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Sanchaita Datta

Drama Inspirational


Sanchaita Datta

Drama Inspirational

The Leap of Faith

The Leap of Faith

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King Harshavardhan was in the courtroom with his courtiers. Suddenly a person enters the courtroom and says

Person: Dear King, I am Chitrasena. By profession I am a painter. Please allow me to stay in your kingdom and work for you.

Harshavardhan thought for a moment and then said

Harshavardhan: Chitrasena, I am glad that you wish to work for me but I want to test you, are you ready?

Chitrasena: Surely King

Harshavardhan: I will give you a wall. Paint it as beautifully as you can. I will give you a month to finish your work. 

Chitrasena happily agreed to showcase his talent. He said

Chitrasena: King, I will create a beautiful wall for you. You will be pleased with my work.

King Harshavardhan asked a guard to call Sukhiram, the sweeper and asked him to clean the wall near the royal garden for Chitrasena. Sukhiram nodded with a dull face.Seeing that Harshavardhan said,

Harshavardhan: What is the matter Sukhiya? Is there something wrong?

Sukhiya: Nothing my King entire life went in very simple places,sweeping,swabbing….sometimes I feel if I could do something that would make my life noticeable

King: Sukhiya, do you know what your contribution is to the society? Your broom cleans the dirt of our lives and paves a clean way for us to progress. 

Sukhiya stood silent without uttering a single word. When the conversation was going on, minister Suryakanti was sitting silent observing the entire thing. As King finishes his words, he rises and says

Suryakanti: King, I have a request. Can you give the wall opposite to the wall that you have given Chandrasena to Sukhiya so that he also can portray his talent there?

Everyone in the courtroom started laughing including the king

King: What will Sukhiya do with the wall?Moreover there is no wall opposite to the wall which I wanted to give Chitrasena. He is not a painter so he cannot draw, he is not a writer, he cannot write on the wall, he is not a sculptor also so he cannot sculpt….then what is he going to do with the wall?

Suryakanti: My king please trust me and give him a wall opposite to the wall of Chitrasena . I myself will construct a wall opposite to the wall which will be given to Chitrasena. This wall will be of the same dimension as that wall.

The King granted the request of his minister because he knew that Suryakanti was very intelligent and wise. But Sukhiya was very confused, he didn't know what to do. After the court, minister Suryakanti called Sukhiya

Suryakanti: Sukhiya,do you want to do something unique in life which will make you noticable?

Suhkiya: Yes sir but I don't know anything, I only know to do the things I have done so far. I fear that I will not stand upto your expectations. You have given lots of effort to give me a chance to showcase myself. I too also want to do something but God has not given me the talent and capacity to do so.

Suryakanti smiles and says

Suryakanti: Sukhiya never mind, now tell me what is that thing on which you have expertise...go and do that thing to the wall that the king gave you.

Sukhiya was confused, he could only do cleaning,sweeping and swabbing. He did not understand why the minister had told him to do those things to the wall. Still as instructed he did those things with utmost dedication to the wall everyday without fail. Chandrasena started his painting on the same day as Sukhiya started his work. There was a huge partition arranged between the two walls as he could do his work without any disturbance.

One month passed by. On the forecasted day, King went to see Chitrasena's painting. It was a marvellous artmanship. The king was very happy as the painting added ethnicity to his palace, it made that part of the palace look very beautiful. The King rewarded Chandrasena and granted him a position among his courtiers.Now the king turned to see Sukhiya’s work. The partition was removed and to his surprise the king could see a painting that included a collage of different beautiful things of the king’s garden including the piece of Chitrasena's painting. The king was extremely shocked. 

King: I don’t believe this. Did Sukhiya paint this? How could this happen, he is so good….Sukhiya is even a better painter than Chandrasena

Everybody praised Sukhiya, Chitrasena was also astonished. He praised Sukhiya. The king rewarded Sukhiya.After few days the king called Suryakanti and said

King: I still cannot believe that Sukhiya could draw such a masterpiece.

Suryakanti smiled and said

Suryakanti: Dear King Sukhiya did not paint anything, he does not know how to paint.

King: Then who painted the wall. So Sukhiya fooled me and you helped him to do that.

Suryakanti: Dear king, do you think that we could have dared to do such 

King: Then how could that painting appear on the wall?

Suryakanti took the king to the wall and ordered a guard to set the partition as before. As the partition was set,the painting disappeared. The king looked at the wall with great surprise

Suryakanti: King, I asked Sukhiya to do what he does best. Sukhiya cleaned some portion of the wall, sweeped some portion and swabbed some portion. He did that everyday with lots of dedication and discipline in the best way he could. Since he had done this work in his past years regularly, he could produce an immaculate wall. The wall turned to a mirror that reflected all the objects that it faced. While building the wall, I only catered to built it in such an angle that can capture many objects, hence the collage was formed. 

King: Awesome...I really appreciate your intelligence Suryakanti...You could gift Sukhiya an extraordinary destiny. Sukhiya is now a renounced individual.  Sukhiya’s trust in you and your belief in his dedication; canopied to the magic affair. I name the wall " Leap of Faith" People will always remember that faith can make impossible happen.

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