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And now, I realized the fact of fantasy that I am just a new born baby to this read more

3     21.2K    313    22

The Missing Woman
© Jyoti Rai

Abstract Children +1

Marriage had come with its fair share of responsibilities and restrictions. She had read more

3     1.5K    86    33

Quarter 4/F
© Asha Sougaijam

Abstract Drama +1

Love, sacrifice and trust are the strongest emotions for those who love  read more

8     24.7K    696    41

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

The concept of being a mom after taking so much pain is not digestible for me. But I read more

4     396    35    56

Even in her loosely fitted orange blouse and long green skirt, which she wore every read more

12     168    7    57

Miraculous Blessings
© Ankita Sanghi

Abstract Children Stories

The story shows organ donation; save lives and serve read more

5     386    58    69

The Unfinished Game
© Avishi Singh

Abstract Action +1

The best king this kingdom has ever had the pleasure of having. Make sure that you read more

5     1.4K    117    77

Tch, tch, tch. Look what you have gotten yourself into read more

6     17.9K    194    97

The fleeting nature if life in relative terms only finds an edifice in lying next to read more

3     479    42    126

Today, we have been killing our brother for land, money, food. We can't see the read more

3     496    94    155

Ever wondered about life after death? What if souls were fated to wander about. Wht read more

10     32.8K    383    162

An Eternal Flame
© Ananya Ananth

Abstract Classics +1

Maybe now her soul was ready to begin its journey. Maybe this unrest was a tug from read more

10     228    8    182

It was 7 o'clock. I was standing still on Juhu read more

5     8.4K    124    190

A Murder
© Kausik Chatterjee

Abstract Crime +1

A story surrounding a murder and a deep deconstruction of the psychological state of read more

32     17.5K    197    206

He had been reduced to just being a pawn in the hands of the expert players and had read more

9     31    1    230

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

Nadeem tossed about in bed; sleep evaded him that read more

14     18.8K    173    238

Even The Stars Fell
© Salena Sinha

Abstract Drama +1

It was exactly what she had wished read more

6     16.1K    130    243

You are going to witness the most beautiful read more

7     753    31    251

That day I may have not told you, but I didn't go home - I went to buy a gift for read more

4     295    19    252

I Failed...
© Devanshi Dsouza

Abstract Inspirational

So yeah college began and eventually exams too… to me who had never tasted failure read more

4     319    10    256

What are they going to call me today? Why did we ever have to move here? Why is read more

5     277    14    314

You become curious and start to think all day and night about that place. Your heart read more

3     173    9    316

It was a crisp and cool autumn morning in London. The heavens wore a resplendent read more

4     7    0    377

A gradual progression of a young dynamic fragile content to an experienced, mature, read more

1     1.6K    91    388

I think such achievements which come after a strong struggle are sweeter than read more

9     105    13    403

Realization Of Luxuries
© Mona Sharon

Abstract Children Stories

The story shows how parents make their kids realize the value of luxurious life by read more

5     65    13    405

Enough to put a full stop and end this Tearful read more

6     277    11    407

One day i sent friend request on Facebook to that girl but she has not accepted that read more

4     248    9    409

© g poojitha


His smile gives it away, probably. So, she smiles too. The quaintest of read more

2     187    8    411

The story is about unconditional read more

12     368    7    412