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A Letter To Death
© Namrata Gowda

Children Stories Drama +1

But destiny had different plans for me as read more

1     74    3    4575

At this moment in history, when we have access to technology, education and Communication our ancestors couldnt even dream of

Discovering The Undiscovered
© Anuva Maheshwari

Children Stories Tragedy +1

Life is unexpected and you never know what will happen to read more

11     822    36    79

The Wings Of Terrorism

Children Stories Tragedy +1

This poem is about a guy who invented the bomb read more

2     94    2    2345

A Letter
© Aradhana Sharma

Children Stories Tragedy

The story shows the betrayal of a read more

3     433    5    1958

The Missing Lake
© Aashwath Acharya

Children Stories Others +1

Rajiv was incredulous. The lake had dried up. He was looking at a patch of barren read more

1     84    2    1976

Joy Creek
© Lawanda Carr

Children Stories Tragedy

The story show children running as they saw the plane read more

1     54    0    7935

Fouling Fantasy
© Krishna Kaustubh Mishra

Children Stories Drama +1

The pangs and fantasies of a little boy who is abused by his drunken father and his read more

3     225    2    1974

Save Farmers!!
© Navitha Reddy

Children Stories Drama +1

Sriram took his son Dhruv to cricket coaching around 4 pm on Saturday, since it was read more

4     3    0    1044

© Shivam Sharma

Crime Inspirational +1

Losing father at the age of nine and taking up all the responsibilities of her read more

7     21.9K    491    7

Patients of Kleptomania do not consider theft as something wrong. In fact it is a read more

8     18.7K    593    6

The Dark Room
© Achal Mayukh

Drama Tragedy

A striking story about the shock that children go through on getting news about the read more

3     23.0K    676    2

© Saachee

Inspirational Tragedy

After we came back home, my dad and mom told me that the woman was not alive read more

10     24.7K    156    20

They were stunned from what they saw...!! They broke down weeping and read more

7     2.5K    83    37

Perennial Love Story
© Shubham Singh

Romance Thriller +1

A heart-melting love story of a couple; an emotional thriller giving the sense of read more

4     2.2K    126    13

The Clown's Ghost
© Taniya Roy

Horror Thriller +1

“We are destined to meet.” The ominous sneer, the raised eyebrows, the read more

6     48.7K    245    42

As I stood in my old classroom, not even trying to wipe my tears, a wind blew right read more

5     4.0K    146    12

Quarter 4/F
© Asha Sougaijam

Abstract Drama +1

Love, sacrifice and trust are the strongest emotions for those who love  read more

8     24.7K    696    41

© Prerna Chaudhary

Thriller Tragedy

My heart skipped a beat. My face was heavily disfigured. I had no idea whose face I read more

5     1.6K    124    53

It was my fault. I told her to kill herself. I am such a pathetic read more

6     2.2K    63    30

He wished he could get over this.. but the thought that he is losing her "AGAIN" is read more

2     13.1K    494    80

© Akhila Vangara

Thriller Tragedy

A dark story of a girl who finds herself in a place she doesn't know anything read more

4     16.2K    195    114

A story of two friends, their daredevilry and its read more

4     17.7K    196    120

© Kavita Birjuka Sharma (KBS)

Inspirational Romance +1


30     951    62    61

She had never imagined that simple fingers could give one so much read more

5     18.4K    195    132

"Please, let me stay," the old father pleaded. "If only for a single read more

4     3.3K    168    10

Her spell made me break out of my cocoon and I took a firm decision to open my heart read more

4     20.6K    247    169

At this moment in history, when we have access to technology, education and Communication our ancestors couldnt even dream of

His shop was a source of exuberance before the birth of the new read more

3     16.2K    117    138

Everything under a three hundred metre radius burst into flames and a strong tremor read more

7     6.4K    99    176

After dinner, she told and Akshi to sing a song and sang with her too. At the bed, read more

3     298    43    247

Blue Eyes
© Micah Nath

Crime Thriller +1

Sarah was a young Sergeant specialised in homicide investigations. She was athletic read more

20     19.1K    225    170