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Navitha Reddy

Drama Inspirational


Navitha Reddy

Drama Inspirational



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Deepthi was standing on her balcony sipping hot coffee. She was recalling all those words that her family told her. They argued in the morning and everyone was irritated by Deepthi's action.

Prashant (Deepthi's Husband): "Deepthi, These days you overact for everything. Just stop it yaar!!! I am sick and tired of daily drama these days".

Pranav (Her Son): "Mom, please !!! Why don't you behave like a normal mom? Stop !! behaving like a narrow-minded old lady".

Damayanthi (Her mother in law): Deepthi, Even after so many years, You don't understand your husband. You are a hopeless person, I feel you should learn from others how to understand your husband. 


Deepthi was lost in her thoughts, She received a call from her relative Sudha. Sudha invited Deepthi for the Baby shower function of her daughter. 


Deepthi asked her son Pranav to join her for the Baby shower function. Pranav was not interested, But Deepthi insisted. Deepthi along with her mother-in-law and Pranav went to Sudha's home. Her mother-in-law went in and started gossiping with other old ladies. Pranav stopped his mom, "Mom, Please all women will laugh at me. This is a women-related function and why are you forcing me to attend this".

Deepthi smiled, "I want you to know something important. Just have patience. Come in, Don't worry no one will laugh at you".

Pranav rolled his eyes and followed his mom. Deepthi walked inside where the ceremony was happening. Sudha welcomed them, She held Deepthi's hand and took her to bless her daughter. 

Deepthi handed over a gift to Sudha's daughter and blessed her. Deepthi stood on the podium, "Attention Everyone!!! I want to share something important with you all. I want you all to listen to it".

Her Mother in law made a face and murmured, "Shuru hogayi, Drama queen".

Deepthi smiled, "Thank you, everyone. Anisha, congratulations!!! I am very happy for you. You are going to be a mother and soon busy with parenting. My wish for you is to be a good mother for your child. Enjoy all the love and care that you are receiving now. This is the best phase of a women's life. Later you will be busy, you may crave time for yourself.

Everyone laughed.

Deepthi cleared her throat, "Ladies, Now let me talk about something that bothers us, these days our kids are creating awareness about menstrual and pregnancy issues to our young men and I am very proud of it. Many young boys are aware of what is periods and why girls get it. They lend a helping hand to their sisters, friends and even mother's during periods because they know what's happening inside a women's body at that time. The next thing is Pregnancy, They start googling about it the moment they get good news. They care for their wives, sisters, and friends. They try to find out what all stages a woman has to cross to deliver a healthy baby. I really appreciate them for their initiative and support to females.

But one thing I don't understand, Why does nobody talks about Menopause?? Why does no one googles about it and talk about it to their moms?? Why no awareness is created about it?? ". Deepthi had tears in her eyes.

Everyone paid close attention now. Pranav saw his mom getting emotional. 

Deepthi continued, " No one is bothered about a woman who crosses 45. No one wants to know what's happening to her. Whether she is tired? She has a hormonal issue, Is she depressed? No one wants to know. No one even renders their ear to listen to her. They think you are overacting, Drama baazi, attention-seeking attitude. They judge you and name you without understanding what you are going through. Forget men, Women in the family to behave as if they are not aware of it". She sniffed and tried hard to control her tears.

I am going through a tough phase in my life, I am experiencing severe mood swings and heavy bleeding issues. My periods are irregular, Sometimes heavy bleeding drains out all my energy. I am depressed and tired. Yet people expect me to behave normally. They want their breakfast on time, They want their house and rooms to be clean and tidy. They want their laundry to be clean and pressed. They want everything to be perfect but they don't realize that their wife and mom's health is not perfect.

Few might say you should discuss this with your husband. I tried doing it and he tagged me as a complaint box. My son thinks I am overacting mom. My mother-in-law thinks I am a drama queen. Why are we taken for granted? Why they don't understand us? Because thanks to our loving Indian moms who never discuss anything with their sons. They hide their pain and expect us to do the same. Instead of advising their sons, they blame us. They think we are unpaid servants and ex[ect us to work daylight to dawn, Their sons are not allowed to even put the plate in the sink. Why? Because it's a women's job. Shame on you people who taught this to their sons. This is not your love or care, This is making them lazy. This bloody attitude of yours would affect us. When we are not well, Your sons don't even know to make tea or coffee for themselves. So what they do, WHen we complain about health, they just brush it off saying it's normal, all ladies have this issue. What great deal?? 

I don't want to do that mistake, so I asked my son to attend this function. So that even he can understand what's happening in my life. How do I feel? What he should do if he really loves his mom.

Equality starts at home. There is nothing like men's jobs or women's jobs. It's our home and our job. So teach your kids to tidy up their room, Help you in cooking, Allow them to do their laundry. If they have kids, let them look after the newborn, change diapers, and feed the baby. That's how a responsible father is born. Not by just donating few drops of sperms.

Hope many of you agree with me?" She stopped and looked around.

There was a loud applaud and Pranav went and hugged his mom.

Deepthi's mother-in-law bent her head in shame.

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