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Anil Kumar Bhargav



Anil Kumar Bhargav


What Happened??? (Part-2)

What Happened??? (Part-2)

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Memories and thoughts, the unknown jewels which are invisible to others but always present in our mind. No matter how good or bad they maybe, we always carry them with us, because we can’t stop them or remove them.

So was my memory about her. As I said, 15 days were over in Kashmir and with the memories of Kashmir, the mountains, the breeze, the smiles of children, and most importantly the camp where I found her, whoever she was, I felt as if my heartbeats were searching everywhere for her, from the deep oceans to the wide skies, from the coolest and thickest snow to the hottest volcano, from the brightest sun to the shiniest moon. The trip to Kashmir was special for me but she made it more special for me, thinking all these in my journey I fell asleep.

Journey to Kashmir had ended for now, but what was about to come was another new journey.

Kanyakumari is another place in India where it's famous for the view of sunrise and sunset. To be frank, India is such a place where every state got its own beauty, no state is less, no state is more, every place is special. That is one of the reasons we must be proud of India and always proud to be an Indian. So as I was in Kanyakumari, I was tired of the journey from the coolest part of India to the hottest part of India. So I dropped by a room near to the beach and fell on the bed. As I entered the room, I took a moment then stood and went near the balcony and opened the door and___!!!! Wow no words to say, It was exactly the time of sunset and it was so amazing that I wanted to grab my camera and click all the moments but I didn’t because I didn’t want to take my eyes off the view, it made my mind calm and peaceful and it might be 10 mins I was standing there speechless in both mind and heart. Suddenly the room bell rang which distracted me and I went to see who it was. It was the bell boy “Hello sir” he said with a smile and was about to enter the room with a cup of coffee on the tray. I stopped him and said, what is this, I didn’t order anything. He replied in a humble manner “Sir, we serve coffee to every customer at the time of sunset so they can enjoy the view with a coffee”, and “sir, its free of cost, as its complimentary from our hotel” and “if you don’t like coffee we do serve tea sir”. Listening to those words I felt what he said was right, sunset with a coffee, wow, I want to live that moment. So I said “coffee is fine” and “thank you”. I believe by saying “Thank you” and “Sorry” to anyone, doesn’t make our image small, infact, everyone starts liking you for your nature. Thinking this while he left with a smile and I closed the door and sat in the balcony with my coffee enjoying the view and the breezes of the sea. I was about to finish my coffee when I saw someone sitting near the beach alone, the view of the person wasn’t clear so I grabbed my camera and zoomed the lens, even then I wasn’t able to see the person but took a pic and started to see the pic by zooming the pic. It was a woman and I raised my head to see her again there was no-one there. I thought “hopefully she may visit again” and I was back to the room and started unpacking the luggage. While I was unpacking I was thinking about the girl in Kashmir and remembering her words and the name she gave me “Mr. Worry Face” recollecting those I sat on the couch and thought of ordering food for supper and gave the order from the landline as it was my first time alone and giving order in a landline as we are habituated to online food services ordering in landline felt different and enjoyable. After ordering I called home and I was talking with my mom and dad saying about my journey and the beauty of sunset and I said you guys should visit Kashmir and Kanyakumari. And my mom said “when you start earning we will not only visit Kashmir and Kanyakumari but we will visit every part of India”. I smiled and said “when I earn you guys can even visit all parts of the world” and we laughed and I said ”mom, dad I miss you guys” and they replied “we miss you too” and we were having tiny convos, the room bell rang and I said I will call you tomorrow and said “I love you guys” and hung the call and rushed to the door as the door bell was continuously ringing. I opened the door and took my order and slammed the door saying can’t you wait till I open. Later I felt bad for saying so and I finished my food and called for cleaning up and the bell boy came with a sad face, I said “I’m sorry for saying so and by listening to those words he had his smile back and said “its ok sir, no need for sorry “. You know we Indians are just like that we get upset so easily for a small word and become happy for another word and we are the sentimental people, maybe that is one of the reasons which makes foreigners love Indians a lot and respect a lot. And seeing his smiley face I felt better and he took the tray and plates and I closed the door normally this time and went to bed as I was tired.

I woke up a bit late but gained my energy back and went out on a bike which the hotel provides for a lease and reached back to the room, placed my mobile to the charger and rushed to the beach where I saw the woman sitting alone yesterday and sat there. It was sunset and I was enjoying the view and I never got bored even though I saw it yesterday, its like a new story everyday. The sun was set and it was getting dark and I was about to leave then I saw someone walking towards as the person came near I could see it was her whom I saw yesterday and I didn’t know that another surprise was waiting for me as she came to me and looked me in the eye. It was her, the girl from Kashmir. She was staring at me and I couldn’t say a word as I was in shock. She said “why are you following me and if you follow does anyone follow from north to south. Wait are you in love with me, are you a roadside Romeo ?” Listening to those words I was about to say “what do you think of yourself, I’m a traveller“ but I couldn’t say a word and all of a sudden she laughed and said “you are one true worry guy Mr. Worry face“, “don’t worry I was just teasing you”.

Listening to those words I took a deep breath and said “you call me Mr.Worry Face and what are you Ms.Ghost“, ”you appear all of a sudden out of the blue and vanish in thin air. When asked about your name some or the other incident happens and what you go puff “, “when enquired not a single soul says they know you, but you say you are a doctor “. Listening to my words she giggled and said what Mr.Worry Face even you named me, haha and what was the name Ms.Ghost, haha, ya, what if I say I’m a ghost. Listening to her words I thought for a moment what if she is really a ghost and was about to run, she said, hey, are you serious? you think I’m a ghost. I said in a shaky voice “yeesss”, she laughed again and said am I floating in air and what if I was a ghost how could you hug me in Kashmir. And by listening to her words I pinched her and said hey you are not a ghost. She said ”ouch you pinched me hard you idiot, it hurts “. And I said “that’s good because pain is a symbol that you are not a ghost” by saying so I laughed and she laughed with me and I asked her she said I have many names but I will tell you when the time is right and we got our numbers exchanged and I saved her name as “Ms.Ghost” and as I told her my name in Kashmir, she remembered and saved it as “Ansh”.

Few days went on and we met everyday and spent a lot of time together but she never revealed her name. And days passed, my 15 day trip was about to end and I was about to leave tomorrow. I went to meet her and told her that I was leaving tomorrow. By listening to that she was upset and said "I never became so close to anyone but you mean a lot to me, can’t you stay for a few more days”, by saying those words she leaned her head on my shoulder and held my arm and sat quietly. Even I couldn’t say a word and she fell asleep and it was almost about midnight she woke up, as she was asleep, I didn’t move my shoulder and my shoulder became numb. She woke up and said “OMG, its almost midnight, how can I go home now, I said I will drop her but she said no I want to sit here and talk with you as you are leaving tomorrow and even I didn’t want to go. I sat with her and we were talking and then I saw the sunrise which I have been missing all these days and when the sun was rising and she was beside me I was looking at the sunrise and her face, I couldn’t say which of them was more beautiful. She looked at me and smiled and ya that smile, I fell again for her after Kashmir, I fell in love with the same person again in Kanyakumari. And she said that she will come to give me a send off and I said ok and booked bus tickets as I wanted to make the travel a bit long. And I was about to leave the hotel the bell boy was upset too because in these 15 days we became friends and he came to me and said ”I have seen many customers and served many but no one ever treated me with respect and I never felt so personal with anyone, I will miss you sir” by saying with water in his eyes he walked me to the cab with my luggage. I stopped him, gave him a hug and said my friend when I get a job I will call you to my city, will you work in my house. Listening to my words with joy on his face he said “I will be more than happy sir, and I hope you settle well“ and I took his mobile number and said “goodby “ and left to the bus station. While in the cab I called her and she didn’t answer and I reached the bus station and placed my luggage in the bus and got down to buy a water bottle and drink with combination of chips and went back to the bus, to my surprise she was sitting next to my seat staring at me with a smile. I was in a shock and I went near her, sat in my seat and asked what was she doing in the bus, she replied “I don’t want to leave you even for a moment, so I’m coming with you”, I asked “how, what about your practice as a doctor“ she said “I’m a medical trainee, I will apply in any hospital in your city and I wanna marry you and be with you until the nature separates us by stopping the heartbeat”. I was like blank in mind because I wanted to search a job in the place where she stays and thought of asking her to marry then but listening to her words I just had a smile on the face”. And the bus started and she held my arm and leaned her head on my shoulder and I made a video call to my parents and she sat straight, spoke with them and to my surprise my parents liked her more than me, they said get settled and we will marry you and we said ok and my parents asked what’s her name she said to them “when I meet you people I will tell it in your ears because your son doesn’t know my name till now so all three of us can make fun of him and she laughed and even my parents laughed while I kept an angry face“, she looked at me and said “hey, angry bird“ and laughed and we said bye and cut the call. And she held my arm and head, leaned on shoulder and asked, aren’t you eager to know my name. I said I will even climb Mt.Everest to know your name. She smiled and fell asleep on my shoulder and I placed my head on her head and even I fell sleep.

We reached to my city which I missed for a month and hopefully the city missed me too. My parents were there to receive me and we met my parents and they looked so happy not just because I was back or brought her with me, they were happy because I got a call letter from the top MNC which I applied before I left, which I thought I wouldn’t get a job there because I didn’t have much percentage and didn’t perform that well in the interview. By knowing that I was in joy and she told her name to my parents in their ears and my parents were giggling along with her looking at me and great “that was the one I wanted now even my parents pranking with me, ufff” thinking to myself in mind, we head to home, she said she has taken a hostel near by and while we were on the way home, my parents asked where was she from - Kashmir or Kanyakumari, she said neither, she said she was in a camp at both the places and she also said something which I never knew that she was an orphan and she grew up in the same city I grew but got a medical seat in another state. Listening to her past I felt sad but said how can you be an orphan when you have us. She had tears in her eyes. And I joined the company and she was attending nearby hospital as it was her training period, and it has been a month and I said every day about Kashmir and Kanyakumari to my parents and one day I called the bell boy from Kanyakumari and said that I want to keep my promise and give him a job at my home. He was happy to hear and said he would be here in two days and I went to pick him up with Ms.Ghost and we picked him up and we reached home and few days passed and my parents said that he was a loyal person and started treating him like a family member as he was younger than me, I made him join a night college so he can have a better life later.

Days passed

Its been a year Ms.Ghost completed her training and now officially she is a doctor and I got promoted in a short time because of my dedication towards work. Everything was going well and as planned we thought of marriage and even then I didn’t ask about marriage date I was asking about her name. My parents said along with her you can see her name on the invitation card. And we started marriage shopping and one day I was going shopping along with her and Mr.Joy that was the name I gave the bell boy because he is always joyful and his smile cheered up everyone around him. We completed shopping and bought some new dresses for joy too. Joy was like a family member now, he calls Ms.Ghost as sister and ya even he knows her name. And we were on the way back home I was asked her why didn’t anyone know her in Kashmir. She said, I told them not to tell you they lied to you. I was like I knew it, I had a doubt because they said they don’t know you but they smiled keeping their heads down. While talking all these suddenly a truck hit us from behind as it lost control and in a fraction of seconds the car rolled over and glass scattered.

I was heavily injured as I said, in the beginning, I wasn’t unconscious till I was taken to the hospital but I thought Ms.Ghost wasn’t injured unless I saw her unconscious and filled with blood from eyes, seems like the scattered glass hit her eyes and seeing her in such huge blood loss I thought I have lost her, and while this was happening I was unconscious and I was able to hear doctors say that they are losing me and I thought I’m ok with it because I’m gonna lose Ms.Ghost anyway, what is the life without her and suddenly I was blank, seems I’m no more I can’t hear anyone anymore.“ Hey wait a minute I know that voice, hey, it’s my mother’s voice, mom is that you, hey there is another voice, dad, is that you“. “Hold on a second, I’m not dead, what, wait, I’m not dead!!”, let me open my eyes and ya for your record I’m alive and after opening my eyes I see my Mom, Dad and hey is that Ms.Ghost, ya it's her and she seems alright and seems she had some minor scratches and they were happy to see me and my parents said they almost lost me. And few days passed I was feeling a bit better, I was able to walk now and I stood up and saw out, I saw the little kid whom I saw in Kashmir, kid saw Ms.Ghost and gave a hug to her and came near me and kissed me on the cheek and said thank you for saving my life and gave a smile and went away and the kid’s father came to me and said you and your family helped to save my kid I’m thankful to you and them, by saying that he left. I couldn’t understand a word I didn’t know what was happening.

A few days I was discharged and went home and I asked my parents what happened, they said, be strong to listen and started saying what happened, they said “Joy“, I didn’t understand, then I remembered and asked Joy where is he, they said in the accident, Joy had a head injury and his brain died and before that he donated his organs so his eyes were donated to her as she lost her eyes and that doesn’t mean he is dead because he gave you his heart as an iron bar went through your heart and as his heart matched yours he saved your life. I was depressed for a while and felt thankful to him. Suddenly, I asked where did the kid add up here. Ms.Ghost said do you remember when I treated the kid in Kashmir then I knew that the kid had a liver problem so I have been searching for an organ donor since then and his liver was useful for the kid. And you know what joy has become a great person by saving three lives. I was upset but that’s life it has to go on and Joy was an orphan too but after his death my parents cremated him as if even he was also their child because they always treated him as a second son. My parents along with Ms.Ghost hugged me and said they were donating all the money which they were about to spend on my marriage to three kids in an orphanage which would be enough till they grew up. Which can bring life to their lives and give an opportunity in the society.

Few months later, I was happy to hear that and my marriage was about to happen in a registrar office. And at the time time of marriage I was still asking her what was her name and everyone was laughing at me then she said “I”, and I was, wait, what is your name ”I“ what kind of name is that. And again everyone started laughing and then she said add that “I” to your name and it made sense “Her name was Anshi”.

This is the story of which I promised in the beginning as I said you may either fall in love with it or hate it.

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