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Kalyani S



Kalyani S


Some Dreams Linger And Agitate

Some Dreams Linger And Agitate

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 In our rigmarole of life, there are certain mysterious occurrences that are beyond our comprehension. A few such happenings in a day sometimes stirs our mind to a large extent and manifests as a dream.


A few years back, I’d accompanied my friend's son Rajesh, for an interview. He had come out with flying colours in his academics and was a gold medalist. But unfortunately, the job markets weren't lucrative. Rajesh had attended several interviews. Many a time he couldn't get through the group discussion part and had to be rejected.

He couldn't accept fate and often slipped into depression. He hailed from a family belonging to the lower strata. This compounded by his current situation of joblessness landed him in total frustration. Any amount of comforting words from his close circuit of friends/ relatives couldn't relieve him of his anguish. His family tried hard to infuse in him an air of positivity. It was futile.


 He vented all these to me en-route to his interview. He felt the almighty has abandoned him totally. Though I wanted to soothe him with my counseling, I was cognizant of the fact that he wasn't in a mindset to give heed to my words. I sincerely prayed god that he must be successful in this particular interview.

Our auto reached the destination, we settled his bill and proceeded to the company. There were around 23 candidates competing for 5 posts. Rajesh was called for a written test which was followed by an interview. He was informed that the results would be announced after 2 months.


We boarded another auto. On our way back Rajesh felt he could emerge successful this time. I heaved a sigh of relief in anticipation of a lucky breakthrough for him. Later we departed ways to our respective houses.

Though I refreshed and settled at home, contemplating the rest of chores for the day, my mind boggled about the thoughts of Rajesh in retrospect. My subconscious mind was constantly flipping through his episode. And I fell asleep instinctively.

I could sense Rajesh venturing to a medical shop to buy medicines for his ailing grandma.

Other than the regular ones, he also bought a strip of sleeping pills.

He returned home and spoke to all his family members in a happy tone. This was very unusual for him to do so because he never uttered a single word or smiled, during the recent period. The family blissfully acknowledged his talk and retired to their beds for the night.

Rajesh made sure, everyone was asleep and tiptoed to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. He then bolted his door, took a batch of medicines, that was when my alarm bell for the morning blared jarringly. I woke up to a tensed morning with beads of perspiration all over my neck and face. What a horrible dream I experienced!!!!


I rushed to refresh and immediately called on Rajesh to check with him. The other side of the phone answered something like, "Rajesh here, very good morning".!!!


Oh! I thanked God in abundance and drowned in exhilaration!!

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