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This Is Our Destiny
© Tushar Mandhan

Children Stories Horror +1

It was a red box with a golden border locked with a typical padlock. We were curious read more

6     503    1    3961

We can stop killing each other in the name of cast and religion. We can feed the read more

11     29.0K    668    9

They were stunned from what they saw...!! They broke down weeping and read more

7     2.6K    84    31

A supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago and takes the readers on an adventure.

Perennial Love Story
© Shubham Singh

Romance Thriller +1

A heart-melting love story of a couple; an emotional thriller giving the sense of read more

4     2.4K    127    14

“I guess we have to find a way to coexist,” she said to herself. Half of her lip, read more

9     779    93    42

The Clown's Ghost
© Taniya Roy

Horror Thriller +1

“We are destined to meet.” The ominous sneer, the raised eyebrows, the read more

6     48.7K    245    34

© Muskan Aneja

Crime Drama +1

Somehow just looking into those dreamy eyes gave her the satisfaction that nothing read more

3     8.1K    524    29

© Prerna Chaudhary

Thriller Tragedy

My heart skipped a beat. My face was heavily disfigured. I had no idea whose face I read more

5     1.7K    126    46

Her Alluring Eyes
© Mangesh Shirke

Action Fantasy +1

The aliens knew the presence of some other power beside them, but they couldn’t read more

20     451    30    18

How do you know you are alive; does a body know its dead...does the soul live read more

23     18.6K    243    45

When he was born, he didn't actually look too right. He looked unhuman. More like a read more

2     6.3K    88    55

The Closet
© Mandar salunkhe

Horror Thriller

The lamp burst, the window got sealed, as if there was no window to that wall. It read more

8     458    41    115

This is a Scientific-Horror-Thriller-Suspense-Death-Rebirth-Ghosts, Aghoras and read more

138     114    2    103

The Power Within Me
© nandita A Singh

Classics Inspirational +1

I heard my dad running towards the dog with a stick and I just screamed STOP. And my read more

14     293    13    83

It was getting late enough to be worried. I once again stepped into the balcony and read more

7     23.0K    316    118

The chronicles of The read more

38     17.6K    214    121

© Rajvi Vaghani

Fantasy Thriller

There was a knock on the door and an ardent voice that could only belong to Mr. read more

14     13.8K    219    26

The next morning, when I woke up, I saw a disgusting image of Philippa eating a dead read more

16     388    45    139

She had again had the same nightmare which had been haunting her since few years! read more

6     17.5K    174    79

The Peeper
© Pradita Kapahi

Horror Thriller

My father had a strict moral code that he forced on everyone, even if that meant read more

11     16.5K    200    203

© Akhila Vangara

Thriller Tragedy

A dark story of a girl who finds herself in a place she doesn't know anything read more

4     16.2K    195    134

Richie cannot ascertain where he is. Which country? Which state? Soon his wife and read more

17     33.6K    434    194

© Smita Dwarikavasi

Crime Horror +1

When she entered the room of Vaibhavi, she screamed. Thakur Saab, Thakur Saab. read more

8     188    1    85

We knew that this was the end. I was drowning and trying my best to stay afloat but read more

18     17.1K    203    241

Her Revenge
© Disha Mangal

Crime Thriller

At that moment, she didn’t know why that bell made her stomach do a somersault and read more

10     345    23    117

The PM in her private chamber took the first shot of the day and carefully wrapped read more

19     325    39    258

Blue Eyes
© Micah Nath

Crime Thriller +1

Sarah was a young Sergeant specialised in homicide investigations. She was athletic read more

20     19.1K    225    162

She was expecting to hear the breathing of her son, but she couldn’t grasp it. Her read more

15     1.4K    25    261

This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago

The white kid was noticed to be wearing a small gown and had no hair on head or read more

6     20.0K    355    43

Lily saw a red car stop at the entrance of the graveyard. Her heart raced - was it read more

6     11.0K    74    365