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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Kalyani S

Comedy Inspirational Children


Kalyani S

Comedy Inspirational Children

Lockdown Reflections

Lockdown Reflections

5 mins


Couple of days ago, a vibrant young lad's conversation with his grandpa on the terrace fancied my attention.


A lockdown - breather was much needed after constantly gazing at the grandeur of the painted walls and ceiling. The mind was always unlocked.

To unwind from the daily grind, I'd finally chanced upon an ideal spot. Exotic and nature friendly, this place was a much sought after destination for the evening hours.

There's one left turn to be negotiated after ascending five steps. 

Another right turn, with few more steps which led me to the desired place.

To ensure that GPS was never a refrain and to keep its services ticking even during lockdown, I employed its navigation for travelling upstairs from downstairs. And the locator pointed upwards!

I didn't have to go through the rigours of using a vehicle or fuelling it or checking for air in the the tyres.

I had to just use my legs to get there. It's that simple.

A once uninhabited terrain, the sprawling terrace is now considered a lockdown's unparalleled destination. It has many footfalls now. A must visit spot to pick up some instant balm.

It's a cherished getaway where one could witness the skyline ornate with its orange luminosity. Flight of winged guests retiring in unison was admirable.

Parrots screeching in chorus after pecking on the ripened guavas and tailed visitors shuddering in fear, at the repeated thud - noise of loosely cascading coconuts were all a perfect sight to behold.

It was like embracing the little joys of nature, that offered a sanctuary of happiness to the mind.

My ears were plugged to Sid Sriram's popular 'Maruvarthai pesade' , .. a song that drowned me in unbridled joy.

Did it last? The peaceful evening was interrupted by a yelling noise of motor from the neighborhood. What a time to switch on , thought I?

It resembled the sound of a roaring lion, with a sudden malfunction in its throat, yet attempting to reach its Crescendo. Indicating clearly that it was in dire need of Coughsils.

It gave a sense of venturing into the thick of a forest! 

The noise anyway tarried along for more than an hour and entertained the terrace strollers with its raaga variety. For, even if it was switched off, the other apartment took cue and switched on their motor. This time not a mighty roar, yet weirdly audible with its passionate sound.

These sounds were interspersed by the yells of a vegetable hawker in the rear street. His rhythms catchy enough to be absorbed in the first instance.

His unique selling concept carried brownie points by way of explaining one new recipe per day, which was amiss in Google search.

No wonder, all the ladies young or old ( their crutches be damned) darted towards the hawker.

They jotted down the new recipe in their note pads and experimented with new dishes enthusiastically.

Unable to take in many sounds, my auditory sense signalled its resignation at this juncture and I unplugged the song. There was this freshest column of air available for inhaling, which was quite rejuvenating.

In another terrace, adjacent to ours, the inmates sat and played the long forgotten 'snake and ladder' game. (Now revived). One lady served hot snacks in plantain leaf as refreshments. It was a daily evening ritual for them. It gave the onlookers a scene of a picnic spot!

 Aakash and his grandpa were my co- strollers for that evening. This little boy, a jaunty juggler, got hyper with his playing kits. He ran and jumped all over the place. His grandpa had a hard time chasing him in exhaustion.

But that particular evening, he wasn't his usual self. He stood at one place and began conversing. 

His grandpa halted his stroll and listened to him in awe.

Their behaviour equally distracted me. His impromptu verbal genius held my rapt attention.

Mused he, "Hatred towards the infectious pathogen hasn't helped.

Therefore let's conquer it with love."

It was startling to see his little brain inundated with ideas that stretched to investigate new possibilities.

He'd devised his own way of attacking the invisible monster.

First he wanted to write a love letter to corona.

Next to be rid off the hauling impossibility.

Dear corona,

You're playing a cool host in the human chamber and swimming in the sea of wellness.

Each day we see you multiplying manifold and humans are your endearing target.

In your regime, We hardly get to distinguish between weekday and weekend, given the allergy to haste.

Every human behaves like a Ph.D. holder, when it comes to haranguing about your heartfelt invasion. Yet you've persistently impeded us from discovering a vaccine, because of your mutating acumen.

Your veritably virulent nature is verily alarming and has driven us ( the lesser mortals ) insane.

 You weak us with your wellness

Day and night, we think of you truly, deeply and madly. You've given us both good times and bad times.

That said, I would love to invite you and all your peers along with your families to a huge luncheon at a designated banquet. The venue is very close to railway station.

Since we had rejoiced your dear camaraderie for the past 4 months, l have planned a joyful outing for you!

It's kind of role reversal. Your virus clan is required to be decked in the finesse of brand new and colouful PPE exclusively designed for you.

Your esteemed presence at the 'Covid banquet hall' is solicited where, 

You could all hustle together and savour the lockdown special cakes, pizzas, pastas to your heart fill and then embark on a train journey by CORONA EXPRESS to a land of 'No Man - destination'. 

The train journey would assure a safe and comfortable sojourn.

Your destination would allow you to evaporate freely and disable your chaotic resurgence.

Awaiting your personal participation.

Yours lovingly,


Corona Express is a wholly insulated vestibular train with plush interiors and one way entry. 

The engine would either 

be maneuvered on autopilot or by elite robots.

It's a point to point journey with no halts in between.

Innovative and swanky, a train you'd marvel at.

Upon reaching the destination of 'No-Man zone', the robot would release all the viruses through a specially programmed exit,

 Where they would dissipate without agitation. In doing so, India would be hailed as the first corona free country.

Thus concluded the young boy, Aakash reaching the core of positivity!

At no point in time, could we get ourselves to dim the optimism in his voice. Such was his flow.

As bystanders we were all dumbstruck. We're aware that scientists and researchers are still in the process of finding a vaccine. But our little Aakash curated his own creative means to be coronavirus - free. It brought cheers to many fatigued minds.

It was a memorable evening on the terrace to be treasured!

Stay safe and have a nice day!

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