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Sp Smruti Ranjan Pati


We Got Justice

We Got Justice

2 mins

Doctor, Doctor

Please admit her She is bleeding so much...

Dr:-ok you fill-up the formalities


Hii this is SP Sharma a doctor from SMRUTI CARE HOSPITAL

 Dr:-plz shift her to the emergency room

Nurse:-yes sir

Dr:-Hey what the hell man !!!!!!!! O my god what happened to this bloody society.

The patient was KRITIKA SINGH. A student of st.joseph public school. She was studying in class viii. & It was the case of "BRUTAL RAPE"

Dr:-what the hell man she was just 15 .who is not mature yet. When I examined her I found the victim was being brutally raped by 5 people for 96 hours.

I found some traces of rusted iron, steel,& sperms inside her. 

Then I talked one of my friends Mr.Mrutunjaya Sinha deputy commissioner. I talked to him personally & requested him to take this case.

Then after when I investigate more about the girl. I got to know that her father & mother died in a road accident .& This case happened just after 2 days of death. Then I decided to adopt her.

She was so weak that she can't lift her fingers. The bloody persons had not given her a single drop of water. Not only that but they were so drunk that they had beaten her with a leather strap belt which has marks on her body.

Mrutunjaya had started the investigation &with 48 hours they were found. The people are living in the same colony where this small girl was living with her family.

At last, she was safe but the pain she got was unbearable.

But we both are happy. The persons who were in the case.

According to sec 375 for rape & according to sec 302, they were ordered to be "hanged till death"...

At last, we get justice...

But think what would have had happened with this girl if she had not admitted in the write time ?????????

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