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Flowers And Poetry
© Rashmi Ranjan Nayak

Children Stories Abstract

The flowers in the garden seem to have a conversation - discussing the beauty, read more

1     226    23    6744

The Hills
© Adrija Dey

Children Stories Abstract

It was in the month of March I had visited Cherrapunjee, a small hill station in read more

1     283    32    10804

It’s Raining
© Deepak Sarangi

Children Stories Abstract

Rain gives us life and helps things to grow. Without rain, we would have no trees, read more

2     345    6    5576

© Arpita Chowdhury

Children Stories Abstract

Fingers. They are the extensions of our palms so that we can hold on stronger to read more

2     347    8    726

© sushil kumar gochhayat

Children Stories Abstract

Country smears vermilion of saffron on the forehead for the strength and courage, read more

1     385    18    9732

Even Sharda's mom asked her to leave her daughter in the hospital read more

3     494    42    5

To Live Or To Not.
© Harnoor Kaur

Abstract Drama +1

make a right choice and talk to read more

2     427    42    8

The Director
© Poovarasan M

Abstract Drama +1

his director will extract the best out of one read more

3     315    7    11

© Jagadeesh DV

Abstract Drama

My twin brother and I grew up together, studied together in same read more

5     1.3K    70    22

And now, I realized the fact of fantasy that I am just a new born baby to this read more

3     21.6K    325    31

Why some alliances aren't considered divine though it is said that marriages are read more

3     688    54    43

The story is about a rickshawala who had no money to do the cremation of his dead read more

3     1.2K    51    46

It's a story where a cause leads to a change in a person's read more

9     517    24    49

This story is about a son who had been far from his father for 14 read more

6     493    30    54

The is a fantasy story showing about a war on the read more

22     140    6    292

The story is about two homosexual guys who fall in love with each other and are read more

29     344    39    262

She was continuously calling Sailesh and asking him to book an read more

4     367    39    61

The Missing Woman
© Jyoti Rai

Abstract Children +1

Marriage had come with its fair share of responsibilities and restrictions. She had read more

3     1.8K    95    66

Akanksha is struggling in vain to cope up with the untimely and mysterious death of read more

10     102    4    72

Miraculous Blessings
© Ankita Sanghi

Abstract Children Stories

The story shows organ donation; save lives and serve read more

5     602    72    75

The Unfinished Game
© Avishi Singh

Abstract Action +1

The best king this kingdom has ever had the pleasure of having. Make sure that you read more

5     1.6K    122    81

© Manaswita Sachdeva

Abstract Tragedy

This is true, this happens with every read more

3     95    7    113

We again lost our twinkling read more

1     658    59    124

Quarter 4/F
© Asha Sougaijam

Abstract Drama +1

Love, sacrifice and trust are the strongest emotions for those who love  read more

8     24.8K    700    137

© Rahul Mohne

Romance Drama +1

Time just moves on, it does not wait; it is our experience that defines its pace. read more

7     422    8    361

The concept of being a mom after taking so much pain is not digestible for me. But I read more

4     498    37    146

The story speaks about friendship versus blood read more

7     146    17    149

The fleeting nature if life in relative terms only finds an edifice in lying next to read more

3     659    49    160

Even in her loosely fitted orange blouse and long green skirt, which she wore every read more

12     292    7    194

© Sebin John

Tragedy Abstract

The poem shows a person with a lot of pain that others don't read more

2     381    29    468