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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fanfic

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fanfic

5 mins

Monica is in the kitchen, cleaning the counters while Rachel is sleeping on the couch with a magazine covering her face. Phoebe is applying paint polish on her nails when Joey walks into the apartment.

"You won't believe what happened today," Joey said as he was gasping.

"You found my grandma with an old man?" Phoebe asked.

"Wait, why would that be unbelievable?" Monica said, rubbing a stain on the refrigerator.

"Because I never saw her with an old man in my entire life. She's kinda allergic..." Phoebe was explaining to Monica when Joey interrupts her, "Guys, I got a job that matches my persona."

"Job? What?" Phoebe said and she and Monica burst into laughter.

"What's s so funny?" Joey asked.

"Remember last time when you got a job that matches your persona was as Al Pacino's butt," Phoebe said.

"And then you became the first butt to get fired from a film," Monica added.

"This time, it's more serious," Joey replied.

"Oh! Oh! Let me guess. You're playing Al Pacino's love stick in his next." Phoebe told Monica.

"No. I'm going to perform at Chris Relish's concert at Central Park!" Joey said and as he said the pop star's name, Rachel stood up and screamed.

"Oh my God!" Rachel exclaimed. "What did you say..." she was asking Joey but she put a halt to her words when she found Chandler standing behind her, petrified in a weird ballet pose with his hand resting on Joey's head. 

"What's wrong with you man?" Joey asked.

"Don't speak. I'm a statue." Chandler replied.

"Oh! Is it some kind of new game? I'll also play." Phoebe said and then she messed her hair and added, "I'm not Phoebe, I'm a ghost."

"Okay, so before this epidemic spread. Chandler, what's wrong?" Monica asked.

"I just heard Janice!" Chandler replied.

"Janice? I didn't hear her." Joey said.

"Didn't you hear that 'Oh. My. God.'?" Chandler asked.

"Oh, My God!" Rachel said and Chandler climbed up in Joey's arms. 

"It is punishable offense to scare someone with their over-friendly ex!" Chandler screamed on top of his head.

"Well, I have a question and a suggestion for you." Rachel said.

"Go on!" Joey said while swinging Chandler like a baby.

"I'd go with a suggestion first. We have perfect ears. No need to SCREAM!" Rachel replied. "Now the question, under what law is it an offense?"

"Under Article 24 of Janice-Chandler treaty," Chandler replied. "Now, would you please let me step on the floor?" Chandler asked Joey. Joey loosened his grip and Chandler fell down.

Ross walked in with a bunch of bags in both hands. "Good. You all are here. I've got good news." Ross said.

"No. No. I was here first and hence I should deliver the good news first." Joey said while pointing finger at Ross while stepping towards him until he got uncomfortably close.

"You may because my news is better than yours. So, you go ahead with your boring news, and then I will..." Ross was telling Joey proudly when Joey interrupted, "Okay, you go ahead first!"

"Thanks," Ross said. "We are going to excavate the hell out of Central Park this Friday!"

"What!" All of them said in surprise.

"You can't do this to me," Joey said.

"I did nothing to you. I barely touched you." Ross told Joey. "I swear," he added when he saw Chandler and Monica's expressions.

"Chris Relish gonna perform at Central Park this Friday. I was going to perform on his latest romantic track." Joey said.

"Oh, Chris Relish! I love him." Rachel said in a childish tone.

"Well, I don't think that he can perform now. Our excavation is more important than an old man screaming while some stupid people gather to cheer him." Ross said.

"Listen, you boiled egg, even if you throw spaghetti and wine at Chris Relish, he would look way hotter than you would ever do in your entire life!" Rachel said.

"Wow!" Chandler exclaimed.

Ross gave a poor look at Monica and she said, "I'm sorry Ross. I know you're my brother but Rachel's right." Rachel and Monica hugged each other. "Wait for me you two," Phoebe said, and then she also joined them. 

"Can I also join?" Chandler asked. "No." the three replied together.

"Come on!" Joey said and hugged Chandler.

"Can I join you, people?" Ross asked Joey and Chandler. "Go to your dinosaurs," Joey told him.

"Can I join you then?" Ross asked the girls. But they didn't reply.

"Okay, then can I join me?" Ross asked himself and then replied, "Of course you can Ross." Then Ross hugged himself...crossed his arms around himself.

Fades away in black and then back to normal.

Chandler, Joey, and Monica are sitting on the couch while Rachel is sitting in the chair, and Phoebe is sitting on the arm of the chair. Joey is standing.

"It's not my fault. They found the tailbone of an unknown dinosaur species and now they want to excavate the park to search the remaining fossil." Ross told everyone.

"So a lizard that went extinct years ago ate up my job," Joey said.

"And Chris Relish's concert!" Rachel added.

"You haven't got any news from them. Maybe the concert is postponed or the venue is changed." Ross said.

"It could have been a big break for me," Joey said and left the room. Everyone looked sad.

"It's not my fault, guys." Ross said and then Rachel replied, "We know and we're happy for you but the sadness is so deep that the happiness is unable to come out." They were sitting quietly when Joey walked into the room.

"The organizer just called me. The concert is happening in Central Park." Joey told everyone.

"Told ya! That lizard can never replace Chris Relish." Rachel told Ross.

"So, the excavation venue has changed?" Chandler asked.

"How is it possible?" Ross asked.

"They changed the theme of the concert," Joey told Ross.

"What do you mean by they changed the 'theme'?" Monica asked.

"Well, Chris was supposed to sing romantic songs. Pop Songs. But now he is going to sing Dinosaur themed song while Ross and his men excavate the park." Joey replied.

"Now, that's good news. The concert's happening, the excavation's also happening!" Phoebe said.

"Not so good when you're dancing around, dressed as a Dinosaur," Joey told Phoebe. 

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