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The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

4 mins 526 4 mins 526



(A Scientific, Horror, Thriller, Death, Rebirth, Ghosts, Aghoras and Entertaining Story)


Doctor Vishal back-to-home:

After couple of days, the Doctor and his family members came back to his house and had a fast sleep on the bed where the cash bundles were orderly kept underneath the bed sheet. After waking up from the sleep, the Doctor noticed that he had slept on some hard components looked like paper bundles underneath the bed sheet. When the Doctor removed the bed sheet and observed all the cash bundle of Five Hundred notes, which the Doctor was astonished, surprised, went mad for some time, and his mind became blank for this mysterious thing. The Doctor was for some time, became dumb and noticed all the rooms and checked up the entire house for any other strange things like this. The Doctor, slowly informed his wife and family members about the cash notes kept underneath the bed sheet of his bed. Then, when counted the notes, a total of Rupees Three Crores was noticed. The Doctor and his family members were afraid of this because suddenly getting this much of amount into his house, could be questionable by the tax people and also the Police department. Then after settling down, slowly the amount was, in phase wise, deposited into his bank account. All these things were being observed by all the six ghosts from the low roof where they were staying without anybody’s notice.

The Doctor was relaxing at his house in an easy chair thinking that who spread the cash bundle notes on his bed underneath the bed sheet. The Doctor was deeply immersed in thinking various aspects, whether it was the handy work of any thieves, or dacoits or terrorists or anybody wanted to trap him and to book him in the Corruption charges. The Doctor could not sleep for few days due to anxiety and worry. On one day, the Doctor could be able to hear some sort of noises, disturbances, and uneasiness and sometimes feared for unknown reasons. Then the six ghosts spread over at his house discussed something about the Doctor and is family. The ghosts thought that something better could be done to the Doctor and his family members. The reasons for this good gesture by all the six ghosts were that they were having intuition that they will have to reincarnate shortly to another birth. Slowly, one after another, all the ghosts started leaving the Doctor’s house. The Doctor was not able to understand the peaceful, calm and pleasant atmosphere at his house and also the Doctor was feeling like good with lot of energy.

The Doctor had, in slow process, cleared all his debts, renovated his Clinic, started doing service as medical practitioner, performed his daughters marriage and was happy and lead his life peacefully.



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