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( Part - XXII )

Doctor Vishal performs Pancha Homas/Yagna:

To get rid of evil elements and uneasy activities in life, Doctor Vishal and family members started performing Pancha Yagna on one day. The reason for performing this Pancha Yagna, is to clear commitments made in previous life. People are due with five elements of commitments. If these are not cleared in the existing life, then again, he has to take birth on this earth. They are Deities, Rishi’s, Parents, People in the Society, Bhutas (Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth) – Why? The reasons are:

1) Deities:

Whatever human being need, the deities are giving us the needed things and feeds us. Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Sun and Moon are giving us energy, life.

2) Rishi’s:

These Rishis’ give us the intelligence where one can get impartation of Vedas, Puranas and Mythology of Tretayuga, Krupayuga and Dwaparyuga and Kaliyuga.

3) Godly Parent’s:

Parents have given us the physical body and fed us. They wished children growth. Mother carries the baby for nine months, never feels hard and difficult. It becomes a second life to mother at the time of delivering a new born baby, such will be the hardest movement for any mother. Mother gives feeding to the newly born baby, even without taking her own food. For the future progress of baby, mother prepared to loose many things. For this reason, one is indebted to parent forever.

4) People of Society:

These people supply all the needy things, items, commodities, as such one is also indebted to people in the society.

5) Bhutas:

These give all the human required things for life living purpose.

What one has to do to clear all the above indebtedness?

Godly Yagna:

We have to pray all the five Godly People through personally performing Godly Yagna, Pujas, and Homas.

Rishi Yagna:

Each one should know what Vedas stand for, attaining the historical Puranas knowledge. To get impartation of knowledge, one has to have a ‘Guru’, from whom one will learn all the ‘Sastras’ in a systematic manner. One has to read Purana Books assist in publication of holy books, involve in publicity and sales. This support and help would justify the RISHI YAGNA, which is also a way-out for indebtedness.

Parents Yagna:

This ‘Yagna’ is that, children have to look-after their Parents till the last breathe. Parent’s aspirations are to be fulfilled by children. Family members have to serve their Parent’s and in-laws, kith & kin, all times. Parents are to be kept in happy mood. All the religious customary ceremonies are to be performed for the departed Souls of Parents.

People Yagna:

One has to maintain the Guest Relations by treating the guests and invitees in a proper manner. Whatever support and help is needed towards providing education, health treatment, and for various training program purposes, are to be extended, wilfully and whole-heartedly.

Bhuta Yagna:

One has to feed animals, creatures, birds, cows and other wild animals. One has to up-keep of trees and maintain greenery.

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