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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Sai Sarvesh



Sai Sarvesh


The Sensor's Value

The Sensor's Value

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My name is Padmanaban. I am studying at an English-medium school in Coimbatore. First of all, I am an average kid. My father is a great scientist who is known all over the world.

Today is the day of Doom. In my reference, it means 'exam days.' I usually get around the 50-Marks point out of 100. As the exams went by, my father went and locked himself in my room and he made the excuse of him inventing a new device. Then, the results came.

My scores were 45, 54, 65, 29, 48. These were usual. My class topper, Benjamin, mocked like he usually did. "Here comes the son of the greatest scientist in the world. I wonder why he did not inherit his brains!" The whole class laughed for the joke going on for years. then I find myself waiting for my birthday which is one day more and then my father calls me for choosing my present.

"What do you want for the gift?" he asked.

''I just want to beat Benjamin!" I pushed him away.

"You have to study for that, How can I help you? Okay, I will buy you a video game - the latest version," my father offered.

"Okay," I sobbed.

Then finally after 2 months, my father revealed his invention. It was complete.

"I want to start a collaboration science workshop. For that, research needs to take place. So, for swiftness, I created the all micro sensor!"

"What does it do?" I asked.

"Patience. What you need to do is a little thing. You take my pairing device - a power glass! You put on the glass, insert the sensor In it and allow it a few moments to start. Then the sensor is connected to your brain. You just think, 'Okay, micro.' Then you ask a question. It will answer perfectly in your brain. That's all."

A week later, my teacher announced that whoever gets the highest in the exam, they will be given a tour to all the Disney worlds. WOW! All I wanted to do in my life was to visit Disney land. I am a great fan. So on the day of the exam, even though I did not study, I had the confidence of the sensor. It was already connected to the glasses. I asked my father whether I could use it.


I am doomed. I have to win.

So with my father in the same room, I stole the glasses and ran off.

"WHAT? HOW DARE YOU!" he yelled.

In my class, the topper mocked, "Are you blind, Padmanaban?"

I started to write the exams. I can easily win. But suddenly, my father's words shot through me like a bullet. I can't do this. I should not be greedy. So, with one last look on the glass, I slowly kept it in my bag.

The results came the same day. I got 46.5. As usual, Benjamin was the topper. He gets Disney land. Then I face my father in his room speaking.

"I could not beat him, I did not get what I wanted. I am sorry. I should not have done it," I said.

"Partly. Even though you took it. you did not use it. you are a really good boy. You were honest. For that, I am taking you to Disney land," he said.

And that was the happiest day of my life.

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