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Siddhant Ahuja

Children Stories Comedy

The Legend Of The Great Beasts

The Legend Of The Great Beasts

9 mins

The Kolkata shores. The setting sun. The sweet wind. And Rakesh, with his magnifying glass. His bones were tensing and he felt quite feverish despite the cool sea breeze. His body trembled with anticipation, his blue-green eyes were a shade of purple under the sunlight and numerous beads of perspiration were sliding down his tanned forehead. His muscular hands tirelessly carried a full bottle of water along with his tools. He was an astounding archaeologist and a child prodigy. You might have guessed what he was looking for -

 A shell? No, he was 18 years old not 8.

 A stone? No, you don't find them on a beach, do you?

Then ........a.......

Okay, cut it out! I have given you too many clues, figure it out yourself!

Back to the story.

He had been looking for the thing- he- had -been-looking-for 2 hours. It was 7 o'clock and he was returning to his beach villa, disheartened. While he was returning to his room, he saw something glowing in the sand in the light of the setting sun and it was ...... was......

' Holy Raptors ‘, he said, ‘I just found a Fossil '

Okay, let’s face it. This dude just spent 2 hours on a beach holding a magnifying glass, looking for what, a dinosaur bone?

Rakesh did a little 'Found it! ' jiggle and rushed back home. Suddenly, his running turned to walk and then to tiptoeing. It was way past supper time and like every mother, his mother was also very punctual except she had her own problems. When Rakesh thought that victory was his and was near the staircase, suddenly a sliding door opened to his right and a woman with golden messed up hair, a cigar in one hand and stained black teeth came out.' Ha! caught you, you worm’, she yelled and beat him brutally. She was quite skinny but had immense power

This was too much for Rakesh! Couldn't he even fulfill his own dreams? He had been pulverized for finding the 2nd fossil in just 2 years

That old hag was totally jealous of him. She also had a passion for archaeology, but didn't have what it takes, what an old grouch!

He was so furious that he threw the 5-inch-long shimmering bone on the wall. The moment he did that, he regretted it. It fell and broke into two parts.

As soon as he went to pick it up, the interior of the bones glowed red and it said -'O great descendant of the DEINOS SAURUS, we call upon you to save us-'

' Would you mind to tell me what "Diana process" means or shall I Google it out?', said Rakesh, whose brain was so messed up that he didn't even concentrate on what he was saying .Of course, he didn't get an answer, instead -'shut up and repeat this incantation -"I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to a stop."'

'And yeah, I sound perfectly sane chanting-"I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to a stop. “for a Fossil bone, who -’.

You might have guessed that he just did

Hahaha! just kidding. Some of you might have imagined Rakesh being vaporized or being blasted off to a million pieces. But no. The story continues.

My intelligent friends might have guessed that DEINOS SAURUS is a Greek term which means -Dinosaurs. If not, then you, are a big jerk! Oops! sorry.

So, this means that Rakesh was the son of a dinosaur.

Hmmmm.........How could he possibly be..........?

Meanwhile, Rakesh’s surroundings changed. Scenes changed. A second after he said the magical incantation, he saw British officers collecting taxes, then Mughal rulers changing et cetera, et cetera.

Suddenly, his room vanished and a thick forest loomed around him. It was night time and a full moon was hovering just above him. He could listen to preys scurrying and predators running after them. Angry snorts and weak whimpers were heard over the irritating sounds of the crickets. The last straw was when he saw a giant 20 feet long tail, whipping trees in front of his eyes, heading towards him! Well, he did the bravest thing - he collapsed.

When he woke up, he was surrounded by 60 Feet tall reptilian beasts, all of the different colors. Red, blue, Polka dots, you name it. It looked like a scene of Flintstones with too many dinosaurs. He was lying on a silken bed which was way too comfortable. He had a Crown on his head. He could feel the fresh bones on his skull but the weird thing was that Rakesh didn't feel weird. And his skin.... his skin! His skin had changed to the color of Golden. His teeth felt sharp. He had murderous claws. Like his claws, his feet were far away from him. They were like talons. He saw all other beasts bowing in front of him. Next to him was a  12 feet long silver staff with a golden clawed boulder on it. Memories came back to him of a rose-pink dinosaur who was not at all furious looking but very kind. He recalled that he was lying beside her in a cot made from the softest ebony, when she lifted him and yelled, ' Alphasaurus! ' and performed a ritual which Rakesh couldn't exactly recall but he did remember that after that exact moment she was bitten on the neck by a platinum white gigantic dinosaur, after which everything went blank. He realized; he was the Dinosaur Prince.

'Oh Lord!’, said one of the dinosaurs,' you came back'. 'Who am I? Where am I? What era is it?', asked Rakesh, who was dazzled. One of the older Dinosaurs said-'Sire, here is your story --your mother, Queen Berreva transported you forward in time to save you from your father, King Borean’s rage. He made it a habit to eat all his children. He ate your brothers and sisters. Queen Berreva had magical powers and sent you to the future by veiling your true identity by the appearance of a futuristic animal - the Human. That is why sire you wanted to become an archaeologist, your roots are related to us. We pray that you will save us from your father King Borean’s wrath. ' I will! ' said Rakesh the dinosaur who was more confident and powerful than he thought.

After several months of training in running, hunting, biting, growling et cetera. Rakesh the dinosaur challenged his father Borean.

Borean was uber-intelligent and the most powerful dinosaur in the clan. He was the same white beast whom Alphasaurus saw in his vision. In a single moment, Alphasaurus’s fear turned into anger. At this King, Borean mused,' young Alphy comes to challenge his great papa-Dino! '

'I have come to kill you, Borean like you killed my mother.' Alphasaurus snarled and without waiting for a reply charged at Borean. Borean had immense power. He tackled every move by the other dinosaur and even attacked very well. They fought for 4 days and Alphasaurus was losing but as he was a good observer, he saw that Borean didn't use his tale in combat. Thanks to this observation Alphasaurus got an idea of going behind Borean and biting his neck without the fear of him being swatted aside by Borean's massive tail. After victory Alphasaurus became the king of Dinosaurs and fed Borean's body to the seagulls and from gold he turned to platinum the color of the king. He had a much wilder crown of bones on his head. Never the less, he felt depressed because his real mother had died. She had sacrificed herself for him. So, in order to make her sacrifice count, he administered the kingdom very well and brought occasional peace to it.

Don't you think it is funny, at that time no one even knew the P of peace!

After about 15 years of ruling, Alphasaurus recalled what he had read, dinosaurs had died from an asteroid crash! He set up astronomical groups that looked through the sky in search of giant asteroids. After a fortnight of deep-sky searches, a gigantic asteroid was seen inching towards the earth. Panic struck the whole world as the news spread by the word of mouth. The dinosaur King was thinking of a plan, suddenly he recalled one of his lessons of Rocket science: how to make a hydro rocket. This was a much easier version of a rocket, which needed no launching pad only pressure of water. What was he going to do with the rocket? Now that is a secret.

He sent teams all over the world to get minerals. They made hydraulic pumps and the body of the rocket. Their project was to be completed in about 2 years, just in time for the asteroid crash. Everyone was helping each other, predators helping prays.

In the second when everything was almost complete except the fins of the rocket, the dinosaur astronomy department observed that the asteroid was moving at a higher speed and was going to crash into the earth in a day. There was great chaos amongst the dinosaurs and other animals.

They had to fly without the fins. Their initial plan was to fly in the opposite direction of the landing asteroid to avoid collision and go to the moon, where unlike humans’ dinosaurs could survive. They did fly, it was exciting to see all kinds of animals pile up into the gigantic rocket. They saw the big asteroid entering the earth's atmosphere and there was no chance of it getting burnt.

They took off immediately, thanks to the intelligent, ingenious dinosaurs.

But happiness was short-lived. Instead of the moon, they went in totally opposite direction to MARS.

Mars was also not a bad place to live although some of them needed to get adapted. The hydraulic fuel of the rocket was nearing the end and when they were on the final curve to life in mars the fuel finished.

The spaceship which, without the fuel, busted into a million pieces is believed to be the planet between Mars and Jupiter as the source of the asteroid belt. Dinosaurs who had thick hides, somehow survived, whereas the other animals turned to rocks. According to me (which is funny to say, as the whole story is according to me!), the asteroid belt came from the living statues of these animals, and I am sure we can find some woolly mammoths if we look carefully!

You might be thinking what happened to the Alphasaurus and his pack of super-smart dinosaurs?

They safely reached Mars and lived a happy life constructing lethal weapons and spacecrafts.

I have a note about my astronaut friends. Please stop looking for extra-terrestrial life on Mars, as we might end up meeting dinosaurs and that would turn Mars into a battlefield.

You want to know why?

Some billions of years ago inhabitants of Jupiter attacked mars and the dinosaurs ripped each one of them so small that there remained no difference between their flesh and sand, making the planet red. (Funny, they also had red blood!) Turning MARS into the Red planet.

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