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The Charlie’s Angels
© Venkatesh R

Children Stories Comedy +1

Swati, Monica, and Thamarai were three friends. They were known as Charlie’s Angels read more

4     164    2    2705

A Story Of Summer
© Rashi Goel

Children Stories Comedy

Summer holidays have always been my favourite time to play and create memories with read more

2     229    5    2259

Surprisingly BATA
© Shraddha Pandey

Children Stories Comedy +1

The experience of a student who visits the Bata showroom to buy a new pair of cheap read more

2     267    24    2615

Tidiness is something that was loathed. In our house, one can easily find used read more

3     347    50    2146

Innocent Love

Children Stories Comedy +1

This Hindi funny story about Iliyas and his grandson. Everyone in our life sometimes read more

5     2    0    2101

My Experiments With Maths
© Khushi Mohunta

Children Stories Comedy +1

My parents feared, that if she flunks in 10th, that would be only because of read more

4     125    23    1157

Incidental Classes At IIT-KGP
© Pranav

Children Stories Comedy +1

he class was 'almost' silent, even with no teacher. Obviously, it was first class read more

5     20    1    5788

It was preposterous. A non-transaction fee was being imposed on her for not using read more

2     683    6    20

A story about Birbal, the Wise from Akbar's read more

1     24.3K    131    46

It was nearly midnight when I stepped on the platform of the desolate railway read more

5     8.6K    155    206

Some say unrequited love is purest but I feel that the load is too heavy to carry read more

23     458    11    284

LOL !!!
© Harikrishnan Nair

Comedy Fantasy +1

The dawn taught me that fireflies and butterflies, both are destined to shine, in read more

13     21.2K    265    332

Story of a common man, who had a Swiss Bank account, by Sh Mujtaba read more

11     17.1K    174    341

I can still hear the leather creaking. There wasn't another sound in the room. Every read more

8     289    36    357

Well, it all started with our dhobi Rajanna telling a story of how one of his uncles read more

4     480    7    504

Key Factor
© Vidya Shankar

Comedy Drama

My mother-in-law and I gave a gasp of read more

4     1.5K    66    603

It was a life and death situation. Only one would survive. Would I have the courage read more

2     268    6    708

My turn came. The billing person asked cash or read more

4     204    4    728

It was a busy day for them packing all the things and getting things organized read more

8     46    2    738

A hilarious story of exams pressure, friendship and read more

4     18.4K    102    831

The Mistaken Groom
© Usha Mani

Comedy Drama +1

For the past two years, her parents had been looking out for a 'Suitable Boy' for read more

4     283    27    902

The Vows
© Aura Bhattacharjee

Comedy Drama +1

Arnav and Atreyi got down from train at the beautiful city of Lucerne in read more

14     328    19    915

His Boss' Bag
© Vidya Shankar

Comedy Drama +1

Varun came out of the room richer because of the lesson in values he learnt that read more

8     555    13    930

Yours truly, an ardent cricket lover and an Indian supporter to boot, has been read more

4     439    8    948

When Saurabh's life is turned upside down by an acceptance letter to a prestigious read more

19     32.8K    410    1000

Lewdness in a temple? Why have you not stricken this man, O Mighty read more

5     18.4K    176    1018

Biscuits are calm headed lovers, they attract you with their solid and sweet read more

3     18.0K    153    1027

Story of a family man Charlie, who's secret is revealed in front of his read more

6     20.0K    189    1074

What else would go with grey read more

3     1.3K    45    1118

An Extraordinary Love Story

Comedy Children Stories

This story is about Jacky and Kammo and their love... Jacky is a foreign breed dog, read more

5     304    31    1145