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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Coffee Or Tea???

Coffee Or Tea???

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COFFEE my day begins with it. One true love I ever have. It's been 10 years since I had my first sip of coffee and I have been a coffee lover since then. Sachin says boost is the secret of my energy but I say coffee is the secret of my energy. I have a vision where coffee makes my way I have a mission where coffee supports my mission.

By the way forgot to introduce myself “Hi I’m Alex”, 25-year-old IT engineer, only people I ever loved in my life next to my parents is coffee. You might be wondering how did coffee become a person, it has a reason, my friend. When I had my first coffee I feel in love with it, that love never made me fell in love with others or never get distracted, today that love made me the best employee as it helped me on my focus and my placed me as the first person listed on the track of promotion to project manager. Everything was going well and perfect but then she came in my life, she was our new project manager appointed from the head office I didn’t feel that I lost the race of promotion because I’m satisfied with my job, but I don’t know why my manager felt, but he was like a mentor to me and he was always impressed by my work, attitude and my honesty so he promoted me as an assistant to the project manager while hiking the salary as promised with which my big dream car became a small dream car which I bought it on emi when I came to know about my salary hike.

To is the day our project manager gonna arrive I was in a rush to the office in my new car where I saw an accident and no one was there except a woman(passenger) and a cab driver who was refusing to help the accident victim and by seeing the accident victim I stopped the car and called and ambulance but it would take 20 minutes for the ambulance to approach so asked the driver to help but the driver left the woman(passenger) saying I’m cancelling the drive and took off but those things didn’t distract me or the woman we both took the victim in my car to the hospital in 10 mins and she donated blood as mine didn’t match the blood group suddenly doctor arrived and say the word patient is out of danger. Hearing those words I was a bit relaxed and thought to take a day off even though the new manager is arriving. Then I looked at the woman even she was relaxed after hearing the words from the doctor.

In the whole worry I didn’t notice her but then I saw how beautiful and pretty and gorgeous she was,but what can I say to her so asked her to have some juice with me so she can get some energy as she donated blood.

We sat in a place and I went to order juice while she went to wash her face I took the order and I was taking it to her she came and sat on the chair I was stunned for a moment my heartbeat was stopped for a moment and suddenly had a high beat never fell in such away. Looking at her prettiness thought she was wearing make up but after the face wash after the blood strains removed from the face she had a glowing face like a moon where moon was named for her, eyes like a lotus even lotus feels jealous of her eyes, hair which was waving felt like the breezes in the world come so her hair can wave and waves would learn to form by looking at her hair. Controlling the emotions filled with love I went to her and placed the juice in front of her and we began to have a conversation, when she said she had to attend something important but couldn’t attend because of the issue, where my mobile came to the destroy the conversation, I used to feel mobiles were technology that helps but in that moment I felt it was the destroyer of moments.

Looking at my mobile it was our manager I picked the call and my manager said that the project manager wasn’t showing on the day as the project manager got some issue, listening that I felt as if that wasn’t the disasters call it was the melody call. And I continued the conversation with her and unknowingly I proposed her and shut my mouth when I recalled what I said, but to my surprise she was blushing and said she also fell in love the moment she saw me and I said I’m Alex where I didn’t even saying or knowing my name proposed her she smiled and said I won’t say my name but you have to figure it out without asking any person who know me, by saying that she wanted me to drop her in a star hotel and said find it till tomorrow or you may never know. Where I got a doubt that she might be our project manager but I thought to myself that it's just an if condition with all these in mind I have a bit of homework and reached home washed my new car which had blood stains and took a shower and had a nap and next morning dialed a number and said “Hello Lina”, ya it was her name she recognised my voice as was excited to hear it and in excitement she was asking how did I know I said I have done some homework and while talking to her I got a cqll from the manager congratulating me saying that I was promoted I was shocked as I thought she was the project manager but she isn’t it was the best day of my life….


After few months I was married to Lina and I was sitting in the balcony when she brought two glasses placing them on the table came near me and asked to revel the secret how I knew her name and how I got the promotion.

With a smile I said a secret is a secret and she said she would give me something if I say, so I started saying her “ after leaving her in the star hotel I went back to the hospital and took details from the blood donation form “ listening to that she said youuuuu……. And we both laughed for sometime and I said I thought you were the project manager while you are the air hostess and then she asked who was the project manager then?? In a questionable manner. I said do you remember the person we admitted in the hospital she replied with an yes and do you know the reason he was hospitalised she said no thinking he might be the project manager then I replied our project manager was the one responsible for the accident and before you were there our project manager accidentally hit the person and ran away as he was caught by the cops he was disqualified as project manager so I was put back on the track for promotion and got selected.

Now say me was the surprise you were about to give me when I answered you, Lina stood and went to the table brought the glass to him and said this is it where the glasses were filled with special tea she said.

Whaaaattttt??? Tea is this what I revealed secret for!!! By the way I think you forgot something I love coffee, not tea where she is a tea lover… coffee or tea??


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