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The Flower Of Immortality

The Flower Of Immortality

9 mins

Abraham was a heavily built man of 27 years, having broad shoulders, heavy muscles, small black eyes and a handsome face. He was an archaeologist and a historian by profession, he was a daring man ready to take up challenges and do the impossible.

Once during his studies he found a book named “The flower of immortality”, and he was curious to open it, he took the book to his home and opened it and found a map inside it of an island located exactly in the middle of the sea, then he began to read the story---

The story was about a dynasty which was established thousands of years ago in an island on the middle of the sea. The king of the dynasty was a strong person with a good heart, his treasury was full of precious stones and gold but all this was of no value to him , the most precious thing he was blessed with was his daughter, he loved him so much that he would sacrifice his own life willingly for her.

Once when his daughter was playing with her friends she suddenly fainted, the king was very worried about her and so he called the most senior doctor of his island, after examining her, the doctor concluded that she was suffering from a disease which was incurable and the girl had only few days to live.

The king was depressed and was ready to do anything to save her daughter, the doctor told him that there was one way to save her, the only way was to bring the flower of immortality and give it to the girl.

It was believed that the god of life ‘Hebe’ possessed a flower which had the power to make any being immortal and the god once mistakenly dropped the flower on this island at 3am and so the flower blossoms every morning at 3am and whosoever possessed this flower would gain the power to remain immortal.

On listening this, the king ordered his people to get him this flower and he kept a prize to give the person his entire wealth and declare him the next king if he brings him this flower. All people became greedy and went to find this flower but nobody could.

The girl died, the king became very angry and he bestowed a curse upon that flower of immortality-

“There are many things in the earth and heavens but you can only have what I choose to give you, if not me than nobody but only a person worthy enough shall possess the flower. To prove his worthiness the person shall overcome three tests which shall be revealed as someone enters the island. Once if a person accepts the challenge he cannot return alive from this island without possessing the flower”.

After the cursed was bestowed, the king ordered his army man to kill everyone on the island and thereafter kill themselves and at last the king also killed himself.

Abraham after reading the story was really eager and curious to discover more about the flower. After months of hard work he found some information about the island that it was situated in the heart of the Arabian Sea and was abandoned from years and nobody ever dared to do a voyage to that island. The locals of the nearby island were very terrified of this island due to mystifying glowing orbs sighted around the island at night. They believed that if someone spends a night on that island he would not return back alive.

Abraham thought that he should do a voyage to this island to find out the truth behind the island and the flower sighted there, and he would readily risk his life to gain “The flower of immortality” if it really exists.

After few days-

Abraham was ready for his journey all packed with arms and food and taken all precautions he could, Abraham set out for sail, he was eager and curious to solve the mystery and possess the flower.

During the voyage Abraham faced many difficulties, the heavy rain, the tempestuous breeze; the sharks in the sea petrified him in the darkness of the bottomless sea water, with no one to help around him all he saw was water.

After 19 days of continuous travelling, one morning Abraham suddenly saw an island shaped like a giant sombrero, the water surrounding the island was so clear that you can almost see the expressions of the fish from above the surface, tiny islets dotted the island. The island was surrounded by palm trees all around as if they were protecting the island from foreign bodies.

Abraham was very tired after this journey but he never lost his enthusiasm. Finally Abraham reached the island. As soon as he entered the island he fainted, after some time he woke up “I am alive” he whispered to himself, all his arms he had brought had vanished and he was empty handed now. All of a sudden a dark shadow glanced upon him and then it disappeared. Abraham found a wooden box in front of him; he had already made up his mind to face these kinds of mystical activities, so he went ahead and opened the box, inside, he found a scroll, he opened it to read, in fiery red it was written “to possess the flower you must be brave enough, intelligent enough and honest enough, only a worthy person having all these qualities shall possess the flower and gain its power. If you are courageous enough to pass the three test which shall be soon revealed, accept them or safely return to your native land, if you dare to accept them either you die[if you fail them] or became immortal [if you pass them].”

The advice of this “unknown” was not enough to send Abraham to his home. He had travelled seven seas one by one till he reached this island, well aware of the fact that it could be his last journey. Now he had no reason to return back and so he remained stubborn on his decision.

He cried out loud with his head facing the sky “I accept whatever are the tests, I would try my best to gain the flower and I shall have it”.

In a moment or two the dark shadow again glanced upon him and then it disappeared, Abraham found a lead box in front of him, he went ahead to open it and found a scroll and a sword in it “Tie up your laces and get ready for the first test, prove the king that brave enough you are to possess the flower”

The challenge was to bring a necklace from the neck of a fierce dragon that lived in the nearby cave on the mountain cliff

Abraham to himself “either I would get the necklace or get killed by the dragon” Abraham went towards the cave on the mountain cliff, when he came in sight of the dragon cave he hid behind a rock. Out of the blue the dragon came with flames coming out from his nose and mouth, Abraham was nearby and drew his sword and swung it with all his might upon the dragon. He gave a fierce cry of pain and fell dead. Abraham went near him and brought out the necklace-his first challenge was completed

The dark shadow again glanced upon him and disappeared, he found a silver box in front of him, he went ahead to open it and found a map, rope and a torch inside it. The map was full of codes riddles and symbols. This was Abraham’s next test to solve the map and reach a cave on a mountain and cross the cave to reach the flower.

It was already 8 in the evening and Abraham only had few hours left with him, without wasting any time Abraham followed the map and started his search, he was an archaeologist, so he could easily understand those symbols. He quickly hacked down all the clues and riddles and reached the cave on the tallest mountain of that island.

Abraham pushed open the door of the cave and entered inside, the cave was beautiful with crystal lined walls glittering deep beneath the earth’s surface. Abraham used a rope to lower himself into the 40 feet deep pit before crawling through a series of narrow passages. He spent three hours crawling through the labyrinth of passages. It was really challenging for him, he was grinding the sand and dust with his teeth. Finally after facing plenty of difficulties he got out of the cave, he was absolutely exhausted, but in a moment all his tiredness vanished he saw a beautiful crown shaped stone with a hole in it and beautiful transparent water crammed with lotuses surrounded it. The sight looked as if the lotuses are eagerly waiting for the flower of immortality to blossom so that they can have a glimpse of it. When Abraham looked at the map he found that this was exactly the place where the flower would blossom at 3am.

It was 2 in the morning, so Abraham decided to rest and wait for the clock to struck 3. At exactly 3am the flower blossomed. The sudden blossoming of the flower just looked like a time-lapse. A cool breeze blew and all the lotuses present there bent forward with the breeze as if they were offering respect to the flower.

Abraham went forward and plucked out the flower from the stone. The flower was beautiful but there was nothing so special about it, it just looked as any beautiful creation of god, all of a sudden a soft angelic voice came from nowhere- “whosoever holds the flower if he be worthy, shall possess the power of immortality”

The dark shadow glanced upon him and disappeared, Abraham found a gold box in front of him, on opening it he found a scroll inside it- “prove your worth to the king, complete this test and become worthy of possessing the power of immortality”, “throw the flower into the water present in front of you”.

Abraham looked confused, he was not willing to throw the flower into the wet but he had no other choice, Abraham tossed the flower into the water. Unexpectedly, a beautiful, fair angel like lady came out of the water with a flower in her hand, the flower shining brighter than the sun, more beautiful than the moon, with extraordinary, blistering red petal. The angel in a gentle voice asked Abraham “is this the flower you just threw in the pool” Abraham became gluttonous and answered “yes- yes, this is the flower I just threw”, with these words of Abraham all his hard work went into vain. The angle answered “you are not honest enough to be worthy of possessing the flower and its power”. The angle all along with the flower went into the water. – [Abraham failed the honesty test]

The dark shadow glanced upon Abraham but this time it didn’t disappeared, the shadow came closer, it was none other than the spirit of the king, the king spoke to Abraham “you tried very well and were quiet closer to achieve this godly power, you were brave enough, intelligent enough but not honest enough to possess this power”, “hence, according to the curse you shall not leave this island alive without the flower” – slowly Abrahams eyes closed, he fell on the ground and his sole rose high above the earth.

Our life is like this island we have come here for a purpose [to gain the flower] we should be brave and intelligent but the most important thing is to be honest thinking that god is seeing us and always pray to him. And aim at gaining the ticket [the flower of immortality] to heavens through our good deeds and remain immortal in the heaven with peace forever.

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