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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Navitha Reddy

Drama Tragedy


Navitha Reddy

Drama Tragedy

Love You Forever!!!

Love You Forever!!!

6 mins 221 6 mins 221

Shravya was driving from work to home, She was 7 months pregnant. Her mobile rang and she picked the call.

"Hello, Ya I am on my way mom, Don't worry will be there in 20minutes. I am absolutely fine". She disconnected the call and was about to take a left turn. A rashly driven truck hit her car and the car went up in the air and bashed a nearby electric pole.

Shravya's face was covered in blood, She could not move. The last thing that she remembered was a Rishi trying to open the jammed door from outside. He pulled her out and held her in his arms.

Shravya slowly opened her eyes and was inside an ICU unit. She rubbed her belly and wished that baby was safe. She looked around and found Rishi staring at her.

"Rishi...... ".

Rishi smiled and held her hand, " Thank god you both are safe. I kept my promise, I had promised you that I will take care of you, Even if we apart. Anyways leave all that, I have to go now. Take care!!". He kissed her forehead and left the room.

Shravya was alone in the room, she could hear machines beeping and there was a pin drop silence. She closed her eyes and went back to her past.

Shravya and Rishi were seated on a hill, Shravya's eyes were swollen it indicated that she cried the whole night the previous day.

Rishi looked away from her, He was controlling his emotions.

Shravya spoke in a low voice, "Rishi, I think it's over. I tried a lot t convince my mom but she refuses to accept our relationship. She is more concerned about caste and social status. She is not happy with your salary, She feels that you trapped me to become rich. I tried my best to explain her, But she is not willing to change her mind. I cannot go against her will, She had sacrificed her life after my dad's death. I cannot break her heart. I am sorry.... Forgive me Rishi... I know it hurts a lot, But I am helpless". She cried again.

Rishi tried to control his tears, "Shravya, I loved you and will love you forever. Let me tell you one thing, No one in this world love you, like the way I do. I will never blame you for this. It's my fate that has to be blamed. I will miss you a lot Shravya. I promise you, No matter where you are, I will always take care of you".

Shravya wiped her tears, "Why do you do that for me??".

Rishi hugged her, "Because I love you!!!, Love is not about intimacy, getting physical, and kissing. My love is pure and I always wish to see you happy in life. Promise me Shravya, You will be happy in life for my sake. Whenever a smile flashes on your lips, it's a gift to me. Stay happy with whomever you marry. Don't forget to invite me to the wedding.

Shravya hugged him and cried again, "I will miss you Rishi... I don't know why God is so cruel to me. Just leave me alone and go away Rishi. If I look at your face again, I feel like killing myself. Just leave me alone.".

Rishi bent down and kissed her forehead and last time held her pretty face in his palms and filled her image in his heart. With teary eyes, He left the place without turning back.

Shravya married Pranav and they lived happily. Shravya slowly forgot about Rishi and was lost in her world.

She wondered, How did Rishi get to know that she was in danger?? I did not even thank him properly. I should try to reach him after getting out of this hospital. Is he married?? Maybe he married someone better than me.

The door opened and a nurse walked in with a tray of medicines.

"Hello Mam, How are you feeling now??"

Shravya smiled, "Feeling better, Sister. Can you call the person who just left this room. I forgot to thank him".

The nurse gave a suspicious look, "Mam, No one is allowed inside an ICU room without permission".

Shravya, "Arrey, Just 10 mins back he left. I spoke to him. He is my friend. please call him".

Pranav walked in with Shravya's Mom, They were concerned for her.

After few days Shravya was discharged from the hospital, She was fine now and wished to meet Rishi once to thank him. She somehow collected his address and went to meet him. She picked up fruits and sweets on the way. With a lot of excitement, she rang the doorbell. A lady opened the door.

"Hello, I am Shravya. I am Rishi's friend".

The Lady welcomed her, "Oh...I am Deepa, Rishi's wife. Please come in. He always spoke about you. I had sent you mail a few years back but I did not get any response from you".

Shravya sat down on a sofa, "Oh I am so sorry, I might have missed your mail".

Deepa, "It's Ok, I can understand".

Shravya, "Where is Rishi?? I came to thank him".

Deepa's face became pale, She pointed towards the big picture of Rishi with a Garland "We lost him to cancer 2 years back, he wished to see you for the last time, So I sent you a mail. I could not fulfill his wish". Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Shravya was dead shocked, "How is it possible??? I met him 15 days back in ICU. He was the one who saved me from a fatal accident". She remembered what the nurse said, "Mam, No one is allowed to enter ICU without permission".

Deepa wiped her tears, "Impossible Shravya, You must have mistaken someone for Rishi".


She could not stay there and walked out, She was about to fall on the stairs that's when she felt a hand holding her tummy and saving it from colliding with the wall and someone whispered. "I will always protect you Because I love you!!!! "

Shravya could not hold back her tears.

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