stories Inspirational

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved water sports and cooking. He was very read more

1     260    1    7306

The Rickshaw Puller
© Syed Rahman

Children Stories Drama +1

An inspiring and heartwarming story of a rickshaw puller's daughter who stands by read more

12     229    2    931

Once Again Zero To One!
© S Suman

Children Stories Inspirational

Life is like a game of LUDO, with lots of ladders on the way to climb up and equally read more

5     239    3    4847