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© Shivam Sharma

Crime Inspirational +1

Losing father at the age of nine and taking up all the responsibilities of her read more

7     21.9K    491    7

Manson makes the argument, backed both by academic research and well-timed poop jokes, that improving our lives.

© Muskan Aneja

Crime Drama +1

Somehow just looking into those dreamy eyes gave her the satisfaction that nothing read more

3     8.0K    524    34

Love, Sex And Betrayal
© Neha Joshi

Crime Inspirational

The time has come when women don’t need to keep quiet, her silence is considered to read more

18     2.3K    97    60

She had again had the same nightmare which had been haunting her since few years! read more

6     17.4K    174    66

Twisted Fates
© Ashwat Jain

Crime Drama +1

Irene woke with a start. She had just dreamt of....her read more

18     9.7K    129    67

© Smita Dwarikavasi

Crime Horror +1

When she entered the room of Vaibhavi, she screamed. Thakur Saab, Thakur Saab. read more

8     158    1    71

This voice, these memories…they were a nightmare. Then she read more

6     2.1K    148    100

© Lovely Dutta Prusty

Crime Inspirational

Saraswati was also very worried as Ilaa was almost past the marriageable age. Most read more

9     564    73    115

Blue Eyes
© Micah Nath

Crime Thriller +1

Sarah was a young Sergeant specialised in homicide investigations. She was athletic read more

20     19.1K    225    170

The giant punisher gripped my leg and drilled the rod into my thigh bone. I read more

10     563    54    177

Her Revenge
© Disha Mangal

Crime Thriller

At that moment, she didn’t know why that bell made her stomach do a somersault and read more

10     340    23    181

It was almost difficult to say what damaged him more; his step-father’s beatings or read more

9     894    57    219

Inspector Prakash Khurana posted to Mayur Vihar police station in New Delhi was in read more

12     19.9K    301    260

Aniket fell in love with the beautiful and vivacious, 17 year old Tanvi at the very read more

7     19.5K    253    263

She was sitting on the front yard steps, her head tilted up, trying to clot her read more

21     12.5K    280    258

I Am Just Human..
© Gokul V

Crime Thriller

I looked at myself wildly, and was terrified at seeing the snarling face, the face read more

9     18.4K    247    265

A Murder
© Kausik Chatterjee

Abstract Crime +1

A story surrounding a murder and a deep deconstruction of the psychological state of read more

32     17.5K    197    206

The moment I turned back, somebody held my shoulder with a thump from behind. I read more

14     324    23    289

1120 AD, Avanti, State of read more

7     22.3K    294    699

They wanted to poach an alpine wallaby as they were almost extinct and in the black read more

3     17.3K    123    276

But the intrigues, the deceptions, the murders and that damn flower that he left read more

4     311    29    311

Male Feminism!!
© Rishabh Lal

Crime Inspirational

Male Feminism, these two words are rarely used together in a sentence; unless the read more

4     18.8K    221    333

“I’ve finally avenged your death, dear one…!” he said as he looked at the photo with read more

12     14.7K    129    357

© Kumud Dhankhar

Crime Tragedy

One dream, one impulse, can change your read more

9     13.3K    93    363

Somehow his sixth sense was then telling him that he could be in danger; he should read more

16     870    60    366

We reached our destination. But the Almighty noticed my wet eyes, “Angels are not read more

6     126    5    374

Supernatural thriller that deals with a deadly conspiracy plotted 350 years ago, involving dark secrets and untold truths.

Kojagori Laxmi puja—a puja celebrated on the twilight of the first full-moon day read more

17     17.7K    154    382

She thought that the days in captivity taught her to respect read more

8     16.2K    75    490

Cold air hit my face, pushing down my read more

4     1.2K    121    434

Tara Devi tied a black thread on Kruthi's wrist and blessed her. She kissed her on read more

4     18.9K    246    450