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Francesca Villardi Treadmill Treats


Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

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Count your blessings not your bitterness

Life should be an incredible journey, it is way too short and it should be enjoyed to the fullest. I've learned this the hard way, wasting too many years being unhappy and losing too many people I loved too soon.

You should not be sucking on the bitterness of life and then passing it on to others to taste.

Bitterness makes you miss the good things in life, it makes you concentrate on the bad in your life and makes the good seem smaller and less gratifying. 

I often remember one of my favorite bible verses: Romans 8.28  

"All things will work together for our good and according to his purpose"

Yes, we will have bad times.

Yes, there will be hard times, you just have to have faith and it will all work out.

Your purpose will fill your life and your heart with overwhelming joy.

Maybe right now as you are going through the storm, you think, it's dark and scary. You are hurt, it feels like it will never end, but this is when you must keep your faith, you must believe that the bitterness will turn into the sweet fruit God has in store for you. 

I look at every hardship in my life as a lesson. I never ask why is this happening to me? I say, okay, this is happening for me and what is the lesson I need to learn?

See the bad things that happened in your life, happened for a reason, for lessons, to make you stronger, and to make your faith grow stronger. It happens to let you know that you are a survivor, and to pass on his wisdom to you so that you can be a testimony for God's greatness.

There are great parts of your life, so why do you keep sucking on the bitterness of your life?

Yes, I get it, your marriage didn't work, your business failed, your friend hurt you, you had so many hardships in life. Jump in line behind me and millions of others. 

I have seen this throughout my life, my grandmother was this way and my ex-mother-in-law is still bitter and angry that her ex left her 40 plus years ago and I still have to hear about it every time I visit her! Seriously you need to let it go already.

Yes, I get it, sometimes life sucks but you still get to choose. You can choose to be bitter or you can choose to be grateful. You chose to only see the bad or you can see the good. You can throw in the towel or you can get up and fight once again. The choice is yours, you get to choose. Growing up and seeing my grandmother like this, I chose a long time ago to never be like her and I am not because I chose not to be.

Do you not see that you already have other amazing blessings? Great friends, a good job, your health, so many wonderful blessings in your life. Yet you still hold on to and relive your past bitterness over and over in your head, totally blocking out all the good you have.

You take your garbage and dump it on others every day, you complain, you moan, you cry. Why me? Every day you are a toxic waste dump and then you wonder why you have no friends, no man? 

And again I will say it for those in the back, it's a choice! You choose, choose to be happy, choose to be grateful, choose to leave your past in the past, choose to believe it will be turned around.

I am not an expert on bible verses by any means but some just speak to me, they just say it all on this subject. 

"Your journey in life is not a difficult one unless you make it that way"

"Don't lose heart and get weary, for in due time we shall reap what we have sowed"

"We are pressed on every side by trouble but we are never forsaking"

"God is working it all out in your favor"

Look we have all had problems, we've all made stupid mistakes, Hello?? Have you read my blog? I am the Queen of stupid mistakes!

But it's your mess, so own it and then give it to God and let it go.

Don't get embarrassed, instead tell others your story, take your failures and turn them into good by helping others. Let them know that your hardships and troubles don't last, if you give them to God, show them what happened in your life.

Tell them that yes, there might be a horrible storm out there right now, and yes, you know that they are barely holding on. Give them encouragement, tell them your story. Show them what faith looks like and tell them about the rainbow they will see when the storm is over. Take your troubles and be a lighthouse for them to help them get to a safe port. It is then when you will know that all you went through was not for nothing, it will be then, you will know your true purpose. 

So today my friends remember to blend those lemons with the sweet fruit God has given to you and taste how good faith is!

"Be the change you want to see"


"And just when the caterpillar thought his life over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly" 


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