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Perennial Love Story
© Shubham Singh

Romance Thriller +1

A heart-melting love story of a couple; an emotional thriller giving the sense of read more

4     2.2K    126    13

A story of attachment, bond and emotional ties, which often become the cause of our read more

12     19.6K    273    23

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

I could have made some small talk with her like about her favorite author or read more

15     21.9K    229    64

Her eyes well up with tears, warm and read more

10     18.3K    265    85

For any relation to flourish and nurture, the most important factor that ensures read more

7     19.6K    243    112

Twisted Fates
© Ashwat Jain

Crime Drama +1

Irene woke with a start. She had just dreamt of....her read more

18     9.7K    129    67

After graduation Lara moved to an apartment in the residential part of her read more

22     6.9K    471    8

© Kavita Birjuka Sharma (KBS)

Inspirational Romance +1


30     951    62    61

"FIRST is over rated and is important to people around us. LAST is under rated, but read more

2     21.3K    269    167

thoughts that leads Parizaat to wonder if she is in love with read more

12     18.0K    219    204

This was the happiest day of my life. I was getting married to a man I had fallen in read more

15     4.4K    293    18

After dinner, she told and Akshi to sing a song and sang with her too. At the bed, read more

3     298    43    247

They say it's best when you marry your best friend. You understand each other like read more

3     19.1K    239    266

He found the door locked. He was not too sure why but he was starting to suspect read more

8     17.5K    161    298

The love story of a young couple with a mystery hidden at its read more

13     20.6K    215    334

I would have been happy as long as it was not a definitive no. In this case, a read more

15     19.0K    235    148

I gravitated first towards her eyes and then towards her read more

3     18.5K    215    335

a unique story depicting emotions of intense passion in a very subtle read more

19     19.1K    232    149

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

The box in which they lived was packed in layers, one above the other and the levels read more

3     17.3K    176    341

So thank him on my behalf for this last favor to our read more

5     17.5K    161    345

Her bus arrived and I could feel my heart get read more

2     18.6K    195    379

I remember, I was wearing dark purple suit salwar, that day, which had heavy read more

6     764    17    62

For one week, we were scared our asses off every moment, his mother was a Sherlock read more

8     84    3    418

We had promised to meet each other only once. But we broke our own promises. We read more

7     19.5K    265    447

That Extra She
© Aranya Das

Drama Romance +1

Punit kissed Nandita on her lips and whispered under his breath, “I hope read more

10     813    63    68

I try to act cool when I am around Pete but I just cannot, I can feel my pulse in my read more

2     10.4K    90    513

She wanted to push him back but also wanted him to stay for a while so that she may read more

6     12.0K    77    514

She scooped her head above as the drizzles fell on her face and she shook her head read more

22     371    12    291

In my vision she was no less than an angel. I began to love her for her divine read more

6     1.9K    65    515

I wonder whether my neighbors hear me sob at read more

2     18.5K    128    586