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The Charlie’s Angels
© Venkatesh R

Children Stories Comedy +1

Swati, Monica, and Thamarai were three friends. They were known as Charlie’s Angels read more

4     136    0    2889

A Story Of Summer
© Rashi Goel

Children Stories Comedy

Summer holidays have always been my favourite time to play and create memories with read more

2     227    5    1388

Surprisingly BATA
© Shraddha Pandey

Children Stories Comedy +1

The experience of a student who visits the Bata showroom to buy a new pair of cheap read more

2     185    20    2079

Amazon best reads for August !!

It was preposterous. A non-transaction fee was being imposed on her for not using read more

2     566    6    29

A story about Birbal, the Wise from Akbar's read more

1     24.3K    129    53

It was nearly midnight when I stepped on the platform of the desolate railway read more

5     8.6K    153    172

Some say unrequited love is purest but I feel that the load is too heavy to carry read more

23     385    11    187

LOL !!!
© Harikrishnan Nair

Comedy Fantasy +1

The dawn taught me that fireflies and butterflies, both are destined to shine, in read more

13     21.1K    262    212

I can still hear the leather creaking. There wasn't another sound in the room. Every read more

8     286    36    224

Well, it all started with our dhobi Rajanna telling a story of how one of his uncles read more

4     471    7    317

Story of a common man, who had a Swiss Bank account, by Sh Mujtaba read more

11     17.1K    174    331

It was a life and death situation. Only one would survive. Would I have the courage read more

2     243    5    415

His Boss' Bag
© Vidya Shankar

Comedy Drama +1

Varun came out of the room richer because of the lesson in values he learnt that read more

8     512    11    516

Yours truly, an ardent cricket lover and an Indian supporter to boot, has been read more

4     404    7    520

When Saurabh's life is turned upside down by an acceptance letter to a prestigious read more

19     32.8K    410    551

Lewdness in a temple? Why have you not stricken this man, O Mighty read more

5     18.4K    176    572

Biscuits are calm headed lovers, they attract you with their solid and sweet read more

3     18.0K    151    579

A hilarious story of exams pressure, friendship and read more

4     18.4K    102    632

Key Factor
© Vidya Shankar

Comedy Drama

My mother-in-law and I gave a gasp of read more

4     1.5K    65    642

An Extraordinary Love Story

Comedy Children Stories

This story is about Jacky and Kammo and their love... Jacky is a foreign breed dog, read more

5     238    28    686

Story of a family man Charlie, who's secret is revealed in front of his read more

6     20.0K    189    863

Our mind is a projector and it projects whatever it is that we think. Our mind has read more

15     365    16    898

A Midnight's Disguise
© Damian Williams

Comedy Children Stories

Donovan Figg certainly was a very queer character. He never really intended to be read more

13     9    1    934

A train journey, an encounter with a tribal woman and a medical conference - an read more

9     325    1    935

Amazon best reads for August !!

If my life were a bedtime story, it would be read more

12     17.1K    101    1056

© Shobhit शोभित

Romance Drama +1

The road to being a Romeo is never easy; sometimes it is pain of rejection by the read more

2     312    7    406

What else would go with grey read more

3     1.3K    45    1088

The story about the prediction of read more

5     101    1    1148

The Missing Key
© Namra Shaikh

Comedy Inspirational

Who do you think you will build connection with? Ali or Tarana? Comment read more

14     19.1K    255    1230

The 'Don' of all worst scenario is that when you are competing for the love of your read more

44     19.7K    150    1251