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Nivedith was your normal 16-year-old, the boy next door. Friends meant a lot to him; read more

12     20.2K    800    1

The Dark Room
© Achal Mayukh

Drama Tragedy

A striking story about the shock that children go through on getting news about the read more

3     26.6K    719    6

Perennial Love Story
© Shubham Singh

Romance Thriller +1

A heart-melting love story of a couple; an emotional thriller giving the sense of read more

4     7.5K    156    13

Patients of Kleptomania do not consider theft as something wrong. In fact it is a read more

8     19.4K    611    14

© Shivam Sharma

Crime Inspirational +1

Losing father at the age of nine and taking up all the responsibilities of her read more

7     23.0K    510    15

"Please, let me stay," the old father pleaded. "If only for a single read more

4     3.9K    183    17

As I stood in my old classroom, not even trying to wipe my tears, a wind blew right read more

5     4.5K    171    18

The little Annabell studying in Kindergarten had died read more

2     336    44    20

© Saachee

Inspirational Tragedy

After we came back home, my dad and mom told me that the woman was not alive read more

10     25.4K    180    29

My Hero
© Lakshmi Allibilli

Drama Tragedy

But I never knew at that time, that it would be the last talk between read more

6     1.8K    60    35

It was my fault. I told her to kill herself. I am such a pathetic read more

6     2.5K    81    57

Martya did not like being told things he already read more

6     1.3K    56    63

They were stunned from what they saw...!! They broke down weeping and read more

7     2.8K    91    69

© Prerna Chaudhary

Thriller Tragedy

My heart skipped a beat. My face was heavily disfigured. I had no idea whose face I read more

5     1.8K    130    72

ADIL KHAN - My abbu, has a wide black mustache, as mentioned earlier has rabbit read more

12     1.4K    108    73

After You
© Arpita Chowdhury

Tragedy Romance +1

You've left me with a thousand memories, a million thoughts, innumerable kisses, and read more

3     1.8K    36    84

The Clown's Ghost
© Taniya Roy

Horror Thriller +1

“We are destined to meet.” The ominous sneer, the raised eyebrows, the read more

6     49.0K    248    91

Was it love, they were yet to find read more

7     149    8    100

Bent on my knees, hands raised in prayers, teary eyes I couldn't help but scream, read more

4     1.3K    108    107

Einstein Of 2018
© Aditya Mohanty

Tragedy Inspirational

After some days, we became good friends, and he said to me his whole story and I was read more

3     234    39    111

Everything is warm. My body, my read more

3     348    44    123

A Piece Of The Heart
© Saaeshaa Agrawal

Children Stories Drama +1

She holds her mother tight until she can't feel her own hands, hoping that somehow read more

7     438    18    129

I lay with my eyes shut next to Bittu Uncle, unable to read more

4     256    10    133

Weeds are unwanted, just like me. 'Forget me not' flowers are blue, asking us to read more

3     284    7    134

The taste of death lingered in his mouth, a punch of conscience hit read more

4     168    6    135

Dad, we miss you. Our happiness is incomplete without read more

4     100    5    136

© Kavita Birjuka Sharma (KBS)

Inspirational Romance +1


30     1.6K    69    143

Everyone deserves a chance to live and taking away your life is not a way of getting read more

8     725    62    146

Quarter 4/F
© Asha Sougaijam

Abstract Drama +1

Love, sacrifice and trust are the strongest emotions for those who love  read more

8     24.8K    701    159

I yelled into the silence that kept amplifying with every read more

10     380    31    176