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Sp Smruti Ranjan Pati



Sp Smruti Ranjan Pati


Balcony Love

Balcony Love

2 mins 3.2K 2 mins 3.2K

Good morning lockdown 

Hey Riya 

Oh Hii Romy

Ri:- what are you doing 

Ro:- Nothing much just going to make coffee 

Ri:-lets meet after 10 min here 


I came home. I started doing my work. After refreshing my self I had gone to balcony 

Ri:- he duffer

Ro:-o hi (she was looking soo pretty and beautiful. She had won a pinkish-white fork, with a small black bindi in her forehead)

Ri:-o hello where are you ??

Ro:- o sorry you are looking pretty 

Ri:-thank you by the way you have not told before

Ro:-its not like that 

Ri:- ok I want to say something

Ro:-ok say

Ri:-we are too close friends right??


Ri:-okay what I will say can to do for me ???

Ro:- yes 

Ri:-actually I want to say something to you 

Ro:-what is that????

Ri:- actually my parents are thinking about my marriage 

Ro:-oo really nice 

Ri:-(crying) Can't u understand what I want to say 

Ro:-oo why are you crying????

   You know if you will cry then I will also 

Ri:- Actually I LOVE YOU 

Ro:- (astonish) Are you serious

Ri:-yes I love you since childhood but I fail to express it because I thought that it will hamper our friendship 

Really yar I can't live without you (Still crying)

Ro:-okay wait 2 min 

Ri:-he duffer where are you going

(Ro:-came inside the home and opened his diary it was the same day (2nd may) when I have written in my diary that I love her. I opened my briefcase and taken the teddy that I have bought to give her & a childhood picture of her.I pinched my self to be sure that it does not dream)

Ro:-hi sorry but I can't love you I love someone else

Ri:-oo who is she ????

Ro:-I shown the childhood pic of hers and told I LOVE HER SOOOOO MUCH FROM CHILDHOOD 

RI:-smiled you duffer  ...I LOVE YOU ...

AND how this we met.....

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