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The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

4 mins 478 4 mins 478



(A Scientific, Horror, Thriller, Death, Rebirth, Ghosts, Aghoras and Entertaining Story)


Ghosts Ruckus with Traffic Cops:

Ghosts on the way to the Doctor’s house, Traffic Police constables, while checking in a routine fashion, stopped this taxi and asked the contents in the three gunny bags. The Traffic Constables asked these ghosts who put some sort of masks, to open the mask and show the face to the Constables. But, these ghosts told the Traffic Constables that if you see our face you will faint and become mad and you will be shocked to see our faces. Then, one of the Constables told the ghosts like persons, no problem, show your face and inform us the contents in the gunny bags. Then, one of the ghost slowly opened the mask and showed the face. Immediately the Traffic Constable ran away from the taxi, and fell down and fainted. Then other Traffic Constables surprised the way his colleague constable fainted and had lot of doubts on the taxi inmates. Then one more Constable came to the taxi where these ghosts travelling and asked them to show their identity. Then one of the ghosts told this constable that our face itself is one of the identity for you and if you want we have no objection to show our face. Then the Constable asked to show their face. One of the ghosts slowly removed the mask and this Constable also ran away from this taxi and fainted.

Then due to the green signal, the taxi proceeded to the residence of the Doctor’s house. The taxi was cleared by paying the amount to the Taxi Driver, as the Taxi was left from that place. All the six ghosts took the gunny bags carrying the hard cash, entered the Doctor’s house, went to the bed room of the Doctor, spread the cash bundles on the Doctor’s bed, covered with the blanket and then put off the lights. Then as usual, these six ghosts had their own duties to do in the Doctor’s house and waited till the Doctor’s arrival.



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