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Navitha Reddy

Inspirational Children


Navitha Reddy

Inspirational Children

The Broken crayons

The Broken crayons

4 mins 191 4 mins 191

Sasha flung the crayon box to the ground. "Sasha, why are you throwing those crayons?" enraged Sasha's mother Pavani.

Sasha, a 7-year-old girl, yelled angrily, "I'm in need of a new set of crayons since the ones I have are broken and don't color properly. I was unable to stand first in a school competition "..

"Sasha, that's just a competition, and there are kids who can draw better than you," Pavani said calmly.

"I told you the crayons aren't good," Sasha screamed as she raced into her room and slammed the door shut. Just get a new set for me.

Devi stood there, observing the mother-daughter spat. Devi's 4-year-old daughter Gayathri was hiding behind her.

Devi was asked by Pavani to sweep the floor and toss the crayons into the trash. 

Pavani turned to face Gayathri and said, "Devi, Is this your daughter? Will she wait for you quietly?"

Devi was a bit hesitant, "Akka, My mother-in-law is not well and I have no one to look after her. She will sit with me, She is very quiet and won't disturb anyone. Please Akka".

Pavani agreed to her request and went to the kitchen.

Devi finished all her chores and was about to leave, "Akka, I finished all the chores and I am going home. Please lock the door".

Shashank, Pavani's husband, was seeking for his purse. He had forgotten where he had put it. "Pavani, Have you seen my bag? "..

"It must be on the laptop table," Pavani said, rolling her eyes.

"I searched everywhere," he said as he walked out of the room.

Gayathri clutched to Devi because she was terrified. Gayathri was concealing something.

"Devi, what is it your daughter is hiding behind her?" Pavani became suspicious.

Gayathri was considerably more agitated at this point. Devi requested that she exhibit, but Gayathri declined. Her eyes welled up with tears.

Pavani yanked her hand out, revealing a scrawled piece of paper and a few broken crayons.

Shashank stepped in to help "Pavani, what have you done? How could you possibly doubt such a young child?" He knelt and brushed her tears away.

He snatched the paper from her and opened it. With the shattered crayons, she had created a lovely rainbow, clouds, and stars. The drawing was really well-done and appeared to be a masterpiece.

Devi folded her hands, "Akka, I don't know anything about the purse. I haven't seen it, Akka. Please don't blame me and my kid".

"Sorry Devi, I lost my senses for a second," Pavani apologized.

Sasha came out of her room, clutching the purse.

"Appa, you forgot your purse in my room".

"Gayathri," Shashank said, returning his gaze to the artwork. "Did you make this?" he asked.

Gayathri brushed her tears away and nodded affirmatively.

"Do you go to any art classes?" Shashank inquired again. "What school do you go to?"

Gayathri fixed her gaze on her mother. "Anna, she's dumb" Devi answered. She is unable to communicate. I'm afraid I won't be able to afford to send her to school. Drawing is something she enjoys doing. At my house, she always sketches with charcoal. I can't afford to send her to drawing classes. She always draws using charcoal at my home. Today when Sasha baby threw crayons, she picked them and wrote this. I thought she will be quiet till I finish my chores, So I gave her a paper from the dustbin of your room".

"Gayathri, if I send you to drawing school, will you go?" Shashank asked as he hugged her.

Gayathri's eyes glowed brightly. Yes, she said with a nod.

"If you learn with the same passion, one day you will leave your mark in history," Shashank said with a smile. I am confident in your abilities."

Gayathri gave a kind smile. Devi was ecstatic as well.

Pavani walked into the kitchen and got Gayathri some chocolates. She expressed regret for her obnoxious behavior.

He fixed his gaze on Sasha "You didn't see the value of broken crayons, Sasha. She did the same and came up with a fantastic drawing. Never undervalue the resources you have at your disposal. Learn to appreciate what God has given you".

Gayathri was given a fresh lease of life by broken crayons.

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