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Maanya Patawari

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Maanya Patawari

Comedy Horror Fantasy Children Stories Abstract Classics Drama Others Children

Grimy ~ the Terror of the Seven Seas

Grimy ~ the Terror of the Seven Seas

5 mins 376 5 mins 376

   The Castle Of Love   

Can you see a witch in the Dark Sky?

Her Name is Grimy, I`ll tell ya why

Sometimes she snickers, and then she may cry,

So here is an advice, escape from her, then run or fly

Hello, friends. If you are someone who gets scared easily, then here is a warning – DON`T read this story. It's a scary one, probably one that can make you SCREAM! Oh, you still are? Well, I warned you. Don`t say I didn`t! Alright, I shall begin. 

Once upon a shiver, there lived a Witch named Grimy. Her house looked exactly like a Halloween Pumpkin. It was orange, and its name was "The Shudder Cottage".

Grimy`s kingdom, the "Darkness Kingdom", was sandwiched between 3 other kingdoms ~

1. The Kingdom of the Fairies ~ The Most Powerful and Positive Kingdom.

2. The Kingdom of the Ogres and The Goblins ~ The Smelliest Kingdom

3. The Kingdom of the Dragons ~ The most Fierce {And flaming hot} Kingdom .

Usually, most witches & wizards already have SUPERcool powers and powerful wands. But Grimy didn`t have any of those. After many attempts, she finally got a wand. How she got a wand is a queer tale.....It was a cold evening, and all the human folk were safely in their homes. For the Legend, Witchery, revealed that on cold evenings, Witches snuck out of their homes and captured little kids. All parents lived in mortal fear of Witches and kept their kids inside the house on cold evenings. Grimy was roaming the streets when she was swept in a crowd of people. It was actually an Auction. As she had captured lots of unfortunate kids that day *, she bought the most powerful wand. Happily, Grimy went home. 

* Witches are so cruel, that their money are kids. The witch who captures the most kids wins the annual most money contest. 

When she reached The Shudder Cottage, she left her black bag on the doormat, and headed to her bedroom. It was already night, so it was super dark. Grimy took out her Spider torch, and found her fave book ~ Wicked-Spells, By Stella Evilla. Stella was Grimy`s great-grandmother, and her idol. Grimy flipped through its yellow, crispy pages, and muttered to herself, " Oh, where did Great-grandma write the spell for conjuring a cat assistant ?" After half hour of flipping, she located the spell. She held up her wand, and said the secret words : ~ Get me a cat, sitting on a mat. I ain`t a vampire, but am beginning to perspire ~ 

After the spell, Grimy sighed & stared. The question was - would the spell work ? Suddenly, some smoke came, and as it disappeared, Grimy noticed some fur, then green eyes, then a small nose! The Spell had worked!! Grimy sneered wickedly, then said, "Hello, I am Grimy Evilla, the Witch! Who are you, may I ask ?" {witches have elegant manners, if I do say so myself.} 

The Cat introduced himself, laughing as it did so, "Hi, hahahaha, I am Garry, hohoho, and, hehehe, I am a descendant of, hahahaha, the Seven Tails, >giggle". Grimy asked, "Wow! Why are you laughing so much out control ? Do ya have Vamcus (VampireHiccups) ?!!" Garry shook his head, "No! Actually, you are very pretty!! In fact, the prettiest Witch in the World!! No offense! "

Grimy was in a rage, "Well, I have taken a lot of offense!!" She turned Garry into a toad & was about to gobble him with a Marmalade toast, and banana custard, when Garry pleaded, "Please, let me go! I promise not to be like that ever again!" Grimy forgave the frightened Persian Cat, and that`s how they resolved their first argument. Together, the pair accomplished many missions, but the final one was the best one for them. Their goal was - To sneak into The Castle Of Love (A place where you could gain power) and pretend to be a fairy (which wouldn`t work, since Grimy had dull skin & scars), then pass "Eternal Power Test" and then, if they succeeded in passing the test, they would get a Parchment which had written instructions on how to conquer the Whole world, from the Head Fairy Council, and contained the most powerful fairy spells ..!! 

Phase 1 - First, Garry, being an expert hacker, used some spells to gather the Questions and the Answers of the Power test. 

Phase 2 - Then, Grimy studied them like she had never studied before. She felt like she was back in Witch School !! 

Phase 3 - The Duo headed to the Castle Of Love in their individual Sledges {Grimy had bought a sledge for Garry as she knew her Sledge was too small to have Garry.} 

Oh no! The mission began!! When they reached the Place, they saw it was rusted, and in ruins, but Grimy wasn`t afraid. She figured this place was meant for her . But when she opened her Spider Phone, and check the location on Bad Broom GPS, she found out they had actually just reached Gloomy Gorge. At 8 am , they reached The Castle Of Love. Officially. After Grimy had confidentally answered all the questions accurately, The Pair was ushered into a huge fair decked with red streamers. There, one of the fairies with blond hair called Jewella got suspicious of Grimy, as no-one but the Fairies knew the answers and Grimy didn`t look like a fairy with her sharp scars. That night, when Grimy was asleep in her Dreary Chamber, Jewel clambered into her Chamber using a Sunshine Rope {Ropes that only pure souls can see }, and looked for clues. She found out a Black Stamp in Grimy`s purse along with a Spider Torch, Garry`s Pee {I think Witches keep better care of their assistants than themselves }, and some other nasty things. A Black Stamp was given to every witch when they were born, and marked the Victory Of Witches. It was used as a proof that the owner is a Witch! Jewella silently shoved it into her pocket, and then jumped out of Grimy`s window. When Grimy woke up, Jewella challenged her to a Break-dancing competition, as Witches are losers in Break-Dancing. After Grimy lost, Jewella announced that Grimy was a fake, and showed her evidence. Grimy admitted it was true, and promised to live in harmony for the rest of her life, so did Garry. And the Fairies lived happily ever after!

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