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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

What Happened? - Part - 1

What Happened? - Part - 1

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It’s, been a year I and my dad have started two companies in my mom’s name. Today I will be signing a project contract we have been waiting for try to get from three months and by our hard work, we finally got it. Now the time is 4:00 p.m and in the presence of the board members of my company and the project members, I’m about to sign the project I clicked my pen to sign and I got a call from my dad at the same time. It’s just a signature so I made the sign and muted the call. My dad who said about attending the meeting didn’t show up even at lunch time so I have to proceed with the formalities. After the meeting, I arranged a treat to everyone in the joy of the project. And no one left the building as it was raining heavily. My secretary came running as it's a matter of urgency while I was sharing my joy with the employees.

“ Sir, you need to go home it’s an emergency, haven’t you checked your mobile, “ said the secretary in a sorrow way. Then I realised that my dad called me while I was in the meeting and unmuted my mobile and checked it to my surprise I had thirty-four missed called from dad. I started to think why would they call, “maybe they were worried about me, due to heavy rain they thought I might be caught up in traffic and thought of saying me to stay in office till the rain stop”, with those thoughts in mind I called dad but it was my uncle who answered it and hearing what he said I dropped my mobile and started running outside my office grabbed my car and drove home while I was unable to think and believe what I heard in the call.As I was on the way home thunders rumbled and my past was flashing in front of me.

Hi, I’m Dhruva, but people who like me call “Dhruv”. I know, I know you must be wondering why I’m saying my name so proudly, to know that you need to know my mother’s name, take a wild guess. No not what you are thinking maybe you are, anyway I will reveal “Suniti”. Most of you don’t know the relation between the names let me tell you a story which my mother used to tell me every night since I was a kid and without listening to it I never used to fell asleep, “long ago there was a king who had two wives and each wife had a son, the second wife and second son never had such importance as the first wife and first son. The second son also thought of having importance as his brother so he went into the jungles and started to chant the name of Lord Vishu, seeing the kid chanting his name in a deep trance Vishnu appeared in front of him, the kid thought of asking him to get importance in his fathers heart but seeing lord Vishnu he never asked instead he said I’m happy to see you that’s enough for me. Listening to kid’s words and knowing his devotion he granted him a wish and made him the lord of stars and the brightest star in the constellation which me nowadays call “Polaris”.

Even after getting such importance the kid went back to the mother and seeing him and knowing her son’s achievement she felt happy and was about to bow in front of him and he ran towards her and said, “you are the mother who needs to bless your child not to bow in front of him and now you are the mother of the greatest star in the constellation”, saying that to his mother he looked at his father and said “have I made you proud, father?”, listening to that his father bashed in tears and said I never gave importance to you or your mother but you still ask me for about how proud did you make me, son, I’m the proudest father ever because not everyone can achieve such thing, but I feel guilty at the same time because I wasn’t there for you when you needed me but you never stopped loving me, but if I come to you now everyone thinks I came to because you are great now.

Listening to father’s words he replied:” I need importance for my mother and me not that someone thinks of something, we need you father no matter how powerful I might become, I’m still a child to you and mother.” Listening to son’s words his father was happy and gave the importance he needed to his mother and him as he gave importance to his brother and other mother”. 

I feel proud not that he is powerful, he gave importance to his parents, got importance near his father but most importantly he stood for the pride of his mother. I love my parents but the bond between my mother and me is so special. No matter what I never leave my mother’s side. Since we started the company a year ago and got the contract we dreamt of and kept all efforts from three months I made my father proud by getting the contract that’s what I thought and ya I made him proud but in this process me and my dad didn’t have time for my mother. It’s been three months I have been correctly spoken to my mother. And yes what you are thinking is right, the call I got from my dad it’s about my mother. Never thought she would do such thing, why would she do that? What happened???

“Mom she is the most important person in my life, I never had any best friends but I never felt as if I never had any because I had mom. I shared everything with my mom every life events , about my pranks on friends , about my first crush, etc..; I used to be prankster in school but instead of scolding my mom guided me not to do such things, as they say mother is the first teacher and the guide she always guided me on the right path.Since we started the companies “ Suniti solutions” and “ Suniti Aerodynamics machining”, I didn’t have time to spend with my mom, she used to share her happiness and sorrow with me and my dad, she always used to say that she has the best husband and the worlds greatest son, I would say I’m not great but she said “to the world you may be a common person Dhruv but to me, you are the greatest treasure I ever had “, but we couldn’t talk to her correctly from three months. And when I got a call what I heard was that she tried to commit suicide. I reached home and dad was sitting next to mom she was unconscious and the doctor who was our uncle too treated her in our house instead of taking her to the hospital. He said she needs to rest and you spend time with her and he left.

It’s been 10:30 pm I said my dad to rest and I sat near my mom thinking why would she do that. Then I remembered she had a diary hidden under the secret chamber of the table in which she used to write important details. I knew it because in my college day she used to give me money which she hid there and only me and mom know about the secret chamber in the table. I ran towards it and opened the chamber. To my surprise, I found a letter placed in the dairy. I took the letter and the dairy and sat near mom and started reading it. It’s mom, “ Dhruv, I know you would find this letter, that’s the reason I hid it here. Son don’t hate me for committing suicide. Past three months have been very tough, I knew how hard you had been working to get your dream project, I know you would achieve and I might not be there to see. But I will always be with you. You need to know something son which I have been trying to say to you for the past two months”.

Wait, that’s why mom always used to ask me to take leave for a day, I was such a stupid that I can’t even spend a day with mom but have been running back of the project. If I would have listened to her she might not have committed suicide attempt, what might happen the project may be postponed or I might have got another project, what an idiot I’m. And I started to continue reading,“ Last month when I attended your Sweetie aunt’s party in her farmhouse, they had party drinks as you know I don’t drink I was having juice but I felt dizzy and went into one of her rooms and took a nap after I woke up I understood that they mixed something in my drink and I came back home, but when I woke up I saw your other aunt Lisa who was selling drugs in the party, and the room I was asleep was filled with used syringes I understood that it wasn’t the alcohol they mixed in the drink it was the drug, so I rushed back home.

I cut my contact with Lisa and said sweetie about the issue and sweetie said “it’s ok and the effect in blood will wear off soon”, but drugs weaken the person I felt like having it again but son your mamma is stronger I never had again it had been a month from the party and I wanted to have a drug test so I went to your uncles hospital and had a drug test, to my surprise it was increased, I didn’t understand what was going on, I tried to contact Sweetie but she didn’t respond. After ten days I got a call from unknown number it was Lisa I identified her voice, she said Suni do you want some more drugs, I said “ No”, she said,” oh, but your blood test say you have been consuming it daily “, “ hooow…how do you know about the blood test “, I asked.

She said that she has been dosing me daily with drugs, but I couldn’t understand how. She started to blackmail me saying that if I wouldn’t pay her one crore she would call the police and media. I didn’t know what to do so I thought of saying you and ask your help, son, I needed your help but you were very busy, those calls increased daily, I didn’t know what to do so I thought of committing suicide, please don’t hate me, son, I don’t know what the world may think but what you believe is important to me. Love you Dhruv, take care of yourself and dad. If I had another life I want to be your mother again.”

Reading those words brought tears to my eyes and I was angry on aunt Lisa looking at my innocent mom’s face my anger was growing like a forest fire on Lisa, it’s 1:00 am, I couldn’t control my anger and I rushed to Lisa’s house, and to my anger even the climate was on my side the rain stopped and the roads where clean. I reached Aunt Lisa’s house and started ringing the doorbell, no answer so I knocked down the door, and entered the house, to my surprise I found uncle John drunk senselessly and lying near aunt Lisa’s photo, here’s where my anger went into shock, it was aunt Lisa who died two months ago and we never knew.

I tried to wake up uncle John and he opens his eyes mildly and said “ Dhruv, what are you doing here?” , I asked “ what happened to aunt Lisa ? “, he said, “she had a heart attack on the night after returning home from sweetie aunt’s party”. Saying those words uncle John was asleep seeing his condition I didn’t want to wake him up. So I sat there and all I thought about aunt Lisa being the culprit didn’t start to add up the answers, if aunt Lisa wasn’t the culprit then who was if she died the same day how could she make a call and demand the ransom, who was drugging my mom, who was behind all these what was going on and “WHAT HAPPENED???”.

 (To be continued)

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