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Jackulinadip Dixita

Drama Inspirational


Jackulinadip Dixita

Drama Inspirational

The Unsuitable Girl (Part 1)

The Unsuitable Girl (Part 1)

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 There was an unsuitable girl name Shreya.. Shreya the 30 years old girl always seem sad and gloomy.  

"Ohh !! life sucks" says Shreya, stretching herself in her comfy velvet bed... it's not what my life should be.. says Shreya again..

"Come on Shreya .. don't curse yourself for everything.. find yourself your perfect life" says Mrs Sharma(Shreya's mother). "You are my only child and with God's grace I have provided you everything you want. why are you always complaining that's not a good thing . Go and find yourself a goal ".. says Mrs Sharma angrily (slamming the door)

(Shreya lost in thoughts.. recalls of her college days)

Rohit !!!Rohit!!!! Rohit!!! cheers the girls and the audience present in the football match... 

(Rohit a chocolate boy whom each and every girl of St Anthony's adore)

"Rohit!! "____calls Shreya..."Dude see I told you earlier that you will be the winner.. now give me my gift for predicting your future"- says Shreya. 


(Rohit just smiles.)

"Abe sunn na ek baat pucho" - Shreya

 "Haa bol na"- Rohit

 "It's been 10 years we know each other.. but tune apna dil ka haal mujhe kabhi nehi bataya". - Shreya

"Dil ka haal?" - Rohit


"abe kamina College ki Sari ladkiya marti heh tujhpe ab tu bol tu kispe marta hai" - Shreya

 "Pyaar aur mein kabhi nehi" - Rohit


"Chal juthe" - Shreya.. 

"Acha bata dunga . tu meri best friend hai sabse pehle tujhe hi bataunga.. bass kuchi dino mein" - Rohit

(main janti hu tu mujhe hi pasand karta hai) Shreya thinking deep within her heart

"Kamina hai tu !!!! chal class mein chalte hai.. aaj Purvi ma'am ka class hai".. - Shreya

"abe mein nehi janawala woh bohot pakati hai reh"- Rohit

"abhi chalo jaldi"( Shreya pulls Rohit for their class)

#Arrival of the special day#

14 February, 2010..

(Phone rings) 

"Kaha hai tu" - Rohit

" kaha jaungi ghar mein hi hu"- Shreya

" tujhe bola tha na .. sahi din ana pe tujhe mein uss ladki se milwaunga .jise mein pasand karta hu" - Rohit 

"Haa"- Shreya

" Toh aaj sham 5 baja ana jarur .. New cafe mein jaha hum haar saal jata hai"- Rohit ... ( call ended)

(screaming with excitement) "omg omg omg!!!! ... woh mujhe finally propose karne wala hai......

Mummy woh aaj mujhe propose karaga (dancing with Mrs shrama excitedly)

"Ruk jao pagal ladki.. kiya bol rehi ho" - Mrs Sharma 

" Ara mein saach bol rehi hu.. jishe mein pasad karti hu woh aaj mujhe apna dil ki.baat batayega.. M so excited" - Shreya..

" Acha Rohit .. bohot acha ladka hai. mein bohut khus hu tum dono ke liye"- Mrs Sharma..

 #5pm# (Outside New cafe)


Shreya dressed up in red short dress with her branded Lamborghini reach the destination..

"Rohit kaha ho " - Shreya (Phone)

"Tumhara pishe" - Rohit

" chalo milwata hai tumhe someone special se" - Rohit 

#Inside New cafe#

(Ab kisi bhi samai Rohit mujhe propose karaga) - Shreya deep within her heart..

Rohit ________ ( Standing on the stage)

"Ladies and gentlemen .. Today is a very special day for all the lovers. So happy valentine's day to all (raising a toast of champagne) So today i want you all including my best friend to meet the someone special of my life.. for whom my heart beats.. So ladies and gentlemen ... meet the love of my life Miss Samira Desai from St.Xaviers college.." - Rohit


Shreya stood astounded....

"What Samira!!!" (talking to herself)

Rohit walking with Samira towards Shreya...

" Hey!! aren't you glad to meet my love.. see I have kept my promise.. I have introduced the love of my life to my bests friend.. " - Rohit

Shreya wasn't able to control herself and ended up crying and confessing her feelings for Rohit....

"mujhe laga tum mujhe propose karne wala ho, tum mujhe chhate ho" - Shreya..

 " kiyaaa!!! R you out of your mind.. pyar woh bhi tujhe.. U r just an unsuitable girl.. just look at yourself.. you are a tom boy.. u dont know how to dress up like a girl nor you are beautiful , u just lack all the qualities for being a girl.. how can you just match yourself with me" - Rohit

Shreya being embarrassed leaves the spot..

 Two days later ,

 unable to forget everything up decides and leaves her home town forever....

# Present#

Shreya Shreya!!!!! calls Mrs Sharma

 (Back from her thoughts) " what's wrong mom" - Shreya..

" Go and grab some groceries"- Mrs Sharma

Shreya leaves for the market....

 Shreya notices in the streets , small kids are left to begg alms.. And something strikes her mind..

# Back home#

"Mom I have found  myself something and someone"... - Shreya.

" Is that soo? .. I too want to meet that someone"- Mrs Sharma..


" okay wait i will just call that special someone" - Shreya..

" Suno andar aa jao .. mom milna chhati hai" - Shreya..

The door open.. and something was behind the curtain...

" Lo ah gaiii ab aap dakiya curtain ke peecha"- Shreya..

Mrs Sharma was shocked to see the sight.. 

" Tum log humara ghar!!!!" - Mrs sharma 

" Haanji mom .. apna bola tha na . to find myself a goal.. I have found out" - Shreya..

" They need me.. they are not born to begg, they are born to make a good future .. it's their time to play, eat and stay healthy" - Shreya.


" From today infact now I will take care of all the young poor and orphaned kids... I have found my happiness .. i have found my love... Love isn't only about a girl and boy and the happily ever after.. Love is something more unique.. and today I have found my love.. " - Shreya..

" M proud of you my girl . M soo glad my child...i will always be with you in your each and every step".- Mrs Sharma..

#8 years later#

"Ara didi aap hamara liye Vagwan jese ho..agar aap nehi hoti toh mein aaj doctor nehi baan pata. apna hum jese garibo k liye bohot kuch kiya.. Thank you didi"- Orphan boy

(Shreya smiles)


       ( To be continued)

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