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Anu Tudu

Drama Romance


Anu Tudu

Drama Romance

New Year

New Year

9 mins 400 9 mins 400

Eric Samon is not just a name for me, it's my heart. I never knew that someone will become so important to me that their memory will always haunt you. So, it all started when I was in college, where I met him. We didn't like each other much, but then when hate changed to love we had no idea.

It was a presentation, which we were going to represent together. So, Devena Eric's sister and my best friend told me to stay in their house. I and Eric didn't realise it was midnight as we were busy with our presentation. We both were so tired, Eric fell asleep and seeing him sleeping I thought "he looks so innocent but in reality, he is the devil". And, I don't know why I kept looking at him. But, then Eric woke up and I was so embarrassed, as he saw me, though he didn't say anything. I was so embarrassed that I just wanted to be away from him for some time. So I asked him—

"Eric, I am going to make something for me, do you want anything."

"Wait... I'm coming too."

Though I didn't want him around me, I didn't say no. We started to prepare something to eat. Then, I realised Eric was watching me and it made me uncomfortable, and I burned my index finger. Eric took my hand—

"Amelia, be careful."

"I don't know what I was doing".

As he was applying ointment on my finger we didn't realise that we were too close to each other, I could feel his breath, his hand was on my waist and we came closer and closer. Then, I heard Devena and I pushed him away.

"What you guys are doing"?

"We both were preparing something to eat."

"Oh God.. I too starving. "

While eating I didn't even try to see Eric's face.

The next day after our presentation, I start ignoring him. Because my feeling for Eric had change and I don't want him to know about it. I was in the library when Devena came to me and invited me to her birthday party. I went to the party, where I saw Eric standing right straight to me but I didn't say anything. The only reason I ignored him was that I knew I couldn' t control my feelings. And, Eric was so popular, and there were always girls around him, would never understand my feelings.

After, the party was over Mrs. Samon asked me to stay, as it was late. I shared Devena's room, Eric room was next to her. It was at midnight when I needed to drink water, so I went to fetch a glass of water. While I was returning someone pulled me, it was Eric.

"Eric, what are you doing? You scared the hell out of me."

"shhh... I need to ask you something."

"But, I won't answer."

"Amelia, why are you ignoring me? have I done something to offend you? or is this about that night?"

"I don't know what you are talking about, just let me go. If anyone sees us like this, it will be a problem for both of us. Just let me go."

"No.... Until you answer my question."

"Eric, please.. Are you crazy stop this nonsense , let me go."

"First answer me."

"ok.... Fine, yes it is about that night. That night had changed everything, now my feelings for you is different. And, I didn't want you to find about it. So, I kept ignoring you.

While I was explaining to him the situation, he kissed me. And, it felt magical, I never knew how the first kiss feels like.

"Amelia, whatever happened that night, it was what I truly feel about you. And, what I still feel for you."

"Eric, but I'm not your type."

"My type? What do you mean by my type? You are one of your kind. And, I love you, I didn't realise when fighting with you I started falling for you, then I fell in love with you."

It was New Year, he called me —

"Happy New year baby."

"Happy New year Eric."

"I miss you so much. I fell sorry, that we are not spending our New year together."

"I miss you too. Don't feel sorry."

"But, I promise you that the next year, we will be celebrating New year together. My heart can't live without you."

"I love you Eric."

"I love you Lia."

The next morning I called him many times, but he didn't answer, then I called Devena, she started crying—

"Devena, what happened? Why are you crying?"

"Amelia, it's about Eric."

"what? Devena, what happened? Is he alright?"

"Last night he met with an accident, we took him to the hospital, but he couldn't make it."

I was shocked, I just wanted to see him for the last time. So, I took a flight and went to his home, where his body was kept, he was pale. Devena told me when Eric knew that he will not make it, he asked the doctor to give his heart to someone who needed it. Then, we all said goodbye to Eric, I kissed his forehead and said goodbye to him.

It was heartbreaking for me, and I was in depression after Eric's death. But, then I decided to move on. Therfore, I joined a company as my personal secretary, his name was Liam Samuel. He was an arrogant and moody person. I hate him because he was always rude to me. It was six months, that I tolerated him, then I decided to resign from the job.

"May I come in sir"


"Sir, this is my resignation letter."

"Sorry, but I can't take your resignation letter, because you have to attend one meeting with me and then you can resign."

"But sir..."

"I am not going to listen to anything, just do as I say."

This was the reason, I never liked him, he never cares about others feelings.

After the meeting we were returning, it was 10 o'clock at night. We were attacked by mugger, one of them pointed gun on my head. And, asked Liam to give money—

"Leave the girl,I'll give you the money."

"No... First money or I shoot her."

"Ok... Just don't hurt her."

"If you'll not listen to us, I will...

"Here, take all of it but please don't hurt her."

That night I saw a different person in Liam. It felt like he didn't want me to get hurt. Then, Liam grabbed me and some people came to rescue us. I got hurt on head and I faint. Though I was unconscious but I could hear his voice—

"Amelia, are you ok? Please wake up."

Next, I found myself in hospital and I saw Liam sleeping on the couch—

"Mam... You are so lucky, he was so afraid for you last night."

I have never thought he would ever care for anyone—

"you are still here?"

"yes. You are my responsibility and Our company always cares for their employee.Wait for a second are you thinking that I'm here because I feel something for you, then you are wrong."

"sorry sir, I have nothing like this in my mind."

And, once again he gave me a reason to hate him.

After I resigned from my job, I was sitting alone thinking about Eric. Then I got call from office for the official anniversary party. I didn't want to go but then I also had to take some of my stuff from there, so I went. In the party, I didn't know why my eyes were searching for Liam, but I couldn't find her.

Then, I went to my cabin where my stuff was. As I entered I saw Liam was there, I was right behind him—

" Sir what are you doing here?"

He was schocked on seeing me

"umm.... I.. was searching for one file. What are you doing here?"

"for my stuff."

He was then leaving, but then he turned back and asked me—

"Amelia do you hate me?"

"No..... I just don't like you."

"I wanted to confess something, you remember that night when we were attacked by muggers."


"That night I was so afraid, I don't know what would have I done. If anything happened to you."

"what are you talking about?"

"Amelia, I have feelings for you, I can't imagine my life without you. I know I was rude to you, but the only reason was that I didn't want you to know, how I feel about you."

"Liam, I'm sorry, I respect your feeling, but I love someone else."

"oh.. Then he is a lucky guy, I would be happy to meet him."

"But that would not be possible, cause he is no more."

"I'm sorry, Amelia. I'll not force you."

And, then I left, but somewhere deep in my heart I was not feeling good. I was feeling sorry for Liam.

I was haunted by Eric's memory, as it was New year. I was not feeling good, so I called Devena, I also shared everything about Liam—

"Amy, you have to move on in your life, you can't stay like this forever. Eric would have never wanted you to live like this. Eric was your past and Liam is your present. So, please don't let him go away."

After, thinking what Devena said, I realised that she is right. So, I called Liam but he didn't answer. Then, I called on his office number, where I got the news that he is in hospital. I got so tensed that I ran to the hospital where I found Liam, talking to one of the doctors. He was shocked seeing me there—

"Amelia, what are you doing here?"

I didn't reply to him anything, I just hugged him—

"Amelia, what's wrong?"

"Just don't say anything, I just want to hug you.".

Liam hugged me tightly as if he didn't want to let me go.

"Liam, I want to move on please help. I know at first I lied to you but I too have feelings for you. When I came to know that you are in hospital I got so scared, I don't want to lose you."

"You will never lose me, I am right in front of you."

"what are you doing here?"

"I came to know about person who donated me his heart. I was about to die and then that person came in my life like an angel."

"Did you get his name?"

"Yes..he was Eric... Eric Samon."

Hearing this name filled my eyes with tears and I started crying—

"What happened? Why are you crying?"

"The person whom I had loved and the person who donated you his heart is the same."


All memories of Eric came in flashback and I couldn't hold back my tears. So, he took me someplace, where we both were alone. Liam broke the silence—

"I'm sorry, I know it will be difficult for you to be with someone who has Eric's heart. Therefore, I'm not going to force you to be with me. I will respect your decision."

"No.. Liam I 'm not angry with you. It is just my past came to me in flashback. I would love to be with you, Eric is my past and you are my present. And, I would love to spend my life with you......."

"shhhh.... Stop talking."

He then pulled me close to him and kissed me. It felt the same as it was with Eric but much more than that.

"I love you, Liam."

"I love you, Lia........ And Happy New Year."

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