Glittering World Story

Glittering World Story

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Our eyes will never believe and our minds never think how beautiful this “Glittering World is. This is a man’s creation and understanding world. People, animals and creatures living on this earth are lucky enough. Many people would like to travel throughout the globe. Each country and continent has its own importance as far as biographical aspects and geographical importance is concerned. Can anybody say this is not available in this world? What is not available in this world? Only thing is money is not substantially available with people. Even, if money is available plenty with some persons, can such person purchase items and enjoy all the things in this world? Where is the place for a person to keep all the purchased items? How long he will keep such items at his house? How much a person can enjoy? Can the enjoyment be measured? How long any person can enjoy in this world? Can a person enjoy things alone? So, how about the family members enjoying this glittering world? Everybody knows, life span is limited, based on environmental conditions of place/area. Where is the end for enjoyment? How long one can enjoy? Is there any quantum of enjoyment?

One, who steps out from his/her house, needs sufficient or minimum money. A man’s needs are more, as the money is limited. Everybody wants to purchase everything and everybody wants to enjoy by possessing every item. Everybody wants to lead high standards of life. If we question ourselves – Is it possible? One has to make self advocacy sincerely. Definitely, one can say, it is not possible. Man’s ambitions are high. But, circumstances prevailing would prevent people to limit their ambitions. Of course, good money circulation in the society should also be the main factor.

We have seen people’s living conditions for many centuries. There are economically poor people and economically wealthy people. Very poor man enjoying, middle class and upper middle class man is enjoying and rich and very rich man also enjoying in this world according to their financial status. But, one thing is sure. People cannot go on enjoying every time, everywhere and at all times. There are boundaries for the enjoyment. This Glittering World is Glittering World only and one could see and enjoy. Everything is available within the reach of a person. One can enjoy this Glittering World for one part of time. One has to inculcate the habit of seeing the world and enjoy rather than spending in the world. It is everybody to save the money for their future needs of family members. World consists of spend thrifts also. Time will not be the same for anybody. Time changes a man. There are many instances – A rich man has become a pauper. A poor man became very rich man. There is a proverb called “Money makes many things”.

One Professor told – when you are giving money for Charities – count the money and give. He also told – when you are throwing the money in sea, you count the money and throw.

An experienced Professor told – that this Glittering World consists of ‘crooks & cracks’, ‘rich & poor’, ‘misers & spend thrifts’.

A senior Professor told that ‘one has to live in this glittering world for living sake’ and not for enjoyment sake’. “Glittering World is different” and “leading life” is different, as what was told by one Philosopher.

There was one good Hindi version song in one famous Hindi picture “UPKAAR” sung by Late Shri Manna Dey for Late Mr. Pran, a character actor. The meaning was ‘anybody flying in the sky will be sure to get immersed in the sand’ (AASMAN ME UDNEWALE MITTE ME MILJAYENGE). The Hero in this picture was Mr. Manoj Kumar, a great actor, director, film editor and producer. Why it is being referred here is because, one should not lead very high in their life and a day for such person is sure to start for a down fall.

Another incident the author would like to mention here. The then combined Andhra Pradesh State Chief Minister Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, rose to top level and he was CM for six years unquestioned without any opposition for him. He was really a worthy man and able CM. Everything was available for him, name, fame, money, influence, properties, political power and what not. He became CM for a second five year term contesting from a Congress Party in India with a thumbing majority. Oh. What a great leader. Everybody knew what happened. One day, when he was flying from his Helicopter copter to attend a ‘Rachhabanda’ program, the Helicopter crashed in day light in the Nallamala forest in Andhra Pradesh. It took two days to trace out the Helicopter and victims. It was a pitiable death. The ‘whole world’ shocked for this incident.

Continuously enjoying in this Glittering World is also dangerous. One does not know what will happen at what time. Time will not stop. It goes on moving. Days pass on, months pass on and years pass on. Life is also moving. Each second as time passes, people grow old. Nobody knew, “which day it belongs to us and which day it does not belong to us”.

Glittering World is only show put-up world. It is only for seeing and enjoying. Who lives in this glittering world and who goes at what time, only better The God knows? One Saint said “Glittering World is a world nothing but to tempt people.

Another Saint said, ‘all that glitters would vanish one day’.

Everybody is living in this world with the advanced scientific & technological developments. Research & Development is going each day on many subjects. Each minute is changing the world. Man’s brain is behind the glittering world. It is a man made world. “Glitters may last forever’, but, ‘life’ does not last forever.

Of course, this is everybody’s Glittering World. Our life is one time life and live for a limited years. Really our life is beautiful. Man has come from this nature and will go back to this nature. One should know how to move and live in this precious glittering world.

Few people short close their lives on petty matters, love matters and also due to ‘desperate & disgusted mind’. Many people make suicide attempts for many reasons. Many people die due to hanging, fall before the running train, jump into lakes and die etc. This is a beautiful life. Life is nothing to do with money. Life is a very precious one. One can do wonder’s in the life span time. People can see and enjoy this glittering world.

A great saint said, “it is a sin to short-close the life”. Another saint said “A great duty has been entrusted to one’s life – one has to wait for that duty completion till the end of life”.

Another great man and philosopher said – “Taking a Birth in this world is a Nature’s Blessing and Nature decides as when to go from this World”. Another Gentleman said – “One has to obey the orders of Natures Blessing and Cursing”.

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