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Zacharia went back to his seat with a contended smile on his face. I was afraid of read more

6     657    37    29

The Legato
© Aditi Mishra

Children Drama

He observed the people around him- an ancient habit, and also quite necessary in his read more

28     2.8K    220    37

“A dream! Was it really just a dream? It could be” she thought “but how could it be? read more

11     18.7K    311    53

The Doors Of Doom
© Kanav Bhasin

Action Children +1

Suddenly Tom stumbled and fell. Then something happened and Tom went to read more

9     5.7K    82    118

The Magician Butterfly
© Aditya Pundir

Children Inspirational +1

A story about the important role of bees and butterflies in the read more

5     17.2K    279    54

Adventures of a team who help a king find out who stole his golden apples from the read more

12     2.5K    160    65

Reload 2.0
© Riti Aggarwal

Children Fantasy

My life’s been brilliant up till now. I’ve had a good upbringing, my parents read more

6     4.7K    348    85

a nice story depicting the struggles of a middle class read more

3     11.4K    556    86

Seeing the Three Bears standing over her, Goldilocks imagined herself to be in great read more

1     24.6K    69    116

When he was going out of the store room he found a Golden book with hard-cover . He read more

7     3.0K    107    128

God's Own Child
© Vikram Singh

Children Inspirational

a touching tale narrated by a special child fighting autism but not losing read more

6     21.1K    319    148

A fast-paced story of a little boy trapped in the kingdom of walrus and how he read more

4     18.6K    206    399

A story of witches and wizards in a wizardry school a la Harry Potter and read more

68     2.7K    165    154

The Missing Woman
© Jyoti Rai

Abstract Children +1

Marriage had come with its fair share of responsibilities and restrictions. She had read more

3     1.8K    95    67

He climbed up and up, till after a time the cottage looked a mere speck read more

1     24.9K    103    168

A Blessing In Disguise
© Rijul JAIN

Children Inspirational

This real me was a happy soul and felt beautiful inside just like the beautiful read more

4     18.7K    161    211

The shopkeeper gave the copy of the bill and after Brian got the bill, said thank read more

16     1.8K    106    255

It is said that the fish still shreds it’s skin to help others when it sees an read more

4     3.3K    82    256

© Tejas Balaji

Children Drama +1

Your memories of Gaia were erased when you were on the spaceship headed for read more

6     1.6K    80    257

Village Bound.. Halliya Kadege
© Prasanna M S

Children Children Stories +1

Spoorthi laid down and looked up to the stars in the sky. She wondered what Krishna read more

6     343    20    283

A giant building… The white walls and the blue boundaries form its read more

4     26.2K    269    305

With the help of Russian army, Indian army successfully trapped majority of the read more

6     1.6K    80    674

The giantess was standing at the door, just as before, and was happy to see that read more

3     24.8K    99    342

Winter's Gifts
© Nidhi Singh

Children Fantasy

The two children and the dog set off, wading through the bush till they reached a read more

56     17.1K    143    350

A story of how a team of players win a game to save Planet Earth from read more

13     13.3K    108    353

Now chaos reigned. Lorenzo’s bodyguard quickly formed up round him, swords read more

104     856    25    819

No, nobody would see her. Nobody would care, either. It was read more

6     890    42    359

Manav rubbed his eyes; it was his own room, with the costume of Brinjal hanged on read more

13     3.9K    154    401

© Roli Mohanka

Children Others

I had secretly stashed a few movies in my pen drive. I set it up using my laptop. It read more

5     3.6K    160    435

This is the Second story of my series- " Tinnock & Tindok's read more

7     1.8K    82    452