Regina S

Drama Horror Tragedy


Regina S

Drama Horror Tragedy



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Chapter 17 

Rajat hugged Janvi from behind and whispered into her ears "it's me... Wilson." She pushed Rajat aside and asked "what are you saying?" "yes I am Wilson... your Wilson!" he exclaimed. "please Rajat.... I don't like this... if you think it is a joke I'll assure you I won't laugh.... please stop it" requested Janvi. Rajat carried and cradled Janvi in his arms and laughed out loud "this isn't a joke" he threw her on the bed and he jumped on her. Janvi grabbed his face and saw Rajat's eyes turn red, that perfume... That is not him she thought.... instead he smelled ... different. "How can you have a life without me? Didn't you know I died for you? how can you forget me and accept Rajat?! " Murmured Rajat but in Wilson's voice. Janvi pushed him off and ran out...her Heart thumping. she hid behind her father "what happened Janu?" Asked her dad, "daddy he, wha...he's ...." she stammered pointing her finger towards Rajat "what did you do to my daughter? Why is she so scared of you?" Shouted Janvi's father trying to shield her, but Rajat did not bother, he walked straight to her and grabbed Janvi by her hand, Janvi's father pushed him "Rajat are you out of your senses!?" His push made him fall down and Rajat stood up and screamed at the top of his voice, "Don’t call me Rajat! She was the only girl in my life. I fought the whole world to live with her and died in the battle! but what does she do for that? She forgot me and got ready to live with someone else, she insulted my love, UNGRATEFUL!! my death meant nothing to her…. but I… I still love her and she is and always will be MINE!!”.  

He then pushed Janvi's father aside and went close to her, Janvi was scared, for every step he took forward she took one backward. Janvi's mother who was watching all these went a little close to Rajat and sprinkled kumkum on him. Rajat felt an electric shock passing through his body, he turned around to check who it was and Janvi's mother, smeared the kumkum filled thumb on his forehead. Rajat blacked out and his limp body fell down to the floor. Janvi lifted Rajat’s head and cradled him on her lap and tapping on his cheeks as she sobbed. Rajat slowly opened his eye, Janvi was still scared, she was trembling. She noticed his eyes fluttering…. Trying to open and didn't know if it was Rajat or Wilson but Rajat asked “what happen to me? When did I come here? Janu! why are you crying?” Janvi hugged Rajat tight and cried “Did I not tell you? It is still not late just leave me, we can't be together!!”. “What are you talking Janu? why are you saying this? don't you love me too? Don't you know I can't live without you!?!” he looked at Janvi's parents and saw them crying. “Why are you all crying? What happened? Janu tell me what?” she shook head trying to get something out of her. “Wilson…. Wilson's spirit was in you…” “what nonsense? I am absolutely fine, come on let's go home” he held Janvi's hand in his and walked. They heard the entire house echoing with a loud laughter, it was so loud that everyone closed their ears. “Did you think I am going to spare you both?” They looked around but only heard the voice. “All I wanted to do was to spend my life with her, she was my world!!! Rajat!! I lost my life because of you! You took my life away just to marry Janvi!?” Rajat looked at Janvi, tha- that's Wilson she exclaimed “Wha- How on earth am I the reason for your death? I was only trying to help you, to save you that day”. “Oh! then tell me why did your car stop in between? Was that not planned? I begged you to save me, but you intentionally delayed taking me to hospital and killed me!!” he yelled. “What crap! I didn't even know who you were, I was there because your mother cried for help!!”. “That is all eye wash! I thought you were there to help me until the day you brought Janvi to my grave and tied the knot in front of me! I am not an idiot to trust you anymore!”. I know it's not all a coincidence that my girlfriend became your wife? No, this is all planned!!”. “Wils no!. I didn't even know who Rajat was! He too, like me, never wanted to get married. Only for the sake of our parents we decided to get married. We were to get a divorce and part our ways, I was so stubborn that I could never accept anyone else in my life other than you! but the way he cared for me, his love, his possessiveness, all that reminded me of you, I could see a part of you in him, you never know how hard it was for me to accept this life!!” argued Janvi. “I know he manipulated you to accept him, he must be killed!!” shouted Wilson. “No don't, I-I can't live without him!” cried Janvi. Wilson wailed “so my sacrifice means nothing to you!! your love was nothing but drama I will not pity you both anymore!”. “Rajat beta! No point in explaining, you both go into the puja room quickly! said Janvi's mother... Janvi was already holding Rajat’s hand janvi’s mum was ushering them into the puja room, after few steps Janvi's mother couldn't pull Janvi anymore she looked at Janvi and Janvi was looking at Rajat whose eyes had turned red, his grip,getting tighter, Janvi's mother realised Wilson's soul got into Rajat again and with Janvi's father's help pulled Janvi away from Rajat. 

All three locked themselves inside the room and Rajat was in the living room yelling and screaming. Janvi got an unexpected slap from her mother, she looked at her mom blankly, “even a fool will not do what you did! Wilson died for you, with all his unfulfilled wishes buried with him! you idiots go stand in front of him and ask for his blessings? Did you really think he would’ve been happy? He was sleeping there in his grave quietly and you both go wake him up, I don't know how we going to save Rajat from this! 

Janvi's mom called Rajat's mom, she asked her to come immediately. Rajat's parents came there, they were devastated to see Rajat in that condition they yelled at Janvi for hiding things from them, sobbing continuously Janvi said Rajat was aware of everything. 

They tried their best. dragged Rajat out, tied him to the back seat of the car and decided to take him to a dargah. Rajat's father went and got a mouli, they hauled Rajat inside look the dargah, he screamed, yelled and cried as they said prayers with their hands on his head, Rajat fell down unconscious. the mouli said “take him home the spirit left him”. “Destroy that spirit! it shouldn't trouble my children again” said Janvi's father. “Yes, we will take care of that. you can take him home and after a week he will be completely fine”. 

Rajat's father said “we’re taking him home!” with little hesitation Janvi asked “can I come too?” He just nodded his head yes. Janvi said goodbye to her parents and went to Rajat's house. When Rajat got back his senses, he looked around he saw his parents and Janvi… he noticed her sitting lost in her thoughts. “Janu” he called Janvi turned her eyes to him, she ran to him she was a little hesitant, he made her sit beside him and held her hand he asked “Dad will I be fine now? Has Wilson's soul left me?” “Yes but you have to be carefully… that Mouli has told he caught the soul and with their prayers his soul will get some peace, so it won't trouble you again. let's be careful I don't want you to send Rajat out and about anywhere. Okay? you take rest, Janvi take care of him and do call us if there is anything and walked out”. Janvi rested her head on his shoulders and kept sobbing “stop crying Janu please look I am completely fine!” “you had to go through all this for my sake” she murmured “anything for you Jan! because like I said…you are my jan! I will book our tickets and let's go back to New jersey and then everything will be back to normal”. Rajat did not get any reply, he lifted Janvi's face with his finger and said “everything will be fine!” Janvi wiped her tears and said “I know Wilson was possessive about me and I thought it was because of his love for me…. But today he proved he never loved me, if he had he would have always wished for my happiness isn't it?” “And you? you were ready to sacrifice your entire life for him…. anyways Wilson's chapter is over let's forget him and move on!” replied Rajat. 

Two days passed things were kind of getting back to normal. Rajat was sleeping, his mom came in “Janvi, one of our neighbour has come she couldn't make it to the wedding so she has come to see you. just come say hi to her” “he is sleeping” said Janvi “let him sleep you come!” she said. Janvi went to meet the neighbour aunty, she spent close to an hour in the living room with them once the neighbour left Janvi came opened her room door, she saw Rajat was still sleeping, she kissed him on his forehead and sat beside him, the room had already turned dark as it was late in the evening. she turned on the light and her eyes widened in horror. The words "YOU ARE MINE” were written on the wall, Blood dripping from each letter, Janvi's heart flat lined for a second she looked at Rajat and ran over to him… looked like he was still sleeping, she tried wake him up… shook him by his shoulder and noticed he had turned ice cold. That’s when she saw blood dripping from his hand. Trembling she held his hand. yes Rajat's vein was cut. he was dead. Janvi bellowed in despair! his parents came running only to see their son lifeless on the bed blood pooling all over the floor. Rajat’s parents were resented her what happened to their one and only beloved son! Janvi was hit and shunned by his parents she was chased back to her house without even letting her see her beloved's face one last time. 

Time flew Janvi went back to New Jersey, she is still living her life alone carrying Rajat's memories and the guilt of taking two lives. she forgot how to smile, she was always seen staring at the roof for hours. Rahul who visited New Jersey to meet Shilpa gave Janvi a diary and said “I found this under Rajat's this”. Janvi started reading it "Wilson has not left me, he is right beside me, everytime he tries entering my body I fight him. I did my best but he wants to take my body only to torture you just because you choose me over him. I am strong Janu! I will gain all my strength to push him out of our life but if I fail and lose my life in this battle I will be with you always and make sure he doesn't trouble you in anyway!” your's Rajat. Janvi closed the diary with river of tears flowing from her eyes she whispered “I love you Rajat, you are the only soul who loved me whole heartedly”. 

                   ~ The End~

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