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Spectrum Of Joy

Spectrum Of Joy

6 mins

The blue hued sky adorned in clouds of silver transformed into thick black ones ready to dispel its burst of heaviness into the parched earth.

Having finished the purchase of 2 whole bulgy bags of fabric merchandise, I resigned to one of the seats in the expanse of portico. It was raining discounts at the textile stores as well.

Another lady in her thirties something occupied a seat beside me with her 4-year-old son. she requested me for a shared ride to her location, as by co-incidence her place was en route to my destination. She also said that her son has to be taken to the hospital for vaccination as it was the due date today. A further delay may likely weaken his immune system.

That said, I was checking for cabs on my phone. While enjoying the sight of downpour outside. It penetrated the shopping complex with an exciting chill, for a huge crowd inside that had gathered in anticipation of halting rains. When life offers you a smartphone with great megapixels of camera, go ahead and click selfies or groupies. And what with the spell of rain, your enthusiasm to click swells.

There was this smart guy with spiked hair, clean-shaven face and sporting a light maroon t-shirt clicking selfies and groupies in full throttle. He entertained the diaspora that had assembled in the portico with his gyrating steps and extended his helping hand to the deserving. He'd arranged refreshments for those with appetite pangs at his own expense.

He went out of his way to help a couple with their missed bag on the 7th floor. He'd ascended the steps all the way to fetch it. He became a crutch to a senile couple, who was taken to their vehicle and he was immensely blessed for this act.

With his avalanche of good deeds, he already won the hearts of the people around. Girls especially young were head over heals fidaa over this smart lad whose fad of selfless acts was worth a ton of admiration.

I never knew, I'd be treated to such admirable torrents on a single day by a most eligible single eveready to mingle. Having said that, he was a huge package of poise and finesse. In a couple of minutes, he gravitated towards us ( me and the lady with her kid) and offered us to drop us at our locations respectively.


'Gobsmacked' at his whirlwind of an offer!

I was reminded of a comedy movie in Tamil starring - Vivek, where he was endowed with sudden skills of intuitive wisdom and could read other's mind.

Perhaps we presumed he took a cue from the film. And could read our minds of our location- so said my soliloquy!

The young girls were red with envy when it was an incentive of good guise for us.

I wasn't even a tad bit apprehensive, for he was a personification of generosity...

Yet pretended to scour for uber on my phone..

He felt the pulse and within seconds flashed his Uber identity card.

I shuddered at this sight and was startled.

Said he - " go ahead and book", mam. The result would fetch my cab.

And it was so.

With an impulse unhindered, I along with the young lady and her son boarded the car amidst the torrential downpour.

A Honda Amaze that kinda amazed was a spacious one at that, I took to the front seat. True to its name the interiors were spic and span and the space above the dashboard amazed me no end....

For a spectacle was placed in a reverse direction and its rims were fancied with smileys and florets of various hue! The lady who took the rear seat along with her kid was equally startled at the spectacle's sight!

What about this?

The chauffer oops the owner was swift with his instinctively intuitive wisdom..

Quipped he - Mam, "Every time I stumble upon a riveting experience, I keep the spectacle reversed."

I also make an effort to share the narratives with my inmates in the car and add a smiley to the rim, once I'm done.

Pondered I - Long-distance commute, drenched earth, and a great conversationist in the offer , Me an intent listener and I love listening - Couldn't have haggled for more!

He - Mam, " Are you aware of the ongoing dal (from a premium brand) prizes offer?

Me - (Chuckling), yes indeed.

He - It is inherently human to be wooed by lucrative advertisements.

The burning desire to buy it is insanely irresistible.

Me - hmmm...:)

He - Just before my arrival at the shopping complex, I had transported two young guys to their destination.

They were an energetic duo with great enthusiasm for their respective lives. Both of them had gargantuan faith and a strong penchant for the lottery. And they had bought lottery tickets frantically (without the knowledge of others) in anticipation of garnering quick billions!

It so happened that one of them invited his friend over to dinner. And the other obliged. When he went to his friend's place, to his utter astonishment found a lottery ticket placed on the sofa unattended. His friend was busy inside, engaged on the phone.

He thought this was the right opportunity that life had offered in serendipity. With a palpitating heart, he quickly picked that and replaced it with his own lottery ticket.

His friend finished the phone talk, they decided to venture to the nearest lottery store to scratch their fortune before heading for dinner.

At the lottery counter, both of them beckoned God fervently to bestow them with their share of fortunes and went on to play that jittery suspense game of scratching their respective providential numbers.

Lo and behold! And wonder of wonders

- God had indeed acknowledged their prayers.

A monumental surprise that.

Both their numbers had struck prizes!

The friend who was on the phone had won 5 million bucks.

While the other had managed to win 50 thousand bucks.


And the conversation continued, "Having transported these two guys, I'd an inflating inspiration from their narrative" as much as you would have I guess...

With every addition of experience I gained through these lenses of my spectacle, I embellished it with a smiling smiley. This smiley in this context was indicative of providence backed up by honesty!

Having said that, we discussed the branded dal company that offered lucky prizes on their range of dals. Each variety of dal had a magical number printed on it. Those customers, who submitted that number after purchasing the dals would be eligible for the draw. And the lucky winners were to be announced by a draw of lots.

Customers were in haste of buying frenzy…!

He - Mam, "did you buy those dals"? Or you want me to halt at the nearest grocery??

Me - yes. I already bought 4 kgs :)

He - Do you want me to swap your dal packets with mine?

Me - chuckling .... !!!!!

Have a nice day.

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