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Binoy looks at his watch. It is 4:30 a.m. It has been almost half an hour. The doctor said it might be critical at the time of delivery. So they have no other option, except for cesarean delivery. It will be better for both the mother and the baby.

 Sunita, Binoy’s wife, is now in the operation theatre. She is going to be the mother of a newborn baby a few minutes later. The doctor has checked her B.P. but it’s too high. The doctor says, “Relax, why are you so tensed? This is not your first time. So, please cooperate with us.” 

Nirmala Devi, Binoy’s mother, is also sitting outside the operation theatre. She can’t wait anymore.  Binoy is trying to pacify his mother, “Oh! Ma, please calm down. Don’t worry. Just remember what Shastri Ji said. This time it will definitely be a grandson. Come on Ma, we have done so many things that Shastri Ji advised. Even Sunita has followed everything.’’

 Nirmala Devi is in her mid-sixties. She wants to see her grandson before leaving this world. She already has one beautiful granddaughter. But she has become the cause of worry to her grandma. Her grandma often says, “There is no one to carry on this family. What use of girl? She has to eventually leaves her parents one day. My poor Binoy!”

 Nirmala Devi lost her husband when Binoy was just twelve years old. She had to face a lot of hurdles to bring up her son. After her husband's death, she continued her husband’s business. Her husband had a garment shop in Barabazar, Kolkata. Now Binoy runs the shop.

 Nirmala Devi chose Sunita for her only son. Sunita’s presence made their life joyous and colorful. She won her mother-in-law by her decent behavior, obedience, and her dutifulness. Slowly and gradually, Sunita becomes an apple of her mother-in-law’s eye.

 Everything was going on well. Their happiness became twice when Sunita got pregnant for the first time. Nirmala Devi started to take special care of her daughter-in-law. Actually her joy knew no bounds. After all, she would be a grandmother of her Binoy’s son.

 But there was something in contrary to Sunita's expectation. The much-awaited day came. Sunita gave birth to a baby girl. But her arrival could not bring happiness. Nirmala Devi couldn't believe it. All her dream shattered into pieces. Even she didn't see the face of her granddaughter. 

Sunita was afraid of that. She already told Binoy, "What will happen if I can't give birth to a son?" Binoy assured her," Don't worry. Everything will be alright. It will be a son."

 Sunita thought that Nirmala Devi could accept the fact and would begin to love her granddaughter one day.

 But Sunita was surprised to see her mother-in-law's strange behavior. She saw her as another human being. Nirmala Devi started her day by cursing her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter. Sunita endured silently. But when she couldn't tolerate anymore, she rushed to her room, closed the door, took her baby on her lap, and cried. Sunita observed some changes into Binoy's behavior too.

 One day she asked him," Do you love my daughter? Or you too hate her?" Binoy watched Sunita's fiery eyes.

"Look Sunita, there is only one way to make my mother happy. You have to give birth to a son.” Sunita laughed and told," If there will be a girl this time? What will happen? " Binoy tried to make her understand, "No no this time you will be able to make my mother happy. I will talk to Shastri Ji. He is a famous astrologer. His prediction will never fail."

 Sunita couldn't understand what to say, to cry or to laugh or to end her own life? No, she couldn't finish herself, "I am not alone. My daughter is with me. She is my daughter, my Abanti, "said Sunita. 

Sunita went to Shastri Ji. He examined her horoscope and suggested so many ways. Sunita wondered how her husband and mother-in-law were convinced.  They looked up to him as if he were God.

 Doctors are ready. They are monitoring her. The situation is quite normal. Sunita makes herself understand, "I have to be strong for my Abanti." 

Binoy and Nirmala Devi hear the cry of a newborn baby. Nirmala Devi folds her hands and prays to God," Oh! God, don't disappoint me."

 Sunita asks the doctor, "Sir, is it, boy or girl?" 

"What do you want? Boy or girl?" said the doctor.

 “Girl, yes doctor I want to be a mother of another girl" Sunita replied boldly.

 The doctor is quite surprised, "Yes, you have given birth to a girl.”

“Tears are rolling down from her eyes. She knows how much fight she has to do for her girls. But she prepares herself for this. Nirmala Devi stops taking meals, even she stops talking. Sunita thinks, “It is twenty-five years!! Yes, I have to fight. I have to prove.”

 Sunita knows very well she does not have any value in this family as she is unable to give birth to a boy. Still, she never disrespects her mother-in-law. She never neglects her duty. In exchange she gets harsh words and insults from her husband and mother-in-law. 

Years passed.  Sunita's elder daughter, Abanti is coming back today. She returns home almost one year later. Now she is an M.D. Dr.Abanti Bose, cardiologist.

 Sunita is waiting for her. Her younger daughter, Haimanti, is also there. She is doing her masters in Chemistry. Sunita could make her daughters self-sufficient. Though, Binoy is not happy about that because he thinks he will not find proper grooms for them. 

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Haimanti opens the door and cries out in joy. Abanti enters and embraces Sunita. Sunita is crying. Abanti knows the story of her mother's struggle. She knows how her mother endures everything only for her daughters. Sometimes she asked her, “How do you tolerate Ma? Amma (grandmother) behaves so badly. And you take care of her? How Ma? how?”

Sunita smiled and told, "I know I won't have to tolerate throughout my life. You will change my day. And your Amma has to see the changes. I am just waiting for the day. I take care of her so that she can live because she has to see, she has to.”

 Abanti allows her mother to cry. Abanti enters into her Amma's room. She is ninety years old. Now she has lost her physical strength but she is as mentally strong as she was twenty-five years ago.

 Abanti touches her feet and asks, "How are you Amma?"

Nirmala Devi replies, "Don't you know how I am? When we have girls like you, I can't be well." Look at your father. Your mother has spoilt his life." 

Binoy has some problems with his business recently. So he is worried and moreover his mother makes him more worry. He is sitting beside his mother. Abanti guesses something. She calls her father. But Binoy can't reply. Binoy feels severe pain in the chest. Abanti immediately checks him. She injects him and calls an ambulance.

 Binoy has been admitted. Dr. Abanti Bose is handling everything. Senior Doctors praise her efficiency. They all come to meet Binoy," You are very lucky to be the father of such a wonderful doctor. You are quite fit now and this is only for your daughter.”

 Today, Binoy is coming back home. Sunita and Abanti are quite busy in the Nursing Home. Haimanti takes care of her Amma just like her mother. Nirmala Devi is not well. Abanti is treating her too. After some time, a taxi has stopped in front of the door. Binoy has returned. Nirmala Devi bursts into tears. She comes to Sunita," I know you can't forgive me, Sunita. But today I got my son back because of you. My granddaughter saves him. I am really grateful to you." 

Binoy embraces his two daughters. They couldn't get affection from their father before that. All are crying. Now Sunita has a smile on her face. Ultimate she is the winner.

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